Best Facebook Ad Examples That Work (And Why)

With 2.01 billion active monthly users and around 1.32 billion daily users, having a strong marketing presence on Facebook can be great for your business. In fact, Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg states that there are roughly 65 million active business pages on Facebook.

The social platform has become a great marketing tool for startups and established businesses alike. But with so much buzz, it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd and make your mark on the digital world. However, it’s not entirely impossible.

The following Facebook ads hit all the right notes with the audiences. Read on to find out what lessons we can take away from them.

Kay Jewelers

The Facebook video ad for Key Jewelers has two great things: 1) it tells a moving story, 2) it’s quick. Taking up just a few seconds of your time, the video advertises their product and attaches sentimental value to it. This ad works because:

  • It’s Visual – Even if you’re watching it with sound off, you’ll have an idea of what’s being shown. This is important because 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off.
  • It Has Value – The ad clearly shows what value their product brings to people’s lives.
  • Great CTAs – The video makes sure to end off with a solid CTA.


The Facbeook ad for Allbirds, a shoemaking brand, uses clean and simple images to their advantage. The video lasts merely for nine seconds but they’re enough to showcase their products in a great light. The video instantly catches your attention and even manages to resonate with the individual watching. While many Facebook ad videos try to be flashy and catchy, the Allbirds ad is a breath of fresh air with its clean simplicity. It works because:

  • It Has Clean Visuals – The video clearly focuses on the subject in an engaging and moving manner.
  • It’s Relevant – We’re all on the lookout for good shoes and footwear ads that are relevant. This ad holds interest and grabs our attention.

AT&T Business

The Facebook video ad for AT&T is all about storytelling. The ad sets the mood and tone right from the start. It has tense music and dark imagery to keep the viewers engaged. The short ad shows the journey of how a homeless person became a business owner. The campaign ad is brilliant because:

  • It’s Quick – The ad is short and quickly delivers its message: “Be agile and nothing can stop you.”
  • It’s Visual – The ad uses sounds and images to keep the viewers engaged.

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The Newest Trends In Video Marketing

After securing its place in the industry as a major contender, video marketing has successfully made it to the mainstream. It’s no surprise that 80% of businesses claim to depend on this digital marketing tool and consider it their strongest asset.

But what make it relevant to modern audience are ever-evolving trends in that offer something new at every step. Evolution and advancement in video marketing is the linchpin of success because videos become redundant after the initial few views. Viewers get bored of seeing a visual multiple times and so they’re on the lookout for something new and refreshing. This is primarily why businesses can’t recycle old marketing videos at a later time because viewers can jog down their memory and identify it as old.

Since this is the backbone of most businesses, companies need to stay up to date with what’s new in marketing trends. This year will be booming with several new updates and trends that will keep the market in a flux.

Watch out for these trends in 2019.

Ephemeral Stories

Founded by Snapchat and adapted by Instagram and consequently Facebook as well, the idea of limited-time videos was a sweeping success last year. The feature of ‘stories’ in social media video content was a big hit and is expected to reach even greater heights this year. These stories could be used by businesses to their benefit because it kept their message short and snappy and avoided dreadfully long films. Already a success on private accounts of mobile users, these ephemeral stories allow businesses to offer something new.

Diversifying Video Formats

When it comes to formatting videos, there’s no standard way to do it. This is because the one size fits all rule doesn’t apply to the variety of businesses there are in the industry; each caters to a different market and must tailor marketing to specific needs. The popularity of this feature on social media platforms testifies the fact that video formatting is indispensible to marketers. New trends like dizzying array of video length, different types of picture quality and aspect ratios are on the rise. Since vertical viewing is becoming a standard manner of watching videos, online platforms are adding more features to make it trendy and refreshing.

Optimizing For No Sound

This is a much-awaited update because video is not all about watching, it’s as much about listening. Acoustics play a major role in how a video is perceived. Since mobile phone users are commonly found in public settings like offices, restaurants, subways and elevators, they prefer plugging in earphones to avoid having others hear what they’re watching. But the ‘no sound’ optimization has allowed social platforms to keep videos on mute mode by default so that it doesn’t start blaring in public while a user is scrolling down their newsfeed. With changes in listening and viewing behaviors of the target audience, this trend will become all the rage and require further advancements in future.

