The Secret To Creating Product Videos That Sell

Whether you’re marketing a new product or a new service, a product video is one of the cornerstones of a marketing strategy. A fantastic product video will do both, inform and entertain your viewers. It will grab their attention at the start and leave them reaching out for their wallet at the end.

Product videos are so important that 72% of customers would rather watch a product video than read product descriptions to get to know the product. Plus, 64–85% of people are more likely to make a purchase after having watched a product video. So it’s a given that you should be creating good product videos for your brand.

How, you ask? Let’s find out.

Show The Bigger Picture

Simply creating a product video showcasing your product is not enough. While, yes, the goal of a product video is ultimately to highlight the product; you must also think of how it fits in the viewers’ lives. Create a product video that highlights your product in the context of the customer’s life. Is it inspiring the viewer? Is it helping them do something better? Show how it fits into the bigger picture.

Show And Tell

You’re back in first grade and it’s Show and Tell Day. While a product video with a fancy concept and artistic editing may be aesthetically appealing, at the end of the video, your customers should be able to tell what you’re selling. Simply show off your product and discuss how it fits in the customer’s life.

Have Someone Tell Your Story

A product video shouldn’t just list off the technical specs and features of a product; it should do more than that. Customers want to know what kind of people use the product and how they use it. Have a person feature in the product video to bring a personal element into it.

Engage Your Target Audience

You know how during a tour, bands shout out the name of the city they’re playing at to hype up the audience? You can do something similar in your product videos. If you’re catering to a specific demographic or target audience, customize your product video to make it more relevant.

Include a CTA

At the end of the product video, you must include a call to action to direct the customers toward what they should be doing next. If a viewer has made it all the way to the end of your 2-minute hairdryer demonstration, they’re probably pretty interested in buying it. So try including a link or an email so that your customers can easily order it.

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The Top Video Hosting Platforms For Video Marketing

Videos have been dominating the online world for years now; in fact, video marketing has become a necessary tool in any business’s marketing arsenal. With 87% of online marketers creating video content, and 51% of those marketers attributing videos with the best ROI, video content is indispensable.

While planning your own video marketing strategy, the first thing you’ll have to think about is finding a video hosting site. Once you’re done creating, editing, and producing your video, you’re going to need a place to upload it.

Modern video hosting sites are more than just a place for your video to be uploaded on. Many sites even offer you options for customization and other features to ensure your video runs smoothly across all devices.

Here are some of the internet’s top video hosting platforms.


YouTube is, undoubtedly, the biggest video giant out there. It’s also owned by one of the biggest search engines in the world, which makes it even better when it comes to hosting marketing videos.

You can upload videos for free and you’ll have access to basic editing and other features. But you’ll also have ads displayed either before or during your video. YouTube is an excellent platform if you want to reach out to a bigger audience.


Facebook has emerged as another sizeable video hosting platform. The social platform allows you to upload videos and host them natively on the site. A big benefit of hosting videos on Facebook is that marketers can upload up to 240 minutes of videos online. Marketers can also use Facebook ads to get their videos out to their target audience.


Vimeo is another popular video hosting site. A major benefit of Vimeo is that it’s automatically ad-free and multi-device compatible. There’s also no limit on duration or file size. Plus, they have many attractive monthly plans for users to choose from. While Vimeo’s viewing community isn’t as big as YouTube’s, it has more niche communities that are interested in watching professional content.


Dailymotion too offers paid and free user accounts, as well as partner programs for greater exposure and ad revenue. While YouTube has a more in-your-face ad model, Dailymotion ads just subtly play at the end of the video. Files of up to 60 minutes can be uploaded on the site, but there are limited analytics available.

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How To Create a YouTube Video That Gets Views

You have the perfect title down, you’ve added all the right tags and descriptions, you’ve been promoting it like crazy, your video is certifiably hilarious, yet the number of views wouldn’t dare inch past ten. It can be pretty crushing to pour all your heart and soul into creating a great YouTube video and not having it get the views it deserves.

