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Have you ever tried observing an audience in the middle of an intensely moving or entertaining film playing in a dark theater? Sitting in the front row, looking back at those faces filled with delight or fear or tension, truly basking in the safe haven of collective imagination we call the cinema. It’s a powerful and persuasive experience.

Filmmakers don’t make movies just for themselves, they make them for the masses. Why? Because the want to share a story with someone, hopefully millions of someones. Their project remains incomplete without a reciprocal relationship with the outside world, with strangers who can equally partake in their work by translating the moving images into speculative reality. One of guide to the great joys about putting your blood and sweat into creating something special is the ability to share it with a multitude of unsuspecting individuals who are floored by what they witness.

Three Tips For A Terrific Testimonial Video

“Having great clients is the key to investment success.” – Seth Klarman

Your clients are one of your greatest assets. Without them, your brand wouldn’t be where it is. Every business believes that its marketing strategies are one-of-a-kind.

Every business believes that its concepts are exceptional. But this is exactly the type of thinking that can hamper your success.

Why Medical Video Production Is Essential For Patient Care & Education

The medical community rivals the best of them when it comes to jargon and difficult to understand concepts that sound completely alien to a layperson. However, medicine is also something we can’t afford to ignore; we all have a connection with the healthcare industry in some way or the other.

It can get pretty difficult for medical professionals to communicate a complex procedure effectively with the sole aid of text-based information. Video content, then, has been a godsend for many in that it can explain difficult things much more effectively.

Personalized Video Content – Is The Hustle Worth The Hype?

In the time it takes you to finish reading this sentence, around 30 hours of video content will have been uploaded online. Marketers love using video because consumers love watching them. YouTube users watch approximately 1 billion hours of video content in a day! Video has become the best way to reach customers, and businesses are quickly realizing that video content is the marketing jackpot.

Video Releases And Why They’re Important

Imagine creating a video campaign for a new product, only for a potential customer to contact your company asking if they can still place an order—months after that product has been discontinued!

While it may seem like the client is clueless, so many businesses make the mistake of not updating their social media, informing clients that they have other services they offer.

Imagine going to a shoe shop to buy a pair of sneakers you saw on sale 3 months earlier, only to be sold they’re no longer available. Then you see the ad placement still on the window.

Mistakes To Avoid In Legal Video Marketing

You may be making a stellar impression in the court rooms, but how do you get new and prospective clients to notice you?

A video marketing your legal services offers unique insight into what you bring to the table. It connects with your potential clients; it shows them a personal side; it allows people to learn more about who you are as a law firm. 

How Do We Cast Voice-Over Actors?

Voice-overs aren’t just for motion-graphic videos; they are used in all types of projects! Whether you’re making a radio spot, a television commercial, or a documentary, voice overs can be the perfect tool to enhance your production quality.

Here’s how we do it at 336 Productions.

3 Stellar Locations In LA To Shoot Your Next Video

Los Angeles is filled with beautiful places, but many filmmakers and companies are faces with a setback when they realize some of those places are very costly or complicated to film at.

Getting permits can be a hassle, but with these three private locations and a video production company by your side, you can make your video in the hottest places in LA!  Here are 3 amazing locations for a corporate video shoot: