How Digital Technology Has Changed Photography

With digital technology, photography has been given a new form. Digital photography has replaced traditional photography, changing the way photography is used.  

It Has Given New Meaning to “Capturing the Moment”

20 years ago, we’d use our photography equipment sparsely, reserving it for special occasions or notable moments. Only a certain number of pictures to be captured per film, and most of us would carefully cherish these numbered photo opportunities, making sure not to waste any of the shots.   

With the advancement of digital technology, this is no longer the case. You can take a hundred photos of the same thing till you get the perfect shot, simply deleting the unwanted ones later on. The ease of capturing the moment has also allowed digital photography to infiltrate various aspects of our daily lives. 20 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have taken pictures of the food you ordered at a restaurant or the cat you saw on your way to work. Digital photography has made it common practice to capture pretty much every moment of your life, especially with the growing popularity of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Digital technology has given a new meaning to photography and has revolutionized how one may “capture the moment” and record their lived experiences. With enhanced storage and backup options, you can easily take a picture of even the most trivial things without a worry.

It Has Enhanced Digital Marketing

Digital technology—and by effect, digital photography—has also influenced digital marketing. More and more businesses rely on photography and videography services to enhance their brand image and have a greater outreach. According to one report, 71% of companies plan on increasing their budget for these services, especially since social media marketing encourages photography and videography.

Most businesses realize the importance of having an active social media presence and use photo-sharing platforms for marketing their brand. By doing so, they’re able to connect and engage with their audiences and use audiovisuals to keep them interested in their services.

It Has Led to a Need for Specialized Services

As digital marketing continues to expand, there is a growing need to hire specialized photographers who know exactly how to present your brand. Product photography has become especially important, as this helps customers make the decision of whether or not they want to purchase a certain product. According to one survey, 70% of e-commerce shoppers rely on product images for their online purchases.

As digital technology continues to evolve, you can no longer rely on amateur photographers to give your brand the boost it needs. Specialized product photographers are needed to build your digital portfolio and help kick-off your e-commerce platform.

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How Technology Enables 336 Productions to Work Yet Maintain Social Distancing

This is where technology stepped in to help. Full-scale production companies working with state-of-art equipment, for example, 336Productions, found it easy to exchange human contact and labor for drone cameras and audio-visual devices. This not only allows these companies to stay open for work during these tough times but also helps them do their part in slowing down the spread by minimizing human contact.

Here is how technology is enabling 336 productions and other companies to maintain high-quality work, with minimized human contact, while practicing social distancing and keeping themselves and those around them safe from the effects of the pandemic.

Using Advanced Technology

The best way to replace human labor, as discussed above, is through technology. More drone shots and remote operating camera equipment is being tested and put to use.

On the other hand, to facilitate the use of this equipment, production set-ups are being moved to in-house studios, making it easier for experts to control and manipulate the environments to get the shots and footage needed.

This hasn’t only given production companies a way to operate during the pandemic but has forced experts to look at content production possibilities that they weren’t ready to consider before, greatly cutting down manual labor costs, reducing the production time-frame and maximizing resource capacities.

Heavy Reliance On Post-Production Editing

Since companies like ours are still new to the latest production approaches, there is a heavy reliance on post-production editing to smooth out any errors or bridge any gaps. Not only has this led to greater focus on the post-production phase but has also helped experts drive innovative solutions to newly occurring problems, possibly giving us new and more flexible production strategies to consider and follow.

Heavy reliance on post-production editing has also helped many experts re-strategize time and resources according to the new time frames to make sure that projects are executed in a timely and efficient manner.

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Growing Your Business Using Motion Graphics

Here’s why you should use motion graphics for your business.

To Emotionally Captivate Your Audience

Humans have an average attention span of about 8 seconds. This means that if you want to capture their interest and keep them engaged throughout the video, you need to use attention-grabbing strategies. The best way to do this is by emotionally captivating your audience, helping them feel the contents of your video at a deeper level.

Motion graphics allow you to do this. They equip you with the necessary tools for effective communication and help your video be more impactful with the combination of audiovisuals used. This way, you can reach out to your target audience at an emotional level and connect with them in a much more effective way.

To Simplify the Information Being Presented

When certain ideas are presented visually, your audience is more likely to retain the information being provided. Visual communication of any sort appeals to the way our brains process information. In fact, according to one MIT study, visual information can be processed in as little as 13 milliseconds. When you see concepts playing out in the form of motion graphics as opposed to read them, you’re more likely to distill and understand the complex information being presented.

Because motion graphics enable easier comprehension, they’re especially useful for explainer videos and tutorials. If, for instance, you’ve launched a new product or an app, you can use graphic motions to help your audience understand the different features by showing them exactly how they work. Similarly, you can also use graphic motions for presenting abstract concepts and dense data, breaking it down into simpler chunks of information.