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Digital vs. TV Ads: Which Should You Invest In?

The advertising industry has constantly evolved throughout the years and television advertisement has remained at the forefront for a huge chunk of it. But as consumer behavior shifts and more and more people hand out on digital forums, digital advertising has quickly become the new order of the day.

While before, advertisers used to put in the bulk of their advertising budget into broadcast TV, more marketers are foraying out into digital advertising options like Facebook ads or digital marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering whether you should invest your advertising budget into television or digital, read on.

Digital vs. TV: Cost

Traditional TV advertising is costlier than digital marketing. To get your ad on a prime spot on TV, brands sometimes even have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a 1-minute runtime. This is excluding the money for production. Plus, it can get difficult for startups to run up against established bigwigs on TV.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different options. It can be pretty inexpensive, for example, email marketing or content marketing has little to no cost. But a website revamp or an SEM campaign can cost more. Digital marketing also has more value for your money. And you can also keep track of what’s working and not with the help of digital analytics.

Digital vs. TV: Brand Exposure

When it comes to brand exposure, TV ads usually run for 3–6 months depending on the budget or campaign objectives. After that, the brand exposure ends. With a digital marketing campaign however, a well-executed one is usually self-sustaining and can give you brand exposure long after the campaign has finished. For example, a landing page with a well-produced video will be up on your website forever, converting leads.

Digital vs. TV: ROI

A big drawback for TV ads is that they don’t offer complete transparency as you don’t have to opt for performance data measurement. A business that has used $5,000 for TV advertising won’t know for sure whether it brought them $5,000 worth of sales.

Digital marketing, however, can be easily tracked and measured. Using analytics, you can see whether your campaign worked on not, whether it generated traffic, drove conversions, and brought in revenue. If your campaign is underperforming in some aspect, you’ll know the problem and you can start working on it.

While TV advertising is still a big stalwart to be considered, digital marketing is fast making its way to the top. If you’re interested in corporate video production, get in touch with us at 336 Productions.

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Expert Tips For A Successful Product Launch

Your product launch is like a debut film of a rising star, where your first performance will decree the number hits they’ll be starring in, in future.  Similarly, the way you set the mood for your product launch and the way you perform the big reveal can manipulate consumer responses to a large extent.

A successful launch requires endless efforts, time, unlimited trial runs and a million technical checks before the new product shows face in the market. The grandeur of your launch will also reflect how much the company has invested in manufacturing it. This is why leading brands take due time creating hype for their new product before it makes its first appearance. That automatically makes audiences curious to learn more and paves the way for future sales.

It takes experience and expertise to organize a successful product launch. The more foolproof and professional the launch is, the better the fate will be for the product.

Here’s how to launch your latest release successfully.

Quality is Everything

A product launch is often confused with a brand launch and this misconception often lands marketers in deep trouble. When buyers await a new product release, they don’t expect to be shown a 5-minute video about the parent company or brand. That bit of information is already given to them, which is why it’s a waste of time, money and resources. A product launch should be less about the logo that is branded on it and more about what more it has to offer. Focus on highlighting the special features and the better quality of the product and make sure you have media coverage ready to broadcast the news from the get-go.

Leverage Data

After working on the new product for months or even a year, the company and product team is well-aware of the smallest details in it. What you might be taking for granted may not be available at face value to the market. Consumers need to be told why the product is being launched and what needs does it aim to fulfill. Sometimes consumers may not even be aware of a need until you tell them so. Leverage data to prepare ground for the final launch so that the audience is prepared to see what is being shown.

Remember Your Customers

Your regular customers are your biggest assets. A happy client is of more good to a business than it may realize because they offer voluntary marketing services without charging a penny. Their word also carries more credibility in the buyers’ community because they’re all on the same side of the court and trust another’s opinion of a product. You can transform the perception of your product through formalized endorsements and buy-ins via beta programs. No matter how much you invest in your launch, the contribution of your loyal customers can be a game changer.

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Why Visuals Are The New Way Forward

Why paint a picture with words when you can use a picture itself?