No doubt, YouTube is a great place to market your business. With over 1 billion hours of videos watched on YouTube daily, those are great numbers to be ignored. But surprisingly, only 9% of small US businesses use YouTube for marketing. Fortunately, this gives you all the more chances to stand out.

Read on to for some tips and tricks to get some well-deserved views.

Insert Annotations Throughout Videos

YouTube video annotations are those occasional “Thumbs Up” or “Subscribe” text bubbles that pop up during a video. These annotations are a great way of increasing your YouTube video’s views even more. You can also hyperlink the annotations to take viewers to another video or to your channel to encourage more views.

Create Playlists

Many YouTube marketers don’t realize the potential of playlists. A playlist is a group or series of videos that play in order, one after another. For example, if you have a product, you can upload several videos related to that product and put them in a unified playlist. So when viewers search for one video, they can have access to the whole playlist. Since playlist videos play automatically one after the other, your views can increase across your channel.

Get More Subscribers

Subscribers are the best way to get more views on each new video. After all, people who’ve subscribed to your channel are actually interested in listening to what you have to say. They’ll be automatically notified whenever you upload new content. The more subscribers you have, the more views you’ll get.

Create Topical Content

People are interested in watching what’s trending or what’s relevant today. Make sure you’re creating content for what’s trending right now. It could be a video about a viral meme, or a parody review of some popular movie that’s just come, or it could be anything related to the current news, etc. This will mean your video will wind up on the sidebar or recommended video lists of popular related videos.

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Why Video Marketing is Essential For The Retail Industry

Video marketing has gone from a ‘nice to have option’ to a ‘must-have necessity.’ Retailers, especially, benefit tenfold from the bevy of benefits video marketing has to offer. It opens a channel of effective communication and interaction between the customer and the brand. Helping consumers understand products better, video is proving to be an essential for retailers.

87% of online retailers are incorporating video into their marketing strategy and a retail business is 53 times more likely to show up in the top Google results if it uses video. With more amazing stats to back up the power of video marketing, check out the top reasons why video is vital for retail.

A Multichannel Form Of Marketing

While video was traditionally only limited to TV, it has now effectively crossed over to online channels as well. Social media makes up for a big part of the retail audience, with 82% of Facebook and Twitter users watching retail videos on the platform. Adding video to your retail email can also increase the click-through rate by 200-300%.

Video Lends Your Business Authority

Retailers can establish leadership and authority in the business by using video marketing as a medium to share their brand message. Video can easily help break down complex ideas into easy-to-understand concepts. It can help retailers gain trust and credence with their viewership. Also, 49% of customers respond adversely to direct online ads. So video marketing is a great way of showing your customers that you’re a trusted brand leader.  

Video Helps Build Emotional Connections

When it comes to buying decisions, customers often rely on their emotions rather than logic. Videos are a great way of forging emotional connections with your customers. Video can help engage customers more than static ads. It can also evoke empathetic reactions from customers and connect on a deeper level with the retailer’s target audience.

Easily Shareable

Video can be easily shared across platforms. If a customer likes your video, they’re likely to share it across Facebook, Twitter, etc, thus giving your brand more online visibility. The more your videos are shared, the more people get to know about you.

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Video Benchmarks That Have Upped the Game

It’s no secret that video is big; customers are connecting to marketing videos and as a result, to brands, like never before. Videos are inherently more information-rich and engaging than articles or PDFs could ever be. Plus, they’re way easier to analyze and that’s a big plus when it comes to determining what works and what doesn’t.

With videos, marketers can see which parts the viewers have watched, re-watched, skipped, and analyzing these gives marketers valuable insight into consumer behavior. In fact, data yielded from video marketing in the past year has made for some really insightful benchmarks.

 Read on to find out how these insights are reshaping the video marketing scene.

Video Publishing Saw An 83% Increase

Businesses are publishing an average of 33 videos per month. That’s a staggering 83% increase from 2017, during which only 18 videos were published every month. This owes to the high ROI videos can bring for business. If this rate keeps up, businesses will have double the size of videos in their marketing arsenal over the next few years.

