A Stunner Or A Snore? Make Your Sales Video Stand Out

Devising a video strategy to market your service/product is a no-brainer. Video is all the rage these days and no wonder; it’s a convenient, easy, and effective way of communicating your company’s values and core message. But chances are you probably don’t have a top-notch in-house video expert to help you create the right video, or you don’t have spare time on your hands to go through the hassle of learning how to use video editing software.

The good news is there’s a variety of resources and experts available to help you make a stellar sales video. You just need to make sure your video is brilliant enough to drive sales. This post will help you do just that.

A Sales Video Is Not All About Selling

One would think that the only point of a sales video is to sell what you’re offering but that’s not so. Imagine a persistent salesperson at a supermarket trying to get you to buy a product you’re not interested in. You don’t want to be the digital version of that. Your videos should avoid being too sales-y or gimmicky. A soft sell approach is what you should aim for.

No Harm In Being A Little Playful

All serious talk and no play make your sales video a dull one. Think about it, after a grueling day at work, what would you rather watch, a fun comedy or a documentary about auto parts? We’ll take a guess and say you’d rather watch something fun. That’s what your customers want too. While it’s okay to keep things professional in coherence with your brand image, it doesn’t hurt to change things around once in a while. If your sales video is making viewers laugh or smile, they’re more likely to share it.

Be Authentic

The purpose of putting a sales video out there is to 1) sell your product, and 2) establish yourself as an authority. The more trustworthy and authentic your information and your video are, the more the audience is going to be engaged. Make your brand voice crystal clear and relatable.

Ask Questions (And Answer Them)

The best way to get your viewer hooked right off the bat and to keep them engaged throughout the duration of the video is by asking relevant questions and providing solutions to them. Make the video all about the customer, what their problems are and how your services or products can be a good solution. Let them know you have their best interests at heart.

Be Helpful, Even To Non-Customers

Your sales video shouldn’t be all about selling your product or service. Make sure it’s informational enough to be useful even for non-buyers. Be genuinely helpful and provide valuable information that helps them fix their problem.

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4 Easy Steps To Video Marketing Success

We’re betting that most of your time online is spent watching videos—they’re everywhere! So it’s no surprise that video is the preferred content for B2B buyers, with webinars and short videos ranking among the top 5 preferred content forms. Think of videos as the charming pick-up line to your slick website.

While many marketers know that videos are high in demand, not every B2B marketer is using them effectively. When asked, a lot of marketers confess to being intimidated by the process of video production. They struggle to make engaging video content or are unsure of how to creatively use their existing videos, or how to measure their video campaign’s success.

We have created a four-step guide to help you through the process.

Step One: Resurface Hidden Video Content

It’s time to dust off the cobwebs from your old video content and have it see the light of day again. A lot of marketers have more video content then they think. By being a little resourceful, you can repurpose videos for creating more video content. A few videos you can repurpose are:

  • Webinars: Repurposing old webinars is an easy way of increasing customer engagement and driving demand. You can repurpose them as blog posts or use them to nurture leads in sales campaigns.
  • Event videos: Use big marketing events as an opportunity to create great videos. You can also set up video interviews with attendees beforehand. These videos can be later repurposed for future campaigns.
  • Embed videos into content campaigns: You can record product videos and breathe new life into old content campaigns by embedding these videos on the post.

Step Two: Humanize Your Content Through Personalization

Personalized videos are trending at the top in the sales and marketing world. An effectively executed personal video can reach the right individual at the right time with the right message.

Personalized videos can help you cut through unnecessary marketing clutter and engage in direct interaction with the customer. With personalization, you can drive engagement and build one-on-one relationships.

Step Three: Use Videos Across Your Sales Cycle

Using the right kind of video throughout the purchase-sales cycle can effectively engage customers at each stage of the process. Throughout the sales cycle, your buyers’ needs and interests are going to change and you should have a video ready for each stage.

  • Engage with video blogs in the presale process.
  • Explore with client testimonials, interviews, product videos, presentations during the sales process.
  • Encourage customers to buy with demos, 360-degree product videos, and personalized videos during the purchase decision.
  • Enable them with how-to videos, in-depth tutorials, user-generated content and DIY videos in the post-sale process.

Step Four: Keep A Tab On Your Metrics

So you have fine-tuned your videos, used them accordingly, and have sent the right message to your audience; now’s the time to measure your success ratio. You’re not marketing successfully if you’re not measuring. So make sure to keep an eye out for your metrics and how your video is doing with the customers.

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4 Explainer Video Styles You Should Try Out For Your Business

Explainer videos are undoubtedly powerful tools that every business should have in their marketing arsenal. Adding an explainer video to your marketing mix can be an instant way to boost your online visibility and increase sales. In short, it’s an investment worth making.

Since the explainer video you put out is basically an extension of your business image, choosing the right style for your brand is a must! Not all explainer videos work the same; choose the right style for your business based on what you’re hoping to achieve through the video.

Take a look at the following explainer video styles to identify which one aligns with your marketing goals.

1. Character Animation

Animations are not just for kids anymore; adults enjoy watching them too! Character animation explainer videos are a fun and effective way of engaging with your customers. Combining the fun visual element of animation with the emotional appeal of storytelling, animation explainers are not only entertaining; they can also help you forge an emotional connection with your audience.

Character animation explainer videos have a few main advantages:

  • With a limited time span, they help you form empathy quickly.
  • Animated characters in videos can evoke emotions that showcase your business’s core values and brand message in a humanized and straightforward manner.

2. Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animation videos are not only very simple, they’re actually pretty powerful. Black text against a whiteboard presents a stark contrast that grabs attention right away. It’s easy to understand, it’s highly informative, and it works perfectly for when you need to showcase a product that has a number of features or details.

A study conducted by Dr. Richard Weisman showed that viewers retain information 20% more when presented on a whiteboard, as compared to watching a simple video of a person explaining the same thing.  

3. Motion Graphics

Sometimes, the simplest of things can get the job done most effectively. If you have a complex business idea that you want to simplify for your audience, motion graphics explainer videos are there for the job. This style is a highly engaging one from bringing both motion and emotion to the subject of the video. Since it’s quite easy on the eye and can creatively catch your customers’ attention, it has a high result rate. You can even combine it with character animation for double the effect.

4. Live Action

Even though character animations and motion graphics are effective and entertaining, it may not work for some marketing goals. If your business likes to do it the old-fashioned way, there’s always the good old live action video. What’s better for developing credibility and creating empathy than with a video featuring a real person? This style can work even better if the person in the video is relatable and is dealing with the same problems as the audience.

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The Evolution Of Advertising: How Commercials Have Changed In The Last Decade

Advertising and commercials have come a long way since the first ad was published all the way back in 1704. Since then, marketing and advertising have seen some major milestones. Constantly adapting to new mediums and an increasingly tech-savvy audience, the world of advertising has gone through many changes in the past years.

One thing that had a big impact on advertising than anything else is the introduction of the World Wide Web. The internet has singlehandedly revolutionized the way audiences viewed and perceived ads. Advertisement changed from fuzzy old infomercials to clear-cut, well-executed commercials.

Traditional Advertising – Then

The first TV ad aired on screens across America in 1941. Brands built characters around their products in order to create a connection between the brand and the viewers. Famous faces were brought on board to sell products ranging from cigarettes to washing machines. Think back to the famous Marlboro Man ad campaigns or Frosted Flakes ads featuring Tony the Tiger.

In traditional advertising, the purpose of the ads was one dimensional: to sell the product. Yes, there were characters and storylines that were central to the ads, but the brand product remained at the forefront of the ads.

Ads Now: A Different Motive

Advertisements today do more than just sell a product or a service. The recent shift in the advertising world has seen the commercials move away from the sell-only mentality. The ads of today are more geared toward building brand awareness as well as community building.

The Product/Service Is Not the Sole Centerpiece

Today’s ads don’t just focus on what their product is; they focus on the problems of their consumers. Their products just happen to be the solution to the viewers’ problems. In the online world, brands have to work doubly hard to gain the trust of the increasingly-wary audience, and a soft-sell approach is just the way to do that.

Consumers Have Become More Active Than Passive

One recent introduction to the world of advertisements: the ad-blocker option. Audiences no longer have to sit through commercials they don’t want to watch or be bombarded with irrelevant ads as the browse online. They can now actively choose to block those ads. This is not to be taken lightly; the ad-blocking trend has cost marketers $22 billion in revenue.

Consumers Trust Commercials Less

The leading demographic of today’s age is the millennial generation and they happen to be increasingly skeptical of commercials and ads. They’re particularly picky about what they want to watch and listen to. Brands need to start building a loyal consumer base through authentic ideas so that consumers would want to buy the product. Now it’s about delivering solutions and building connections rather than using the “Sell, sell, sell!” approach.

