Bingo With Lingo: Why Video Marketing Is The New Business Language

One of the best things about the era we live in is that you don’t need a 6 figure budget to get your brand’s message across.

Dynamic big-budget movies like Jurassic Park, The Avengers, and Deadpool may be all the rage when it comes to Blockbuster season, and may make their studios millions of dollars, but corporate videos can also make their brands money.

Breaking Down The Usages Of Voiceovers

Voice-over is a piece of narration in a video, not accompanied by an image of the speaker.  Think of the voice in a car commercial that you hear, but you don’t see.

Voice-overs can make or break a video. A good voice-over can make a good video great, and a bad voice-over can ruin what could have been a great video. 

Drivin’ Up The Sales: The Best Car Commercials

Car commercials are one of the popular types of commercials on TV.  Car makers invest millions into their video campaigns.  Even local dealerships invest thousands into their videos.  The numbers show consumers are influenced by the car commercials they see.  The automotive industry hires the best ad agencies to come up with concept that up the bar and gain the attention of viewers.

Whiteboard Animation 101 – Everything You Need To Know

The importance of video market is well-known at this point; we all know that it is absolutely vital for the growth of any business. It is no a longer a bullet point at the bottom of your marketing to-do list; it is at the forefront of every advertising strategy. So the importance of incorporating video in your strategy is clear; but what style you should opt for may still remain a question.

If you’re looking to diversify your video marketing approach, whiteboard animations are a very powerful video tool to have in your arsenal.

Scripting Secrets – Writing Powerful Scripts For Your Marketing Video

One of the most famous auteurs in modern filmmaking, Alfred Hitchcock, said it best, “To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.” He couldn’t be more on point.

Even with marketing videos, the script is the backbone of your video; it’s what your entire video is based upon. Without a stellar script, no matter how visually arresting your video is, it won’t make much of an impact. A successful video demands an excellent script. Make sure you’re putting in a lot of effort to make it as awesome as possible.

Creating A Crowdfunding Video People Actually Want To Watch

Crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways of generating funding to help get startup projects off the ground. Many popular crowdfunding sites, such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo have helped budding entrepreneurs generate enough revenue to pursue their dream venture.

In fact, Kickstarter has funded around 151,286 startups with $3.2 billion raised in revenue! According to surveys, a Kickstarter campaign is 85% more likely to receive funding if it features a promotional video.

So how can you successfully appeal to potential investors through video content? Here are a few tips.

Creating Effective Facebook Video Ads— Things To Keep In Mind

While its CEO may be defending his brainchild in front of the U.S. Senate right now, and its public persona may not be looking too good; make no mistake, Facebook is still the king of the social media hierarchy.

With a staggering 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook still reigns supreme and continues to grow each day. Of the hundreds of features it offers, the one that has recently come into the limelight is Facebook’s advertising platform. It has progressed to become a powerful advertising tool for digital marketers everywhere.

Successful Video Advertising Campaigns (And Why They Worked)

It goes without saying that no brand is the same— each one is different in its own unique way (at least it should be).

As cliché as it sounds, it’s true.  The biggest brands spend millions each year making sure their brand is strong and unique. Another thing every major brand has common is that it invests in representing its brand through video, whether that’s a 30 second TV commercial spot or a promotional internet video campaign.