To Allow For a More Passive Experience

According to one report, consumers spend nearly 6 hours per week on average watching video content. Videos are easy to consume as they enable a passive response, and as a result, people are more likely to spend their time scrolling through their social media accounts watching videos rather than reading lengthy chunks of text. They don’t have to exert too much mental energy while watching videos, which makes it a preferred mode of acquiring information.

With motion graphics, you can make this passive experience more interesting by using stunning animation and visual graphics to enhance your videos. This will make it even easier for consumers to grasp the information being presented, and they’re more likely to watch your video till the end and retain the concepts discussed without having to exert their mental capacities.

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Taking Your Company to New Heights Using Brand Videos

Here’s how a well-made brand video can help your company.

It Creates Brand Awareness

Making a brand video is an innovative way of introducing your business to your target audience and giving them a chance to see the unique nature of your brand. It gives a face to your brand name and personalizes the content. In short, it’s the perfect way to create brand awareness and give your business a boost by presenting your core values and objectives in a concise and engaging way.

With a brand video, you can easily explain to your audience what your company represents. This is your chance to build confidence and trust among your audience and present yourself as an authentic and reliable business. If your customers know the nature of your business better and are able to relate to the values and ideas presented in your brand video, they’re more likely to turn to your company in the future. A brand video gives you your shot at making a stellar impression.

It Helps You Stand Out

Not only does a brand video put your brand name out there, but it also helps you stand out from your competitors. In the digital age, there’s no denying the impact video marketing has on consumers.  Your target audience is more likely to first learn about your specific services or newly launched products through videos than by reading long product descriptions.

A compelling brand video can divert the traffic to the relevant web pages expanding on your company’s products and services. If your brand video gets them interested in your business, consumers are more likely to visit your website and learn more about your company.  A recent survey even found that 71% of companies intend to increase their video marketing budget for this very purpose, giving them an edge over their competition.

A brand video can easily make your business stand out and captivate your audience’s interest.

It Gives You a Greater Social Media Outreach

Social media has opened the doors for video marketing in the past decade or so. Prominent social media channels are no longer just platforms used to chat up with friends and acquaintances. They’re one of the biggest marketing tools use today and play a huge role in brand marketing.

Social media is an easy and effective way of video marketing. By uploading your brand video on your business page and other relevant platforms, you’re instantly connecting with a much larger audience than you would have otherwise. Surveys have shown that the online audience is more likely to watch video clips than reading lengthy text, and a brand video can help your content reach more people. Since social media also allows for customer engagement, you can have a greater outreach by putting your brand video out there and directly connecting with your audience via comments and DMs.

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A Best Practices Checklist for a Successful Video Campaign

Is it viral yet?

And these statistics have only spiked during the global pandemic. Many video streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch have broken viewership records as people gravitate towards video content while self-isolating in their homes.

So, the question remains, what should be the strategy of your video campaign?

Right off the bat, your goal should be to create a video that resonates with the audience through powerful storytelling and convinces them to take action.

Just take the example of how brands like GoPro build an engaged and loyal audience with the authenticity of their videos. GoPro featured a video of a person riding a motorcycle on one of the highest roads in the word with an attached GoPro. The video was shot from the perspective of the motorcyclist. The reason it created a buzz among viewers was because it was so entertaining and engaging that the viewers wanted to be a part of the video.

Inspired from famous video campaigns, we’ve created an all-inclusive checklist for a successful video campaign:

Center your video around the Story

Storytelling is a significant part of delivering a captivating video. It’s about saying to your audience, “We are here because we want to help you. Here’s what we have for you.”

After all, consumers being hate sold to. If the video script overtly advertises your products and services, your viewers are likely to click off within the first few seconds.

So, leverage the emotive power of video to appeal to your audience’s pain points. All they want is to be heard and connect with a brand that resonates with their values. Talk about your brand story and the value you’re providing to your consumers.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Channels

Did you know that social media posts that feature videos rack up 48% more views? In fact, marketers claim that 64% of users are likely to purchase products after watching their videos.

Therefore, utilizing top social platforms from Facebook and Instagram Stories, to Snapchat and YouTube should definitely be a part of your video campaigning strategy.

Engage followers leading up to the video campaign by giving them sneak peeks of what’s to come. Post your videos to your social channels and share and promote them through paid advertising. Place ads on your YouTube videos with Google Adwords to make them profitable.

Moreover, optimize the videos for search rankings through SEO practices to make sure they’re discoverable and rank high in search results.

Don’t Skimp On Video Equipment

Brand owners often overlook the importance of top-quality video gear. Not only does professional audiovisual equipment boost the video experience, but it also allows you to record the video perfectly the first time around rather than modifying it in post-production.