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“The Death of TV” – Why Viewers Are Moving Online

Today, television has broken free of its physical confines and has come to mean something else entirely. TV is no longer limited to the physical device it was originally named after. TV content is now accessible to us through a variety of different devices, mediums, services, and platforms.

Some have called it the “death of TV,” but while viewers have increasingly stopped watching content on TV sets, their interest in watching content isn’t going anywhere. According to a Nielsen report, the average American adult now spends nearly half a day interacting with content online.  

So what new opportunities do these growing trends present?

Address The Ever-Shortening Attention Spans

Thanks to our multi-tasking habits, it’s no secret that the average human attention span has dropped down to 8 seconds. Americans are now just as likely to watch shorter video clips on their smartphones as streaming movies or TV shows online. Short bursts of entertainment are what the viewers are enjoying. This creates a golden opportunity for content creators and advertisers.

Real-Time Live Programming

While viewers shift to the more flexible online streaming, live programming still hasn’t lost its appeal. Two in three Americans watched video content that was recorded live, in real-time. Live content such as competitions, sports, musical specials, etc. still attract large viewership, which is good news for advertisers and TV programmers alike.

Consumer attention can be captured through embracing new technological advancements such as virtual reality or through enhancing the viewers’ social media experience during those real-time viewing events.

Adapting To Changing Viewing Behaviors

When it comes to content consumptions, delayed viewing is the new normal. Viewers prefer not to watch episodes of a show when it’s first aired. Instead, they prefer to watch it according to their own schedule. Many also prefer to binge watch content all in one go instead of having to wait for episodes every week, as most traditional TV channels usually offer. This has, of course, given rise to online streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu.

As the landscape of television viewing constantly shifts and changes and both the viewers and producers enter into uncharted territory, content developers and brands should act accordingly. In order to capitalize on the ever-changing consumer preferences, content developers must understand the viewers’ desires for ‘snackable’ content that further enhances their viewing experience.

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Why 360º Videos Are All The Rage These Days

Have you ever watched a really great movie or a video and wished you could somehow magically transport yourself to the thrilling concert or the sensational sunset shown on-screen? Well, with 360 degree videos, you can do that, kind of.

360 degree videos put you in the director’s chair where you can have a unique cinematic experience. You can look in any direction your heart desires. While conventional, fixed-frame videos only show you one perspective of the story, with a 360 degree video, you can have a panoramic view on a complete 360 degree angle. This allows you to see not only what’s happening in one frame, but multiple ones.

The Popularity Of 360 Degree Videos

Also termed as immersive or spherical videos, 360 degree videos have gained immense traction in recent years and have gone on to become more than just a unique digital novelty. With everyone from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Nicola Mendelsohn hopping aboard the 360 degree video train, 360 degree videos have started trending. Even the hit Netflix show Stranger Things aired an unconventional VR 360 degree view trailer.

It is human nature to want to experience something to the fullest and for that experience to be truly unique. This is one of the reasons why this format of video has gained such acclaim and exposure among the online community. It provides a first-person experience of viewing what’s happening on screen and customers love that.

Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate the edgy video format in your video marketing campaign.

It Breaks Through The Noise

Novelty and uniqueness is what captures the attention and this holds true for video as well. 360 degree videos are a new video format that manages to break through all the clutter and garner attention. Video marketers are tapping into the potential of the ‘newness’ of immersive videos to shine through all the marketing noise. It’s a pretty innovative way of making your video stand out from the rest.

Higher Engagement And Conversion Rate

Another great thing about 360 degree videos is that because of its unique nature, it leads to better viewer engagement and ultimately more lead conversions. A study done by Google on 360 degree video ads showed that 360 ads acquired a higher click-through rate than regular video ads.

It Creates A Unique ‘In The Moment’ Experience

360 degree videos can help capture the very atmosphere of an event; it can help viewers live in the moment. 360 degree videos are great for recording live events, behind the scenes, conferences, and the like. It works great for enhancing the appeal of an event.

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Video Marketing Ideas: Creating Videos For Every Step Of The Sales Funnel

In the marketing world, video is all anyone can talk about. It’s taken the entire content marketing world by storm! Sending your customer a nice email or writing a couple of blogs is just not enough. If you want to get on your customer’s radar, you need to connect with them through something greater: think video.

All set to account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2020, and driving conversions by 80%, videos have become a force to be reckoned with. It is clear that video marketing offers greater opportunities for any business and can help you get to the top of the market.