Video Is Being Used On Unconventional Channels As Well

Many businesses today are using videos on unconventional channels that hadn’t been used in the past. For instance, businesses are embedding videos on their website’s landing pages. This strategy saw an increase from 49% in 2017 to 60% in 2018. Since video production tools have become more available, videos are being used in more places than they used to be.

75% of Videos Run Less Than 2 Minutes

This may not be that surprising since our social media feeds are full of short, snappy videos. Consumers love videos that are to the point and deliver more useful information in less time. Almost 75% of video content online is under two minutes long. This is a considerable jump from the year before, in which only 56% of videos were short-form.

89% of Marketing Videos Are Watched From Desktops

While making videos mobile-friendly is a must for all marketers, a large chunk of business videos—89% to be precise—are still viewed from desktops while a measly 11% were watched from smartphones and mobile devices.

Big or Small, Everyone’s Using Video

Videos are no longer the territory of big brands; smaller businesses are making just as effective use of video content, if not more. Since a lot of start-ups usually tend to produce their content on their own and have less lengthy production cycles, more and more small businesses are using video content to stand out.

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Important Video Metrics You Should be Measuring

It’s become pretty clear over the years that when it comes to effective customer engagement, video is the way to go. If you’re already incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, good job! If you haven’t, now’s a good time to start. Videos are more popular and widespread than ever before and businesses are effectively leveraging the benefits of video marketing.

But while you may be using video in some way or another, it’s not enough to just put videos out there. You need to be measuring the success of your video as well. By looking at your video metrics, you’ll have an idea of what’s sticking with your target audience and what’s a miss.

Here are the important video metrics you should be measuring.

View Count

This is the simple yet most effective metric of all. It tells you the amount of times your video has been watched. The views indicate the reach of your video. The higher your view count, the more people are watching your video and getting your brand message. So you should look into tracking your views and getting them to increase.

Play Rate 

Play rate is the percentage of the viewers who actually clicked your video and watched it. This is a valuable metric for measuring how enticing your video is to the viewers. The more vibrant and eye-catching your video will be, the more viewers will be tempted to click play.


Engagement is one of the best ways of measuring the quality of your video. Engagement rate shows how much of the videos the viewers watched. Whether they watched all the way through, re-watched it, stopped midway and clicked off, engagement tells you all. This is especially helpful in learning about what parts of the video are effective at engaging customers and which parts you should look into improving.

Social Shares

This will be a familiar metric. Social sharing depicts the number of times viewers have shared your video across social platforms. Social sharing leads to more views for your videos and it also means you video is appealing enough to the audience for them to share it. This also brings your brand greater awareness.

Click-Through Rate

Another important metric to measure is the CTR percentage of your video. If viewers are clicking on whatever CTA you’ve put at the end of the video, this means your video has been successful enough to drive the viewers to take action.

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Creating The Perfect Lead Generating Video

Video content has become one of the most popular mediums for promotion and for increasing brand awareness.


A successful video turns qualified leads into prospects by convincing them to take the next step with your company, product, or service.

An effective video should boost your ROI by turning viewers into leads.

Determine Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is crucial to making an effective sales-generating video.

Trying to sell your product to a customer base that has no interest in it is equal to not doing anything at all.

Narrow down your demographic and focus your energy on them.

A Compelling Video Format 

Once you have your target audience in mind, you have to create a video that is compelling and captivating enough to keep their attention.

Start your video with an engaging introduction that reels the viewer in.

Make sure the video is clearly outlining what the problem is and how it can be solved through your product/service.

Ensure that it’s not too “salesy” and offer the viewer additional content value.

Be very specific about what solutions you are offering. 

Make sure to end the video with a bang by including an effective CTA (call to action).

Select a platform that will be suitable for your target audience.

Include A Lead Generation Form 

Consider adding a lead generation form to the webpage where your video is hosted.

01.Use the video’s CTA to offer a free PDF or a discount in exchange for the lead’s information.

02.A lead generation form or a capture page is where you get the viewer to hand in their contact information.

03.Both the form and the video should be engaging enough to get the customer to trust you and exchange information.


What Social Selling Is And Why It’s Here To Stay

Social media has become so much more than a simple way of catching up with your old high school buddies. In today’s age, social media is a great tool for “social selling.” From customers to clients, investors, and even employees; all are within the reach of your fingertips. How you engage with them and build relationships is where you can make use of social selling.

It’s estimated that by 2019, there will be around 2.77 billion social media users in the world. That means if you play your cards right, you can effectively use social media as a way of expanding your reach and developing long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Curious about driving sales with the help of social selling? Grab a pen and paper as we guide you along!

What’s Your Vision?

Before you start off, think about the goal you’re hoping to achieve with social selling in the next few months. By figuring out what the end game is, you’ll be more likely to cut through the clutter and focus on what’s important.

Build Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a representation of what your ideal target audience is like. You can build buyer personas with a combination of real-time data from your existing clientele and market research. Think about what your business’ ideal customer looks like, what their buying habits are, and their goals in making certain purchase decisions.

Optimize Your Social Channels

Optimizing your social media accounts will ensure that you’re seen by your target audience. Make sure you’ve included the relevant keywords in your social media profile titles and descriptions. Evaluate the best time for posting content is on certain social media channels.

Curate Relevant Content

To make sure your social media feeds have value, post relevant content for your customers. The more relevant content you post, the more likely it’ll be for potential customers to take interest in what you offer, and ultimately do business with you.

Nurture Relationships

Strengthening your relationship with the customers is one of the best gateways to boost your business. It not only helps you sell, but it helps you gain credibility as well. People want to engage in business with those they can trust.

Take Your Dealings Offline

While keeping things online is great for attracting new customers and engaging with your target audience, make sure you’re also taking things offline and on the field instead. Talking to customers over the phone or in person is also necessary to retain and garner their trust, so don’t chalk that off completely.

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How Video Can Help Pump Up Your Pipeline

Videos have become an integral part of the sales process. Your customers receive dozens of business emails every day. This makes it harder for you to stand out from the clutter and make yourself prominent in your prospect’s inbox. Sales videos are great ways of doing just that.

Using videos in your sales pipeline can help you boost response rates, engage more customers, speed up the sales cycle, and convert more leads.  All in all, video can be a great tool for your sales process.

Let’s look at how video can make every stage of your sales pipeline an effective one.

Using Video For Initial Outreach

Incorporating video into your sales pipeline from the start is a great way of kickstarting your sales strategy. Just using the word ‘video’ in your prospect emails can boost the click-through rates by 7-13%! What’s more, embedding a video in the email can increase conversion rates by 21%. This makes video a great tool for the introductory stage of your sales pipeline.

Using Video For Lead-Nurturing Communications

A generic email or a stock brochure is not going to cut it when it comes to impressing prospective clients. You need to develop customized communications strategies to reach through to them. Videos can help you create personalized presentations and demonstrations for every step of the lead-nurturing stage. Videos help you put across a more relevant, engaging, and targeted message to your prospects. In fact, customers are 85% more likely to buy something after they have seen an explainer video first.

Video Adds A Personal Touch To Your Follow-Up Sales Call

Enable your sales reps to stand out with the help of video. Your sales team is most likely sending follow-up message post a sales call. These messages remind the prospect of the main points discussed during the call and any additional information. You can make your message even more engaging and personal by converting your follow-up sales call in to a follow-up video recapping the call’s content.

Improve Lead-Scoring Through Video

Another way you can use video to enhance your sales pipeline is by leveraging preexisting videos. You can use past videos to mine valuable customer habits and prospect data to further help improve your sales cycle. You can use video analytics to see:

  • Which videos prospects viewed the most
  • The times and dates of when the videos were watched
  • The number of times the videos were watched
  • The amount of time prospects spent watching the video
  • At what point the prospects stopped watching the video
  • And more.

All this can help your sales team determine the level of interest existing or future prospects may show. Analyzing video statistics can help you streamline your sales pipeline to improve your future efforts.

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