Consult with our professional videographers serving Riverside and Los Angeles, CA. We offer premium corporate video production services, along with services like concept development, script writing, post-production audio mixing, and more!

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Create A Coronavirus Workforce Safety Video In A Few Simple Steps

One of the primary strategies that are used to combat the spread of the virus is social distancing. However, the messaging and the flow of information about this policy have been quite unclear and inconsistent up till now.

Because of confusing statements from President Trump and conflicting reports from the World Health Organization, there is a need for reliable information. As a result, companies are looking for ways to inform their staff on how to stay safe while trying to keep their business afloat.

Coronavirus Workforce Videos

The best way to deliver a strong and clear message these days is through a video. People are more active on social media than ever before due to the lockdown and social distancing protocols.

Companies can get their message regarding safety and contingency SOPs across to employees by creating video content. Here are some tips that will help you deliver an effective coronavirus workforce safety video in a matter of days:

A Simple Script

The best way to engage an audience is by keeping the script as simple as possible.

If you start by using complex medical terminologies, you could lose the audience within the first few seconds of the video. Remember, the average attention span is eight seconds. That is all the time you have to capture their interest and compel them to watch the entire video. 

Heavy on The Graphics

You know how they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? When it comes to creating engaging video content, these are words to live by.

Your audience will remember more information from your video if it contains a lot of graphics and visual aids. The human brain processes images thousands of times faster than words, which means you can use pictures to make a greater impact on your audience.

Add Positive and Interesting Elements

Humans instinctively shy away from negative information and tend to ignore things that cause them mental distress.

When making a video about a global pandemic, it might be difficult to keep it light and positive. However, you can do so by showing them the bright side, such as a better environment due to less pollution, having the time and resources to learn new skills via online classes, and working form the comfort of their home.

Get your message across without making it sound like the end of the world. At the same time, make sure the audience takes the information seriously and feels motivated to follow the safety guidelines and SOPs.

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Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak — Shift to Virtual Events

The coronavirus has negatively impacted businesses across the world, as they scramble to cancel annual conferences and scrap on-site plans in favor of virtual solutions.

Even Google, the leading web platform in the world, was forced to postpone its Google Cloud Next ‘20: Digital Connect event. Facebook’s F8 developer conference was also canceled, and in its place, Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders decided to share updates about their work through online videos.

The good news is that even though social distancing has made it impossible to host on-site events, social media and web traffic have increased exponentially. Companies now have the golden opportunity to reach a greater audience and showcase their products and services through virtual events.

Here are some tips that will help you maximize attendance, generate viable leads, and improve the customer experience for your online marketing campaign and virtual events:

Create an Immersive Online Experience

Before you start informing your clients and customers regarding the cancellation of your conference, consider turning it into a remote event.

The main purpose of most corporate events is to generate leads. You can do so by taking your event online and engaging with potential customers with an immersive online experience. To ensure the success of your online event, you must set proper goals, have a unique and compelling story or message, and create professional videos that engage your audience.

Choose the Right Format for Your Virtual Event

An effective virtual event must incorporate multi-session activities with pre-recorded videos and webinars that are interactive and focus on popular products and services. Pre-recorded videos give you the chance to create captivating content that combines clear language and brand elements.

You can also choose to livestream the event and include various panels and forums with live Q&A sessions to keep the audience engaged.

Set A Tone of Empathy and Transparency

Most people are feeling vulnerable and scared right now, as the future looks uncertain.

Having an empathetic tone in your online videos and virtual events is critical as a result. Brands that exploit vulnerable people for commercial gains rarely succeed.

Shift the focus away from celebrating your brand and product and instead focus on wellbeing and longevity. Show humility in the face of a global crisis and acknowledge that no one has all the answers.

This will help you connect with the audience on a deeper level and create brand loyalty that will last even after the pandemic.

Engage Virtual Attendees Through High-Quality Videos

Most companies are already offering online tutorials and webinars to increase brand visibility during the lockdown. However, one of the best ways to generate audience interest is through high-quality videos, graphics, and animation.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing In 2020

Video has been an important part of marketing for decades. From the classic television commercials of the 1960s to viral video marketing campaigns on Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook, video is a powerful marketing tool. In today’s growing social media landscape, video marketing offers brands the perfect opportunity to promote themselves and influence potential buyers.

According to surveys, over 92% of marketers claim that video is one of the most important parts of their marketing strategy. On top of that, more than 85% of businesses use video as a useful marketing tool. In fact, studies have found that online video is 600% more effective than any other marketing tool—including print and direct mail.