But before we get to how you can create video content for every step of the sales funnel, first let’s take a refresher on what a sales funnel includes.

The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is basically a model representing the buyer’s journey. From the moment they take interest in your brand to when they buy (or not buy) from you, is all included in the sales funnel. A basic sales funnel has three main stages; it helps to imagine it exactly as a funnel, wider from the top and gradually narrowing down from the bottom.

Figure 1: What a basic sales funnel looks like

The First Stage

The first stage of a sales funnel is all about creating awareness. In this stage, a prospective lead has a problem of which they’re searching a solution for. They come across your business through some kind of advertising. They do a quick scan of your website to get to know more about you, but they’re still researching other options as well. They’re also not ready to make a purchase decision yet.

At the top of the funnel, the potential customer is just getting to know you, so you need to make a good first impression. The videos you make for this stage should be about building a connection with the visitors, and hold on the more technical things for later.  

Make yourself more memorable by creating videos such as:

  • Entertaining ads
  • Simple and basic explainer videos
  • Videos introducing your brand’s values and mission
  • Basic product demo videos

The Second Stage

The second stage is when the leads are starting to show an interest in you. Perhaps they’ve asked your sales rep some questions, filled in a form, signed up for emails, or visited your website a few times. Your purpose then, at this stage, should be to nurture the leads. You need to provide them information and show them how you’re the best choice. But these leads are still not ready to make a purchase, so you need to nurture them without completely overwhelming them.

The videos you make at this stage should be about more than just providing information – you also have to build trust. So the following videos will work:

  • In-depth explainer videos
  • An informative webinar
  • “About Us” videos or “Meet the Team” culture videos
  • Testimonials
  • Live videos

The Third Stage

The third and the final stage of the funnel is all about decision-making. The prospect has carried out extensive research about your brand and they’re all ready to make a final purchase decision. At this point, you need to convince them to choose you instead of a competitor.

The videos at this stage should make your sales prospects feel special. You should work on making a strong connection with them through videos such as:

  • Personalized videos
  • FAQ or How-To videos

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Why Creating A Buyer Persona Is Essential To Your Video Strategy

Many a marketing campaigns are launched targeting faceless, nameless consumers without any meaningful context. Launching a video marketing campaign without having a clear idea of who your target audience is just about the worst possible thing you can do for your marketing strategy. This is a lose-lose situation in which both the brand and the user aren’t benefiting from the marketing strategy.

Which one’s better: knowing that your customer is a 34-year-old office employee named Meg who has two kids under the age of six, drives a Prius, and shops mostly from Target; or, a ‘thirty-something working female’? The former is clearer and targeted which means it will be more effective, whereas the latter is vague and mostly unhelpful.

So, having a buyer persona in place will mean you’re better off.

What’s A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a basically a customer profile based on research. It describes what your ideal target customer is like. It also describes what their daily lives are like, what their problems are, what challenges they face, how they make decisions, and what kind of solutions they are looking for.

You can have both single and multiple buyer personas for your business. Your products/services can be addressing different target markets at once. But you’ll, of course, need different strategies to address those target audiences.

Why Are Buyer Personas So Important?

Buyer personas make sure that your video marketing strategy doesn’t go to waste. You’ve put in so much effort in your campaign; you will obviously want to see results. And buyer personas can help you do that. It ensures that all your video marketing activities are focused towards and tailored for a targeted demographic.

Customers usually gravitate towards businesses that they feel really understand them. They prefer to do business with those who know their needs and offer the right solution. A buyer persona helps you build a profile of what your potential customer is like so that you can provide viable solutions and gain trust.

In fact, around 65% of companies that regularly update their buyer persona surpassed their competitors in sales and revenue goals. When it comes to a successful video marketing campaign, a one-size-fits-all approach is not what you need. A tailored and customized strategy is the way to go.

How Can You Create a Buyer Persona For Your Business?

Building buyer personas requires both internal and external research. Start out with choosing one target audience and building a persona on the basis of what you already know. Improve it with further research. List down in-questions that you can ask yourself about what your ideal customer is like. Compare it with those of your colleagues and build a unified persona.

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Types Of Videos Every Brand Should Be Making

With consumer demands constantly changing, it’s no surprise businesses need to do a lot better than use the same done-to-death ideas.

By now, it’s obvious that simply producing videos and putting them on your website isn’t enough to create a loyal consumer following. Your ideas don’t always need to be never-been-done-before but they need to interactive, engaging, and simple.

