Trends in “Cool” Corporate Videos

When it comes to online marketing, online videos are considered to be one of the most powerful and commonly used medium. As with trends in other industries, trends change often in our line of work: corporate video production. Riverside and Los Angeles have a large number of video production companies, but not all of them understand the current trends.

We immerse ourselves in corporate video, and we study what works and what doesn’t. The following are trends we’ve noticed recently.

1. Explainer Videos

More and more companies come to us seeking explainer videos. Typically, these are 30-120 second motion-graphic videos that explain a product or service on a high-level. They are not tutorial or how-to videos, they simply explain the product or service in the most concise way. Companies want these because, done right, they’re fun to watch and the viewer walks away clearly understanding the message. Good examples of explainer videos are our Profound Logic ( and RFgen ( videos.

2. Infographic Style Motion-Graphic Videos

An infographic is a chart or diagram used to represent information or data, broken down in its simplest form. To understand what infographic style is, simply google infographic. You can see the graphics are contemporary and you’ll often find playful representations of objects or people. Now imagine these static infographics animated. That’s basically what an infographic style motion-graphics video is.

3. Spokesperson

A year ago, many clients seemed hesitant to hire a professional actor to play the spokesperson or host in a video. Some would rather hire a voice-over actor or use text graphics to go over the visuals. Now, not only do companies seem more comfortable with the idea, it’s become a trend (again) to hire a spokesperson for a corporate video.

4. Humorous Tones

Just as the spokesperson was a trend, and then wasn’t, and then was again, so is producing humorous corporate videos. They’ve always been around and many have experienced great success, but now we’ve found clients wanting to move in that direction again. Lots of times, clients are hesitant to use humor because they worry about audience reaction or if it will relay the marketing messages well, but it seems now that companies are willing to go there.

While you’re finding a video production company to serve you, pick one that knows what they’re doing and are also well versed in the new trends that are being used in the market these days. Among all the Riverside video production companies, and video companies in LA and OC, 336 Productions stands as one of the best.

5 Ways Online Videos Connect You with Your Consumers

5 ways online videos connect you with your consumerIf you have a new product that you are launching or you want to boost your business in high competition areas like Los Angeles, video production companies can assist you in building a long lasting connection with your consumers in a fast and more effective manner. If you are still not aware of how a single video can change the fate of your business in no time, we suggest that you keep reading:

1. If you compare the traditional forms of advertising with video advertising, you will clearly see that video advertising is a lot cheaper and more efficient as well. Especially when it comes to online videos, it has been observed that they attract more eyes towards your business and bring extra traffic to your business website, as one simple click can take your consumer straight to your website.

2. Watching an online video requires less effort as your consumer does not have to turn pages of a newspaper or switch televisions channels. Also, it may be hard for your consumer to remember your contact details when they see your advertise in a magazine, billboard or on the television whereas, it is easier for him to go straight to your website through the link on your online marketing video. This will enable your business to sell more with little effort.

3. Videos are good communicators of the messages that you want your consumers to understand. Using creative video marketing will help your consumer understand the message you are trying to convey in a better manner but for this to happen, make sure that you consult companies that specialize in corporate video production. Los Angeles for instance, is a metropolitan area and the competition can be tough for you as new businesses enter the market. This is exactly where your creativity, uniqueness and mode of communication will matter a lot.

4. Videos can be easily integrated with other modes of marketing such as emails, websites, social media etc. You are already aware of the fact that the way people spend money today, largely differs from how people used to spend their money a few years ago. People sell and buy online and so, an online video can catch consumers on a medium that makes things more feasible for them.

5. Everything that is online is faster. Online videos not only assist your business to stay right on the cutting edge but they also perk up your creditability with your viewers. In more obvious words, it is the best way for you to boost your business. According to statistics, consumers watch around 200 billion online videos monthly.

So what is the Optimal Video Length?

Good marketing videos are engaging, fun, easily shareable, and the perfect duration. One of the main reasons why people choose to watch or skip a video is the length, and it’s pretty obvious that shorter videos draw larger audiences.

Duration comes up a lot. Sometimes it’s a hard number because the video is being produced for specific distribution (like TV), but more often there’s no one setting a hard limit. Our clients ask, “What’s the ideal duration for this corporate video?” Well, it depends.

