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Have you ever tried observing an audience in the middle of an intensely moving or entertaining film playing in a dark theater? Sitting in the front row, looking back at those faces filled with delight or fear or tension, truly basking in the safe haven of collective imagination we call the cinema. It’s a powerful and persuasive experience.

Filmmakers don’t make movies just for themselves, they make them for the masses. Why? Because the want to share a story with someone, hopefully millions of someones. Their project remains incomplete without a reciprocal relationship with the outside world, with strangers who can equally partake in their work by translating the moving images into speculative reality. One of guide to the great joys about putting your blood and sweat into creating something special is the ability to share it with a multitude of unsuspecting individuals who are floored by what they witness.

Is It Normal to Hire Professional Actors for a Corporate Video?

Many of us don’t realize the hard work that goes into acting until we’re facing a camera, trying to deliver memorized dialogue naturally or articulate our thoughts. So, of course, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise when companies hire professional actors to play a part in their corporate videos.

Your employees might be great at their job, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be great talking about it or performing an action comfortably on camera.

Sweaty palms, shaky voice, stuttering sentences, incoherent rambling—as a video vendor specializing in corporate and brand videos, we’ve seen it all.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about being filmed at work. In fact, a lot of these nerves come from self-conscious concerns about your appearance, body language, voice, and personality.

For many companies, hiring actors solve the problem of having to feature people confidently talking about the company on camera, and corporate videos production companies are pros at finding the right actors for industrial videos.

Employees vs Actors

One of the biggest misconceptions about corporate videos is that employees need to put an elaborate act.

They are supposed to be professional, articulate, and confident—not to mention, charming, funny and smart.

It’s all a little overwhelming, and frankly, a little absurd; considering most of your employees are many of those things already, and with the potential of being in a video, probably feeling enormous pressure to now prove it.

This can cause many employees a lot of stress and anxiety, which is unnecessary since there are hundreds of actors who can not only perform on camera, but who are trained to.

The more comfortable someone is on camera, the better your results. That’s why professional actors are a great choice for marketing videos.

What Does Hiring Professional Actors Mean?

Let’s talk about budget—because if you don’t have a big one, hiring professional actors might not be an option at all.

If you’re a small organization that’s releasing its very first corporate video, it may simply be practical to let your employees take the stage. Focus on authenticity to make their quirks endearing, and use a story-telling narrative to celebrate diversity and individuality.

In addition, your employees can refer to real-life work experiences to present your company in a positive light—something that professional actors might not be able to do authentically.

Sometimes, however, your employees might not be able to deliver on camera—and this can be detrimental to your entire video.

If you’ve got the budget to hire the pros, you can hand-pick the actors and rely on their skills and experience to deliver seamlessly on camera and knock it out of the ballpark.

Not only will this save you a lot of time during production, but guarantee that your video is nothing short of exceptional.

At the end of the day, much of it depends on the production company you’re working with, and how far they’re willing to go to make your employees feel comfortable on camera.

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Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

6 in 10

YouTube subscribers would follow advice on what to buy from their favorite creator over their favorite TV or movie personality.


51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Faster revenue growth for marketers who are using video marketing.


SOCIAL VIDEO generates more shares than text and images combined.


People spend approximately 3x more time watching a live video on Facebook Than other content. Video of a live event increases brand favorability by 63%.

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Corporate Video Interviews—What to Expect?

A lot of people seem to think that filming a corporate interview is about as intimidating as a job interview. You’re expected to dress well, be articulate, exude confidence, and demonstrate exceptional knowledge of your industry and role—all before the all-seeing eye of the camera.

Sure, it’s a bit nerve-wracking, especially if public speaking isn’t your cup of tea. It certainly doesn’t help people with public speaking nerves to have a whole video crew watching them begin sentences that can’t find their way to the end.

Unlike a conventional job interview, however, corporate video interviews having a whole team of people looking out for them and making sure they nail it.  We here at 336, are all standing behind the person sitting in the “hot seat,” making sure they look and sound great!