Here are some key reasons why now is the best time for your company to invest in video marketing:

Effective Delivery of The Message

The human attention span is decreasing every day. With smart gadgets and fast technology being widely available, people get bored quickly if something doesn’t grab their attention.

Video marketing is an effective way to deliver messages in a persuasive way and a short amount of time. Companies find it easier to strike an emotional connection with potential customers using striking visuals and engaging scripts, and customers are more likely to follow through until the end.

Unique Way to Tell Your Brand Story

Video marketing gives organizations the opportunity to tell their brand’s story in a unique and compelling way.

You can create a brand film that shows your vision for your company and gives people a more in-depth look into how you operate your business. Taking them inside your company and showing them how it works is one of the most effective ways to win new business.

Capture More Leads and Improve Sales

User statistics have proven that the best way to retain website visitors is through video content. Targeted video marketing content that’s strategically placed on various platforms such as the business’s website and leading social media platforms can lead to better customer engagement. It can also increase inbound inquiries, leading to increased sales.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers today are looking for more than just products and services. They want an immersive experience that adds more value to their purchase. Videos can be used to improve the buyer journey by using demonstrations and animations to show how their product and service can benefit their lives.

Share Success Stories and Testimonials

Sharing success stories through video testimonials is the perfect way to prove the efficacy and benefits of your products and services. Adding them to the customer or testimonials page of your website can shine a light on existing customers, increasing brand loyalty, and expanding your reach.

You can also feature celebrity endorsements and customer interviews that show how your product and services are being used.

Create Compelling Business Videos

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5 Reasons Why Video Content is More Effective than Any Other Medium

As we become less attentive than even small aquatic species, marketers have their work cut out for them. In addition to devising unique and novel marketing strategies, they’re confronted with the arduous task of condensing their ideas into a short, snappy, and multisensory experience for audiences.

This is where video production services step in.

Research indicates that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video content. In addition, potential consumers retain over 95% of a message conveyed via video as opposed to an image or text.

By offering rich and engaging experiences that utilize two senses—sight and hearing—as opposed to one, video takes precedence over image and text.

If you’re still on the fence about whether your next marketing strategy should focus on video or continue to prioritize other forms of content, we’ve rounded up some inspiration to get you going!

Read on for five reasons why video content is more effective, popular, and profitable than any other medium.

1. Videos Content Attracts and Retains Audience Attention

According to a recent survey, over 83% of marketers admitted that video content was one of the most effective ways to attract and retain audience attention.

While images and text may succeed in attracting audience attention, it’s very likely that potential customers will tune out within a matter of minutes—if not seconds.

In contrast, people are 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad as opposed to a text or image-based poster.

In addition, there are also higher chances of audiences remaining engrossed in an audiovisual motion ad as opposed to a static image.

Imagine coming across a lifeless marketing ad that initially attracts your attention with a witty tagline but doesn’t offer anything more. Contrarily, a rich and expertly-produced marketing video that offers an engaging multisensory experience is more likely to keep you engaged.

Kenzo’s dynamic perfume ad starring Margaret Qualley is a brilliant example of video marketing done right.    

2. Video Content Drives More Traffic to Your Website

Brands that use video content enjoy 41% more web traffic than their competitors who choose to rely on text and image-based marketing campaigns.

With the average attention span depleting by the minute, audiences are actively on the lookout for content that informs, inspires, and moves them without taking up too much time.

Whether your target audience includes single mothers who are constantly on the run or college students struggling to balance their job and maintain a high GPA, ensuring conciseness is key.

Video content helps companies create compelling content that gives audiences exactly what they’re looking for without losing their attention. It’s one of the most effective tools for preventing customer attrition drain in the long run.

3. Video Content Strikes a Chord with Audiences

Struggling to create an authentic and heartfelt connection with your audience? Video content is a great way to strike a chord with potential customers without resorting to a plethora of strategies.

An effective explainer video, company culture video, or testimonial video can go a long way in establishing a genuine bond with the audience while providing them with the relevant information.

4. Video Content Increases Purchase Intent and Conversion Rate

According to research, over 85% of millennials have proceeded with an online purchase after watching a promotional video.

In addition, brands that leverage video content for promotional purposes witness a 120% increase in conversion rates.

While potential consumers may visit your website or social media page with the intent to purchase, it’s very likely that they’ll turn to a competitor if your page offers a bleak and unengaging experience.

To keep audiences gripped, it’s essential that you create compelling and enlivening videos that result in a purchase.

5. Video Content Prompts Shares

In a world that’s dominated by the power of social media, creating content that promotes shares is imperative.

Research indicates that video content produces 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

As potential customers engage with (and appreciate) your brand video, they’re more likely to share it with their friends/family on leading social media platforms and messaging applications like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp, among others.

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