You should be aware that various types of videos with different kinds of goals have varying optimal lengths, but one rule stays the same and that is: tell your story in the littlest amount of time.

1. Tutorials or Explainers

The basic goal of a tutorial or an explainer video is to explain and show how something works in the most user friendly way. A tutorial is a step-by-step guide where explainer videos tend to be a more high-level explanation of something. Therefore, tutorial videos tend to be longer because you want the viewer to walk away knowing exactly how to use the product or service, where explainer videos tend to be anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The exact length of a tutorial depends on how long it takes to actually perform the task or use the product, but it’s best to use time-lapse or fades when possible to avoid showing any stage for too long.

2. Creative Commercials

Creative commercial videos are what most people are familiar with. It’s the ads we see on TV or Hulu. Because the cost of broadcasting them depends on their length, most advertisers go for the standard 30 second spot. Most commercials are based upon clever gags, stories and situations that intrigue people. Unlike TV, it’s free to put your ad on YouTube and they don’t hold you to a, 30-seconds duration, but it’s best to keep these types of videos under 1 minute.

3. Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding videos are made to basically generate buzz and a sense of reliability for the project. These videos normally include talking heads. In these types of videos the talking heads are usually the founder or inventor of the product or project. Other parts of the video may include b-roll of the team, beauty shots of the product, actors using the product, and prototypes or other designs. Normally these kinds of videos are longer than 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Testimonials or Case Studies

The video format of testimonials or case studies is usually very straightforward. In testimonials, clients or customers talk about how a product or service helped solve a business problem. It usually includes many clients or customers, sometimes from various industries. In case study videos, one client or customer story is chosen and that story is told through talking heads and b-roll. The optimal length of these kinds of videos can vary from being 2 minutes long to even 5 minutes long. The script writer will help determine the length of the script or number of questions to be asked, and the editor will decide what duration feels right based on the overall effect.

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Video Marketing Tips to Boost Your Presence

There’s a lot of competition out there, and if your competition isn’t already using video they will be. Video is a marketing necessity. Here are some tips on how to use video to boost your online presence and stand out from the competition:

1. Collecting feedback

Most marketers do not provide a feedback option to their target audience. The consequence of this is that marketers don’t truly know the impact the video had on the target audience. Before releasing your video to the public, ask a select few from your target audience to watch the video and take a quick questionnaire. Based on the feedback, you can make decisions on how to market and distribute the video. An external perspective through a pre-release will help your video be a successful!

2. Using the first few seconds wisely

The first few seconds of any video are very important. If they are engaging, chances are that your audience will choose to watch the entire video. Otherwise, if they find the first few seconds boring, they might just skip the video and move on.

If you want your videos reach the widest audience, you need to make sure the first few seconds grab the viewer’s attention. How? Start with an eye catching visual, set an emotional tone, or ask a question that the audience wants answered.

3. Using a combination of marketing automation

If your video is a perfect combination of an explanation of what your audience wants and what you are giving them, chances are your video will succeed in grabbing your audience. You should always look into personalizing your content in a way that it reaches your target audience in a manner that attracts them the most. Search YouTube for similar videos or videos that speak to your target audience and study their style and tone. Once your video is live, send targeted, automatic emails to your audience with a link to the video and track views.

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Video Production Equipment

video-equipmentDecades ago, video production equipment was heavy, bulky, and expensive. Today, it’s light(er), compact(ish), and, well…still expensive. But, our industry has seen lots of changes in recent years, and some cool, new equipment has made corporate videos much more cinematic.

In the past, only film studios had rooms full of video equipment. Now, corporatevideo production companies in Orange County, like ourselves, boast large equipment inventories. Below are just some of the types of video equipment you need to produce quality corporate video.


At the very least, you need a sound mixer, boom, and back-up lavaliermicrophone to record pristine sounds. Bad sound and bad lighting are deal breakers for audiences, so you absolutely must get these right on set.


A camera slider allows the camera to slide down a track. This makes it look like a dolly move. Sliders can be short (2’) or long (10’). They give shots cinematic feels.


It seems to us a new camera comes out just about every other day. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but new cameras are being released very frequently. We shoot on the latest and greatest HD cameras, it’s essential to creating a high quality video.


You have your old-school film light, which are still important and useful, and now, you also have new LED lights. We use a mixture of these types of lights to light of scenes.