As our client’s production company, we provide all interviewees with comprehensive guidelines to ensure that the experience is comfortable, easy, and, yes, even fun!

The Fundamentals

If we had to compare a corporate interview to a job interview, it would probably be the kind where you know exactly what to expect, how to respond, and know that job’s already yours!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t do your part to look good.

As an experienced video production company in Orange County, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in business to produce award-winning corporate videos. Here are a few pointers we give all our clients before shooting a corporate interview:

What to Bring


We’ve all heard terrifying stories about the camera being your worst enemy—adding 5 pounds to your face and all that jazz.

As producers and directors, know that it is in our best interest to make sure you look your absolute best.

This is why we recommend that you bring the following essentials:

  • A change of clothes in case you had a clumsy moment (we’ve all been there)!
  • Your laptop, tablet, or book to entertain yourself during set-ups or delays.
  • A makeup kit and anti-shine wipes.
  • Your favorite coffee or tea drink (we’ll provide water, but it’s nice to have your favorite beverage on hand).

What to Wear

You can nail the tone and deliver the greatest lines—but if your outfit isn’t comfortable and doesn’t look good, you can bet your interview will be cringier than the rooftop scene from The Room.

One of the best ways to look great on cam is to be 100% comfortable, starting with wearing your best smile, then moving onto your most comfortable, flattering, stylish outfit. We recommend avoiding all-white outfits, uncomfortable shoes, and loud jewelry (for obvious reasons). We also ask clients to avoid clothing with logos for legal issues.

What to Say

You’ll receive a list of questions prior to the shoot, so you’ll have ample time to prepare your answers and maybe even rehearse your lines.

At the end of the day, however, it’s an interview; not a movie. Your lines aren’t set in stone, and you have complete liberty to speak from the heart. In fact, that’s one sure-fire way to remain confident and make a solid impression on cam!

It’s easy to forget that you’re speaking to your viewers when there’s really no one in the room besides the crew.

Make an effort to maintain consistent eye contact with the camera (or producer depending on where the director wants you to look), be engaging and interesting, and don’t be afraid to show you know your stuff!

If, at any point, you stutter or lose your train of thought, it won’t make it to the final cut—so take your time, relax and go with the flow!

Have a question or concern? Feel free to ask us—we’re here to help!

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Viral Video Lessons We Can Learn From YouTube Stars

YouTube may easily be the best place to kill time—but with young talent using it as a personal stage for creative innovation, it’s now the de facto runway for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Sure, you have your fair share of silly videos featuring cute kitty cats making your day, but behind the seemingly arbitrary antics lies a number that’s worth millions!

At first, it may seem like a random and short-lived explosion of Internet fame. But when the numbers come rolling back—double and triple the original figure—you’ll realize why YouTube stars make the perfect spokespeople for international brands.

Mastering the Art of Communication

There’s a reason why some of the most popular YouTube celebrities of 2017 are currently making millions.

Besides being super-relatable and sharing our quirky hobbies, they speak to us in a language that we speak and understand.

Whether their interest lies in makeup and beauty, slapstick comedy or video games, we subscribe to our favorite channels on a whim because:

  1. All videos are free.
  2. They’re wildly engaging.
  3. They come up with new and innovative ways to entertain us.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who’s struggling with his or marketing campaign, take a page out of a popular YouTuber’s book and get inspired!

Building Brand Recognition through Social Media

Think of some of the biggest Internet sensations of the past decade and try to identify what they all have in common (besides viral videos and a massive following).

It won’t be long before you realize that they’ve all managed to build a recognizable identity through videos.

Suppose your corporate marketing video could reach over 50 million people.

What good would it be if it didn’t showcase your product in a unique light?

The greatest ad campaigns are the ones that associate products with a distinct and authentic personality (not unlike a quirky YouTuber).