Even though you’re told to keep your eyes and ears open in dire situations, your auditory memory isn’t as robust as your visual memory. It would serve you better if you stay alert or open your eyes wider because your auditory memory lags behind your visual recollection or tactile memory of events. Visuals get indelibly etched in our long-term memory whereas textual or oral information only partially permeates into short-term memory. This is why 60% of the population comprises of visual learners.

The way our brain processes sensory information from environmental stimuli works differently in the case of each sensory ability. Higher rates of visual retention are the primary reasons why visuals are becoming the new way forward in every sector. Be it e-learning or commerce, visuals have become a stronger medium of delivery that guarantees long-lasting results and here’s why.

The Mind’s Eye is Stronger Than Achilles’ Ear

Science has proven that the human brain processes images or any visual stimuli 60000 times faster than textual information. This is how nature has allowed our optical abilities to have an edge over auditory senses. Contrary to this, the relationship between sound and memory suffers from loss of retention because of an innate weakness known as Achilles’ ear. This is an inferior short-term memory of auditory cues which inevitably makes visuals the champion.

Facebook Likes Are Greater On Photos Than Posts

When you look at a page with print and pictures, what catches your eye first? The answer will obviously be pictures because illustrations and colors are more intriguing and attractive than plain words. This is exactly why a Facebook post with pictures earns more likes and emotive reacts than wordy posts. This also has a lot to do with the fact that reading requires more time and effort than interpreting a picture at first glance. The digital age is about everything on the go and to pause and read has become an outdated practice that has long been obsolete.

Communication is Mostly Nonverbal

Ever wondered why your attire, facial expressions and posture are given so much importance during professional interviews? This is primarily because you communicate 93% more with your appearance—or the visual you create—than the words you speak. The same logic applies to marketing and sales techniques. Since a major content of communication is nonverbal, it’s only fitting to employ the same tactics when selling a product. The goal is to communicate as much about your brand in as little time and space as possible and nothing does that better than visuals.

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How To Tailor Marketing For Different Demographics

A message is only useful as long as it’s relevant, comprehensible, appropriate, and of interest to the audience it targets. Marketing works in a similar fashion and is based on the premise that strategies must be tailored to different demographics. Standardizing marketing tactics over a diverse demographic set will only be a waste of every dollar spent on it.

Targeted marketing is a tried and tested method which is known to reap profits for brands. Customers also tend to show liking for ads and marketing videos that cater to their lifestyle and language. Gone are the days when all the fish could be caught in the same net!

Keeping in mind that demographic segmentation is key; here are a few ways to tailor your tactics for different demographics.

Demographic Vs. Target Market

Even though these two terms have commonly become interchangeable, they’re barely anything like the other. Before honing in a segmented strategy, it’s important to distinguish between the two. Factors such as age, ethnicity, education and the likes fall under the category of demographics. It’s an umbrella term for everyone that falls within the same demographic group.

Whereas, target market is a term that zeroes in on the specific customers that you have been dealing with or can potentially engage in the future. It’s entirely possible that your target market shares the same demographic but belonging to the same segment is not a prerequisite for being a brand’s target market.

Marketing By Age

This is by far the most popular tactic used in the marketing industry. You won’t word an ad or choose a picture the same way for a millennial and a senior hitting 80. This is because both buyers are worlds apart in terms of preferences, abilities, socialization and concerns. What is of tremendous value to an old-aged woman (e.g. adult diapers) may not be of any use or interest to a 25-year old. Marketers need to acquaint themselves with consumer behavior before designing a marketing strategy according to age.

Marketing By Gender

This is another standard on which marketing tactics for all the kinds of genders are divorced. How you approach a woman and how you communicate with a man will be starkly different. The differences may blur out or become less definitive in the case of asexuals but the broader gender categories follow set gender rules. For instance self-grooming, fashion, skincare and cosmetic needs of women need to be addressed differently than those of men. This includes the choice of colors, music, visuals and even content.