The director needs to view the what’s being shot on a large monitor so he can judge the performance as it’s happening. We set-up a video village, which consists of a set of monitors so members of the crew can see the camera operator is seeing.

Those offering video services in Orange County and beyond need to have state-of-the-art equipment in order to produce effective content.

Let’s talk about Post-Production

There are three stages to video production: pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production stage is all about careful planning. It’s where you cast, write, communicate, and bring-together all that you need for production. Production is when all the filming takes place. It’s where the cast and crew gathers at the location, with all the gear, and shoots.

Now, let’s talk about post-production, or simply, post. Post begins when production ends; no surprises there. Post is normally seen as editing, and it is true editing is the main service of post-production, but there are many other services that fall under the domain of post. For the most part, they follow a very strict chronological order for when each must be performed. Not every project needs the same post production services, but for a live-action video, most projects follow this workflow:

Step#1 Backup Footage

One of the big negatives of our digital age is losing media. Incidents where the footage gets deleted accidentally, or a drive or media card fails are all too common.To avoid this, we back-up our footage and project files on multiple drives, stored in different places.

Step#2 Import Footage

We then bring the footage into our editing software.

Step#3 Organize Footage

Next, the editor will organize all the clips. The director may have noted specific takes he likes, but if not, the editor will mark the best takes. He will also organize the clips into shots and scenes, or however he chooses to arrange the folders.

Step#4 Build an Assembly

This is the “per-cut.” The editor start dragging clips onto the timeline to create the body of the cut. Then, he’ll start “trimming the fat,” which brings us to…

Step#5 Rough Cut

The rough cut is like a house half-built; You can see what the house will look like, but the bells and whistles aren’t there. At this stage, many post services like sound and music, text graphics, and voice-over are rough or temp. The point of the rough cut is to lock picture. This means no more actual cuts are made to the visual timeline.

Step#6 Fine Cut

Once picture is locked, work on the fine cut begins. The other post services are refined, and if final voice-over hasn’t been recorded yet, it is now.

Step#7 Final Cut

The final cut is the stage of the editing where all the effects and services are finalized and incorporated into the cut. Color corrections will be applied and sound and music mixes are finalized.

Step#8 Export

After the final cut is approved, the video is exported and compressed to various file types requested by the client.

Step# 9 Delivery

Delivery of the final video is delivered digitally, and perhaps through a physical copy like a DVD or Blu-ray.


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Do’s and Don’ts of using Animation in your Videos

corporate-video-in-after-effectsThe last decade has seen a big increase in corporate videos using animation. It’s very common now, and most of the videos we produce have some animations (AKA motion-graphics) in them. Some videos are entirely motion-graphics, like our Profound Logic and RF gen explainer videos.Today,corporate video productions in Orange County and all over the world employ the use of animation.

So, why animation? Well, it can increase the production value of a video, it can make the video a stronger reflection of the brand by creating branded graphics, and it can help to explain complex ideas. Research shows that video animations are the easiest way to explain complex or “boring” concepts to consumers. Animation also increases retention and memory recall in audiences and increases the market reach.

Here are some of the important Do’s and Don’ts for using animation in your videos, specifically all motion-graphic videos:


1)    Make Informative and Entertaining Animations

An animatedvideo should be entertainingwhile at the same time provide credible information to your potential clients. Humor can be a powerful tool, which can lead to increased engagement. Funny and entertaining videos are often shared within seconds of watching and have the potential to reach millions if gone viral.

2)    Be Original

We see lots of companies use stock graphics, or animate clip-art and decks. Sadly, this is common and a no-no. Why? Because who wants to watch that? We create custom graphics to be animated for our videos. This ensures our videos are original and reflect the brand and tone.

3)    Create an Environment

Create an environment with your video that entices the audience to be part of it. The environment should go well with the tone of the script and the mood of the story, as well as reflect the brand.


1)    Make it Long

Make sure that the video is not too lengthy. 60-90 seconds is a good length for an all motion-graphics explainer video. The audience usually starts losing interest when the length of the video is too long and the content is not easily understandable.

2)    Use Cheesy Animations

Just like a live-action video, it is important that the quality of the animated video is of a certain standard. Hire a company that creates contemporary graphics and animated videos to ensure your video doesn’t look like it was produced a decade ago.

