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Have you ever tried observing an audience in the middle of an intensely moving or entertaining film playing in a dark theater? Sitting in the front row, looking back at those faces filled with delight or fear or tension, truly basking in the safe haven of collective imagination we call the cinema. It’s a powerful and persuasive experience.

Filmmakers don’t make movies just for themselves, they make them for the masses. Why? Because the want to share a story with someone, hopefully millions of someones. Their project remains incomplete without a reciprocal relationship with the outside world, with strangers who can equally partake in their work by translating the moving images into speculative reality. One of guide to the great joys about putting your blood and sweat into creating something special is the ability to share it with a multitude of unsuspecting individuals who are floored by what they witness.

Method and Madness: Helping Bring the Best Out of Your Actors

Let’s get one thing straight: corporate videos are not like movies. You don’t need a Peter Jackson budget to make them shine and stand out. And you certainly don’t need a costly film set to produce an amazing commercial.

In the end, your product is just a product if you don’t add personality to it. The aim of a commercial is to attract the attention of consumers, to give them something to talk about. And the best way to do this, is by producing a brand video and taking care to hire actors who will bring the script to life and make your company video stand out!

That’s exactly why you have commercials like Berlitz’s “German Coast Guard” that have left an unforgettable impression on the minds of viewers.

Berlitz didn’t make a commercial pointing out reasons for learning English, they focused on the possibilities of situations occurring that can cost lives.

Similarly their “Spec Spot” commercial and “The Key” was a hit because it focused on misunderstandings and how they can be costly, thanks to language barriers!

But what really made the commercials stand out was the way the actors portrayed their characters. They were funny and relatable. It made you think, what if YOU were in such a situation?

The Power of a Good Cast

Actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean are still considered icons because of their method acting.

They knew how to bring the scene to life. They didn’t follow the script like it was a script; they delivered dialogue like it was a part of them. They lived their characters’ lives.

But you don’t need an Oscar winning script or an iconic actor to make your commercial a success.

Just think about it.

How many times have you changed the channel because of a commercial you didn’t like? And how many times have you paused whatever you were doing just to watch a commercial that piqued your interest?

A good cast is the best way to approach your target audience because you want someone who can speak to your demographic—someone who knows what they want.

Now your video might not be a part of a Hollywood movie but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull and lackluster. Even with a simple storyline, a good actor’s performance will leave your viewers talking about your commercial for a long time.

Avoiding Mistakes that Kill a Good Video

So how can you make your video good? It’s simple. Avoid these mistakes:

Not Going Through a Casting Process

Your cast reads the script like they’re skimming through a long paragraph. Double cringe!

They’re stuttering, trying to keep up with the teleprompter so it looks like they’re reading. And the worst part? They’re sweating!

When your actors feel awkward, your audience will too. So how do you approach this problem?

Cast professional actors!  Do this by putting out a casting notice, selecting people you want to audition, hold auditions (and perhaps call-backs), and then cast your roles.  Due your due diligence to ensure you’ve selected the right actors.

Casting Yourself as the Lead

Just because you’re the CEO and you’re told you look good on camera, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a suitable candidate. Perform a camera test first to make sure you’re the best person (and yes, performer) to represent your brand on screen.

Remember, when in doubt, it’s best to consult an expert. A leading video production company can offer you the advice you need and direct a stunning video with your all digital marketing needs in mind.

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Let’s Taco ‘Bout It: Depicting Food on the Big Screen

The Panda Cheese commercials are famous not for their product but their mascot—an angry panda that ruins everyone’s day when met with “no” for an answer. The tagline? Never say no to panda!

It can be tricky depicting food in commercials because of the volume of food brands and in deciding which direction to go in with tone and concept. From mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner to indulging in some much-needed ice cream after a horrible breakup, food is the one thing we can never get enough of!

Should You Shoot Commercials in Black and White?

We all know who Douglas Fairbanks, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin are.

Even if we weren’t born in the golden era of the 1920s, we all know who these actors were.

They colored the screens with their presence, brilliant acting, and ability to ensue laughter without uttering a single word.

Brighter Than Stars: Using Natural Light in Video Production

The peace of white sand beaches, the fragrance of roses in a garden, and the taste of flavorsome grapes in a vineyard—these are some of the best places to be. Not only are they beautiful and calming, they’re also great for commercial shoots, thanks to the amount of natural light present and Earth’s beauty.

A Colorful World: 5 Basic Color Principles to Enhance Your Videos

Colors. Imagine a life without color. It would be a dull life, without any luster. Did you see the movie Pleasantville?  It’s a wonderful example of the importance and power of color.  The film’s lesson?  It’s the vibrancy of life that makes us feel alive.

Color can create harmony or tension in commercials that leave a powerful impression on us. In a nutshell, it’s the intensity of colors that brings everything to life.

From posters to billboard ads and fashion magazines, we live in a prismatic world. Different colors in the world of advertising have different meanings.

Yellow stands for everything bright and cheerful. Green is for nature. Red is for passion and intensity, and blue creates a relaxing ambience.

With that in mind, here are 5 basic color principles to enhance your videos:

Complementary Colors

Did you know that when you pick two colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel, they complement each other?

Ways to Market Your Video on Social Media

Gone are the days when TVs were the only way to reach out to consumers with commercials. Now that social media networks having taken over the world, more and more brands are realizing the importance of creating and maintaining a social media presence.

Why Consumers Are Shifting Towards Short Videos

What do Tasty, Tastemade and Cooking Panda have in common? They’re all known for their snack-sized recipes and engaging content!

Short videos are becoming more and more popular and everyone on social media is sharing these 30-second-to-1-minute videos with their followers and friends.

Creating the Perfect Product Video

“So, what’s in your product line?”

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions businesses get asked. And yet, most of them struggle to explain everything without missing an important point or two.

As a potential customer, your clients want to know what your brand’s scope is and why they should invest in your business when there are hundreds of brands just like yours.

Understanding the Psyche Of Your Consumers

When it comes to creating the perfect video marketing campaign, most businesses have the hope that they’re on the right track to success. They believe that their spot is strong and that they will be able to sweep potential customers off their feet with it.