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We’re proud to say that we’ve won Telly, W3, Pixie, and Communicator Awards. Our status as a premier video production company in Southern California wouldn’t be possible without the support of our clients, who range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Recently, our former client Hydraflow left us a glowing five-star review on, a businesses services platform. Hydraflow, which specializes in creating engineered solutions for the fluid transfer industry, hired us to produce a corporate video celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary. 336 Productions was responsible for writing the script and storyboard, designing the animation, conducting pre-film interviews with key personnel, and then filming and producing the video. We made three different versions of the video: a full-length one, a shorter version for Hydraflow’s website, and a clipped/non-audio version for display at trade shows.

“The feedback we received from employees and customers is tremendous. The video truly captures the spirit of our business, and we’ve incorporated the full-length version into our new employee onboarding.” – Director of Sales & Marketing, Hydraflow

The video we created not only celebrated Hydraflow’s milestone anniversary but also documented their company culture and history.

“We live in a time where client reviews are more important than ever. People do their homework when searching for a service provider online, so having positive reviews on our site, or review sites like Clutch, is critical to our success and growth. We are so grateful to the clients who have taken the time to write a review for us!” – Marlowe Stone, Co-Founder

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The 3 Best Ads of Super Bowl 2019

Here’re our top picks for this year’s Super Bowl ads.  

“Not Everything Makes the Cut” – Amazon

After their 2018 Super Bowl success with “Alexa Loses Her Voice”, Amazon returned this season with another hilarious advertisement. Featuring a surprising crossover of the Broad City crew and Harrison Ford, this was a crowd-pleaser that focused on Alexa-powered devices that couldn’t work out.

From a dog collar that led to an insane amount of food ordering (by the dog!), and a hot tub installation that ended up with the occupants hurled outside once the music started to play and created gigantic waves, it’s a hilarious depiction of unconventional adaptations. And of course, having celebrities like Forest Whitaker, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, and Indiana Jones himself all fall victim to these mishaps was a fun sight to watch!

“Joust” – HBO x Bud Light

With the biggest TV show nearing its final season, a lot of brands have been introducing Game of Thrones related themes in their marketing strategies. The Bud Light and HBO Super Bowl crossover did just that, bringing together the beer company with HBO’s most popular TV show.

The ad started off with the “Bud Knight” preparing to enter a jousting tournament, after putting aside his Bud Light beer bottles. His opponent? Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane! In true GoT fashion, the joust ended in a bloody drama with The Mountain knocking off the Bud Knight (think of the joust scene in season one), and gouging his eyes out (similar to how Oberyn Martell met his fate at the hands of The Mountain).

The icing on the cake was the dragon ascending at the end, leaving the jousting field in flames while the premiere date for the season appeared on screen. The advert proved that sometimes, even the most unlikely collaboration can turn out to be a brilliant marketing strategy.

“We All Win” – Microsoft

Microsoft’s advertisement about their new Xbox Adaptive Controller featured young gaming enthusiasts with limited mobility. As part of their commercial series that first began in November, the Super Bowl ad saw the gaming adventures of Owen.

Diagnosed with Escobar Syndrome, the young gamer tried out the accessibility-focused Xbox Adaptive Controller, while talking about his love for video games.

The ad also featured other kids with limited mobility who shared their own experiences of using the controller, passionately discussing how they could now play much more easily by pressing the buttons “just as fast as the other kids”. Microsoft sure had us teary eyed by the end of their nearly 2 minute long video!  

It’s never too early to start planning out your marketing strategy for the next Super Bowl! Partner up with our video production company in Los Angeles and let us bring your vision to life with our pre- and post-production services.

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Video Optimization Tips For 2019

Video marketing reached new heights in 2018, with more and more companies getting on board with this highly effective strategy. In fact, 2019 is likely to show an even bigger rise in video marketing trends as businesses use various techniques to re-brand themselves.

Want your video to stand out from the crowd? Here’s what you need to do!

Create High Quality Video Content

Making videos doesn’t seem to be a difficult job anymore, with the abundance of gadgets easily available for one to capture footage. Phone videos have especially become common due to the ease of access and convenience they provide, making essentially anyone with a good phone camera a video maker.

However, if you want to make a business marketing video or a corporate video, this simply won’t do! Video-making is a specialized task, and you need to create high quality content if you want your video to have the desired impact. This means that you need a professional video-making crew who’d use their expertise and equipment to produce a phenomenal footage for your business.    