3)    Avoid Clutter

Ever watched a video thathas characters or images coming out from every corner? Well, that’s what you should completely avoid! Avoid cluttering the video with too many characters, extra sounds, or over-the-top graphics. It will confuse the viewer and won’t get your point across.

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5 Signs that it’s time to Outsource Video Production

You already know the importance of video marketing. All one needs to do is Google “Video Production Companies in Southern California” to see the multitude of video companies in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego. They’re there because those services are in demand! The rapid growth in web video production has completely changed the way businesses market products and services.

A problem arises when companies do not have a video production vendor they can count on to produce quality, effective business and brand videos. Sometimes, to save costs or have greater control over the content produced, companies invest in an in-house video production team. This often proves counter-effective, since in-house production is usually unable to match the quality of productions from companies who specialize in this particular segment alone. When it comes to cost, they suffer again, with economies of scale coming into play.

Here are 5 signs to help you decide whether you need to start looking for a professional video production agency:

You aren’t making videos

A video is being posted every minute of the day. The question to ask yourself is, has my business been able to make a healthy number of videos in the last few months? If the answer is not encouraging, you might want to consider outsourcing.

Your videos aren’t getting positive feedback

After posting a video, have you felt the response from your potential clientele wasn’t too favorable? If this is the case, you’re doing something wrong. Specialized video production companies conduct business with various clients on an everyday basis and have expertise in different industries and how to target them accordingly. Negative publicity or feedback of your video could break the brand.

Your competitors have better videos

It is essential to know what the competitor is doing;their targeting and positioning should be studied carefully. A competitor analysis will show you why the competitor is doing better than you. It could be that your videos are not as entertaining or could be a fault of production. It is better to outsource the video production to a team of professional who have fresh and creative ideas.

You’re not proud of your videos

Are the videos your company has produced in the past ineffective, uncool, disorganized, or a snooze? You can’t expect good feedback from your audience when you yourself aren’t proud of the productions in question.

You need more video, but don’t have the time to produce it

You should be producing multiple videos a year for multiple purposes: to announce a new product, to explain an old one better, to expand the brand, to make an announcement, to introduce people to the team, etc. You have the need but are short on time as you have to focus on the core aspects of your business. It’s high time you outsource video production. You need a dedicated video company who can produce multiple videos a year for you.

At 336 Productions, we believe we’re your best choice for outsourcing video.Whether you need marketing of video production in Riverside or San Diego, we’re here to produce your next video. Contact us to provide all your video production needs at (888) 440-5830

Why promote your business through Corporate Videos ?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video might be around a million. When searching for ways to expand your business and promote it (to a lot of people at once!) you must consider using video promotion in your marketing mix. The rise in corporate video production services in Orange County is a result of the worldwide phenomenon that is corporate video marketing.

The need for information, and the need to know NOW,is only increasing. People want to obtain information as fast as they can. Right now perhaps, someone is on your website craving for a video that can tell them in 60 seconds what you do, instead of having to read copy on various web pages. It is proven that people prefer watching a short video rather than reading a few pages worth of product specifications or reviews. The video of 1 to 3 minutes will have communicated important points to your target audience more effectively than words on the screen.

Statistics show that about 79% of the people who use the Internet watch videos on a frequent basis. This proves how strong of a medium video really is. If the video is well produced, has the correct content, and is of good quality, it could work wonders for the company.

Here are some ways corporate video is beneficial:

Ease of Sharing

Corporate video can be placed many places on the web, not just on the company website. In this way, video is able to get a maximum number of views. SEO results enable corporate videos to get instant exposure to potential clients. The point of sharing also adds great values to videos. When a client appreciates the video and wants to recommend your product to someone, all they have to do is send a link to the video.

Traffic to website

The ultimate benefit of a corporate video is it increases the traffic on your website. People who pause to watch a video on any website – be it Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo- will visit the website for a few seconds longer than they normally would. Also, the target audience will be able to recall your product easily when they come across it again sometime, proving that video marketing is effective.

Affordable and Effective

Due to technological advancements, the production of quality corporate videos is much more affordable than it was 20 years ago. Decades ago, only the biggest companies could afford video; Now, even start-ups can. Many video companies in Orange County are offering video production at costs which meet your budgets. And we’re one of them! 336 Productions strives to be flexible and creative when working with budgets. Contact us today, so we can talk about your video project.