You can accomplish this by attempting any of the following:

  • Incorporating humor (likeStarburst does in most of its commercials, including the Tiny Jet promo)
  • Adding an empowering message (as Dovedid online with its Real Beauty Campaign  in 2013)
  • Creating a compelling story (with game-potential, similar to Chipotle’s Food With Integrity online campaign)

“Don’t Forget to Share and Subscribe!”

Great YouTube videos don’t always ask that you share and subscribe; but when they do, many viewers are likely to oblige.

This is the result of personalized video content that—despite featuring products that may or may not be sponsored—creates an element of trust and loyalty that is more powerful than any sales pitch.

We are an award-winning video production company in Orange County, California, specializing in corporate videos and online video marketing.

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3 Mistakes Made by Documentary Filmmakers

One of the best and most popular advice given by veteran directors to aspiring filmmakers is to “just go out there and start filming”!

Yes, we produce corporate videos, but as people passionate about video making, we like to encourage anyone interested in telling stories (whether through a film or documentary) to try it.

Now, with the rise of affordable video cameras and movies shot entirely on iPhones, you really have no excuse not to pursue your love for filmmaking.

As a documentary filmmaker, particularly, your voice is your most important asset. This is why it’s incredibly important to make sure what you’re saying matters.

Success doesn’t necessarily come in the face of a big-budget production or a star-studded cast. In fact, some of the most accomplished directors will tell you that some of their favorite works are smaller or quieter films.

At the same time, try to avoid some common mistakes by doing research and reading blogs like this one!

So save yourself time and resources by avoiding these red flags:

1. Resisting Collaboration

Documentaries are an excellent example of a filmmaker’s love for people. Whether the subject deals with social issues or the environment, politics or entertainment, it touches upon our relationship with each other and the larger eco system of which we are a central part.

Being closed off to collaboration indicates your lack of trust in people, which is pretty much contrary to the spirit of making a documentary in the first place.

Want to make a great documentary? Collaborate with the best people.

2. Giving a “College Lecture”

So, your documentary makes some important political and cultural discoveries?


Make sure you’re delivering those findings in a compelling manner, instead of turning it into a boring history lesson that ends with a preachy black-and-white conclusion.

You slept your way through those boring documentaries in college. Now’s your chance to break tradition and deliver something that does the opposite of putting a classroom to sleep.

3. No Personalization

Yes, documentaries aren’t full-length, narrative style films—but they ARE presented by a director with a specific vision in mind. This means that some level of subjectivity will always be involved. The best way you can do justice to your vision is to personalize your video by telling people who that voice belongs to.

Transparency, sincerity, and credibility, together, form the cornerstone of a truly powerful documentary.

We are a video production company based in Orange County, CA, creating brand documentaries and corporate videos for high profile names in business.

We’re always looking forward to new challenges and experiences, and love sharing advice with aspiring filmmakers. Check out the services we offer, and get in touch today!

336 Productions Wins 2017 Telly Award

We are pleased to announce that 336 Productions has won their 9th Telly Award.  That’s 9 Tellys in 9 years of business. The award was in the category of Commercials / Marketing and the subcategory of Use of Humor.

The video series featured Fujitsu’s most advanced and newest products, including intelligent vaults, biometric technology, RFID tags, cash recyclers, and self-checkouts.  

The Beginner’s Guide to Aspect Ratios—And Which One’s Best for Your Brand’s Videos?

Ever wonder why your TV is shaped the way it is, or why YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion have different formats for different videos?

While most people aren’t aware of—or don’t think about—aspect ratios, they plays a major role in video production, helping to shape your commercial’s success. Literally. The aspect ratio is one of the building blocks in cinematography. Simply put, an aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height of an image, and in our business, a screen.

Launching a New Website or Brand? Add Video to the Launch!

Think of the advertisement posters your see in malls. Out of 20 posters, how many would you really remember?  It would be difficult.  With video advertisements, it’s easier.  Why?   Studies show videos are more easily remembered because they appeal to more senses – music, catchy dialogue, real-life people and products.