High quality videos aren’t just shot well, but also contain superior content. Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong script and the right marketing strategy when it comes to video production.

If you want your video to have a steady flow and stick in the viewers’ minds long after they’re done watching, you need to consult professionals every step of the way so that your video content truly stands out.  

Utilize Social Media Generously

Over the past decade, social media has become the best platform for businesses to put up their videos. Be it advertisements, product videos, explainer videos, or even travel videos, social media is the perfect forum for businesses to share it with their audience. Not only does it let viewers to watch the video, but also allows them to share it with their own followers, giving businesses a greater outreach.

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t kidding in 2014 when he said Facebook will mostly center around videos in the future. Fast-forward to today and our newsfeeds are full of videos promoting all sorts of businesses. The recently launched IGTV, too, has given businesses an opportunity to share longer video content on their Instagram profile. If you’re not using social media for optimizing your videos, you’re in trouble!

Make Your Videos Interactive

With the overwhelming amount of videos available online, how do you ensure viewers stay interested in yours and watch the entire thing? The best way to grab the audience’s attention is by creating interactive content that engages with the viewers. Don’t just show them a specific thing; have them engage!

Honda did this by creating a dual-narrative video for their Civic Type R, letting viewers switch between storylines. When they’d press the ‘R’ key on their keypads, they could view an alternate story. This allowed for active engagement and interaction, amplifying the viewer’s experience significantly.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Audience before Launching Your Brand

You post a video on your brand’s Facebook and Instagram page and wake up in the morning to find that the video has been shared over a million times. It has garnered 2 million views on both platforms and you’re being talked about in the morning news.

Wouldn’t it be great if it all worked out like that? Believe it or not, it takes some brands years to reach millions of views on their social media videos.

But there’s always a trick to the trade. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can build your audience before you launch your brand:

Short Online Ads

Whether it’s video banner ads or a short blurb, start small.  Give your target audience a teaser to your services. Give them enough to arouse curiosity but not enough for them to know everything.

The point is to grab their attention. You need to make them think and talk about your brand. Create hype. And the best way to create hype is through short banner videos.

Advertise your banners on platforms such as Facebook. With 2.8 billion users active on Facebook, it’s guaranteed you’ll grab the attention of your target audience.

Create an Image that’s Consistent

Let’s imagine Burger King creates ads similar to Xerox. Not only would that confuse its target audience, it doesn’t make any sense.

When you think of brands like Burger King and Coca Cola, you instantly think of upbeat, colorful commercials that focus on family time meals.

When you think of Xerox, you think of a brand that’s dedicated to making workplaces stress-free; you think of time management.

Microsoft tried to experiment with comedy in 2008 and failed miserably. It’s not because the ad wasn’t funny, it actually was. It’s because it didn’t make sense. It had nothing to do with its products. Secondly, when people think of Microsoft, they don’t imagine Bill Gates struggling to try on shoes.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, animated videos that focus on a brand and its services. If you’re new to the market or have a niche business, explainer videos can help convey your brand’s mission and vision to its target audience.

Furthermore, since they’re short animated videos, you can get creative with them. You can even create a mascot for your brand (Think Nesquik, Michelin, Green Giant, Panda Cheese etc.)

But remember that balance is extremely important. Don’t go above and beyond to get creative. It can easily become a problem and work against you. Developing the right concept, storyboard, and executing the video can be tricky.

That’s why it’s a good idea to leave it to the experts. By hiring a video production company that has the expertise, tools, and resources to bring your brand’s vision to life, you can draw attention from your target audience.

At 336 Productions, we offer businesses—big and small—exceptional video marketing solutions for all their marketing woes. Just leave everything to us.

Whether it’s corporate videos, scriptwriting, 3D graphics and motion, explainer videos, or trade show videos, we’ve got everything you’re looking for.

We’ve also won numerous Telly Awards for our work and have worked with clients like Fujitsu, Adlens, The Salvation Army, Toshiba, SAP, Canon, and plenty more.    

You can also go through our video gallery to get an idea of what we have to offer. And if you have any questions or queries, don’t shy away from reaching out to us!