Surveys show that 57% of adults watch videos online and 76% of young adults download or stream videos daily. Despite this, it’s fair to say that most businesses don’t take full advantage of video marketing.

This is because a lot of small businesses are under the impression that video marketing costs a lot and it’s better to stick to traditional marketing. But that’s simply not true and you don’t need to go beyond your budget to create an interactive video marketing campaign.

When it comes to video marketing, there are various types of videos and each one has a different impact on consumers.

With that in mind, here are different types of videos every brand should be producing:


With more than 154 million blogs on the internet, the last thing anyone needs is another blog post. While blogs and articles are essential, your consumers want something more personal and interactive.

Vlogs don’t take a lot of time to produce, they’re highly-engaging, and they’re the best bang for your buck if you’re on a budget. You can also use them for landing pages and to promote your business on YouTube.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an American entrepreneur and wine critic, uses vlogs to engage and converse with his target audience. In his vlogs, he talks about what he does at work every day and also offers some insights to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Company Culture Videos 

The culture behind your brand is what invites employees to sit at the dinner table. But more than that, it plays a huge role in your company’s success.

When Disney bought Pixar, Steve Jobs had one condition: the mass multimedia media and entertainment conglomerate maintains the company culture. This is because Steve Jobs believed that, that’s what made Pixar successful.

Company culture videos are essential because they educate candidates and customers about your company’s environment.

They show candidates what they’re signing up for if they decide to join your organization. It’ll show them what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.

Culture videos can include employee interviews, events, milestones, brief company history, and everything else in between.

Watch BambooHR’s company culture video to get an idea.

Interview or Talking Head Videos

Interview the prodigies/geniuses in your industry that have brought in exceptional ideas to the table. Not only will this give you insight into what your next big plan should be; it’ll help your customers and clients learn more about the industry.

You can also interview your employees and clients to create testimonial videos. They can talk about the perks of working for/with your company.  

Surveys show that 74% of individuals identify word-of-mouth recommendations as a key influence in making their purchasing decisions.

Watch LifeLock’s testimonial video to get an idea of what we’re talking about. What makes the video great is that the company focuses on real human lives, situations, and emotions to engage with their target audience.

Another great video is Salesforce’s interview of its technology director, Stephanie Herrera.

Why these videos work is because they focus on creating relatable and emotional content. It’s because they’re able to converse with their target audience by evoking emotions. They’re short, simple, personal, and interactive.

Got a brilliant idea for your next video? We can help bring it to life! We are a video vendor of choice in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Creating The Perfect Lead Generating Video

Video content has become a staple of marketing strategies for a while now. It has become one of the most popular mediums for promotion and for increasing brand awareness. But while boosting your online presence through video is all well and good, is it actually generating quantifiable results for you?

An effective video is one which not only gets the customers to learn more about your company, but it also turns them into leads that can go on to do business with you. An effective video should boost your ROI by turning viewers into leads.

So how do you create the perfect lead generating video that is guaranteed to drive sales? Read on!

Determine Your Target Market

Identifying your target market is crucial to making an effective sale-generating video. You don’t want to be selling a juicy meat burger to a vegetarian! Similarly, trying to sell your product to a customer base that has no interest in it is equal to not doing anything at all. Narrow down your demographic and focus your energies on them. Determine an age bracket, gender, socioeconomic status, what their common struggle or problem is, what type of solutions they are seeking, which social platform they use most, etc.

A Compelling Video Format

Once you have your target audience in mind, you have to create a video that is compelling and captivating enough to capture their attention. Anyone can take a camera and upload a video to the internet. But in order to create the RIGHT video, you have to make sure you’re following the perfect format.

Start your video with an engaging introduction that reels the viewer in. Make sure the video is clearly outlining what the problem is and how it can be solved through your product/service. But also ensure that it’s not too “salesy” and offer the viewer additional content value. Be very specific about what solutions you are offering. And make sure to end the video with a bang by including an effective CTA (call to action).

Select a Platform

Have a stellar video ready and all that’s left to do now is to share it? Great! But do you know which social platform your customer base prefers the most? You have many options to choose from:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Your own website

Include A Lead Generation Form

The whole point of your video is to generate leads. So you need to include a capture page that redirects a potential customer to where they can get more information, e.g. your website. A lead generation form or a capture page is where you get the viewer to hand in their contact information. Both the form and the video should be engaging enough to get the customer to trust you and exchange information.

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