336productions336 Productions is an award-winning, full service video production company that focuses on creating exceptional experiences – from the client collaborating with 336 during pre-production to the viewer’s experience watching the finished product. 336 Productions’ goal is to create positive, engaging, and compelling experiences. 336 offers services in pre-production, production, and post-production. They take projects from conception to completion, using efficient workflows, the newest equipment, and time-tested techniques. They are artists and business people who have a great appreciation for the balance that art and business have in their industry. Their specialty is to produce client branded, live-action and motion graphic videos. Their clients include small start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Some of the types of videos they produce include: commercials, explainer videos, product videos, training videos, demos, educational videos, culture videos, and trade show videos. Whether the content is produced for TV, the web, DVD or Blu-Ray, 336 understands, and has experience with, each distribution channel. They have won Telly, W3, Pixie, and Communicator Awards in the categories of Corporate Image, Web Marketing, Branded Content, Online Video, Motion Graphics, Opening Title Sequence, Corporate Video Script, and Film Trailer. 336‘s headquarters is located in Costa Mesa, California, which has been said to have the best weather on the planet. In fact, it’s probably 72 and sunny right now.


Josh and Marlowe Stone husband and wifeCo-owners, founders, and husband and wife, Josh and Marlowe Stone, met in film school at Cal State Long Beach. To be more specific, they met in a class titled FEA 336: Intermediate Film. Hence, the company’s name, and cue to go, “Ohhhh, OK.” After receiving their degrees in Film and Video Production, Marlowe and Josh did what they were supposed to do – spend the whole summer watching TV and eating burritos. But after that summer, they both landed jobs working at commercial production companies, where they perfected their craft and nurtured their passion for video. Josh became an editor and motion graphics artist. Marlowe became a producer, writer, and director. They were the yin and yang of video production. Several years later, Marlowe and Josh started to have conversations about a shared dream – starting their own video production company, and making videos that not only made their clients proud, but them as well. They soon realized it was time to put their degrees, industry expertise, and enthusiasm to the test. In April 2008, Marlowe and Josh founded 336 Productions.

Today, Marlowe and Josh are proud of the company they’ve built and videos they’ve produced. Their dream is now a thriving reality, and every day consists of making awesome videos, working with the best clients, and being creative. When they’re not working, they’re enjoying life: raising their two daughters, spending time with family and friends, and catching up with their favorite TV shows. And, of course, they still manage to fit in a burrito every now and then.


336 Productions is run by two professionals who care about everything – from the first phone call with a potential client, to balancing the audio level on a swoosh sound effect (Marlowe thinks it’s too loud, Josh likes it the way it is), to ensuring the deliverables are received early, or at the latest, on-time. 336 Productions supports open lines of communication and a positive environment for their clients and team, so that the videos produced at 336 always reach their full potential, correctly represent the client’s brand, convey the right message, and meet the highest of video standards. 336 Productions treats every project and client with respect, attention, and honesty. The team at 336 is waiting to give you and your project all that and more. Let 336 Productions produce your promotional or marketing video project to ensure that your video connects with the viewer on an emotional level, reflects your brand, and encourages the viewer to buy, learn, or invest. Contact 336 Productions today.