Here Is How Great Movies Are Made

The human mind is amazing. It can store vast amounts of information. And yet, there are a few moments that leave an unforgettable imprint in our minds.

What Makes A Great Movie Great? 

A good movie wilt get your attention for a short moment, but a great movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, the very end.

Perhaps it’s the acting, the direction, or maybe the plot. Or maybe it’s all three.

Almost every movie follows the same format, but it’s how all the elements come together that make a film feel fresh and break out of the mold.

The Power Of Emotions 

Imagine making a choice that’s impossible to make. Imagine standing there, helpless, powerless, defenseless, and vulnerable.

Making an emotional connection with the audience is critical in the success of a film.

A guilt that haunts you’til the day you die— a decision that changes the course of your Life—and a Lifetime full of what ifs.

The above paragraph describes the hit film Sophie’s Choice. Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her role in it, partly because of her emotional performance and how it connected with viewers.

Audiences relate to emotion because life is one emotion after another. It’s relatable and powerful. Capturing emotion in an honest way through the visual medium of film, can be a moving experience.

The Focus On Every Character 

If you’ve noticed, great films focus on creating a solid background for every character.

No character is introduced without a story to tell, even if it’s for a brief moment.

Characters should be fully fleshed out so that the actors portraying them can provide an + authentic performance, full of nuance.

Even if the characters we like are fictional., they’re meant to portray real people, with real problems.

Originality Should Never Limit Talent

Some of the best films gained inspiration from others ideas. From Lord Of The Rings, to Forrest Gump, some of the best films weren’t based on ideas that came from the directors.

You can take ideas from various sources and mold them into your own. Remember But what kiLls them is a dull mind.

So, experiment with different concepts and you’re bound to come up with something good!



336 Produces Project That Range From Small To Large

It all started with the Compass—our first project. Although it was a movie trailer, it was a major hit that got us started down the path of success.

Little did we know that this would be the beginning of an extraordinary experience, full of great opportunities, wonders and unexpected turns.

Video production is something that we’re passionate about. Both of us graduated from film school and our passion for bringing our imagination to life started at a young age.

Anatomy Of Films: The Building Blocks Of A Memorable Movie

Just stop. Stop for a moment; a minute, a second. Stop and think about what makes life worth living. What makes it truly beautiful—what makes it magnificent.

Think about all the memories you cherish. Think about the memories that haunt you ‘til this day—even the ones you don’t want to recall.

The human mind is amazing. It can store vast amounts of information. And yet, there are a few moments that leave an unforgettable imprint on our minds.

Should You Invest In YouTube Ads?

YouTube may be the solution to boredom at work and the best way to kill time, but with so many big companies and passionate entrepreneurs taking advantage of the social media platforms to promote their business, it’s become a stage for corporate innovation.

YouTube allows them to pay for pre-roll ads so they can advertise products and services in between the content you love.

3 Video Production Fears and How to Overcome Them

Halloween just passed and the fear is still in the air. But while monsters aren’t real; some fears are. Take video production for example.  Many businesses and companies are afraid of taking the plunge into the world of video marketing. Various fears swirl in their mind; what if it’s a bad investment? What if it doesn’t bring in sales? What if I don’t look good on camera? And so on.

Statistics don’t lie, however, and video marketing and production aren’t going anywhere. If you don’t let go of these fears, they can take root and stop your business from taking the next step forward. But fear not, you can overcome them!

Fear #1 – Video Won’t Bring Good ROI

Those thinking about foraying into the world of video production worry whether the investment they make will bring in profits or not. Worrying about your Return of Investment (RoI) with any venture is pretty natural. But luckily, when it comes to video, success is quantifiable. Around 83% of those incorporating video into their marketing strategy view it as a good RoI. According to HubSpot, 52% of marketers deem video to be the content form with the most RoI, and 66% of video marketers say that video brings in better leads, thus driving more sales.

Fear #2 – You’re Camera Shy

The fear of being on camera is very real for some people. The thought of everyone staring at you makes you conscious about yourself, thus increasing the chances of messing things up. But fears can be conquered, and with a little help, this can be too. To appear more composed on the screen, you should:

  • Study the script and practice it regularly
  • Try answering some interview question to get the hang of it
  • Record and watch yourself so that you know what to improve
  • Practice with professionals

Fear #3 – You Fear Working With A Video Production Company

Creating and developing a video is a sophisticated process that requires a lot of teamwork, as well as investment of time and money. In order to execute a well-polished video, you will have to team up with a professional video production company to help bring your vision to life. Many people fear the thought of entrusting someone with such an important task. But choosing the right video production team can help you out. You should:

  • Check out their work and peruse their portfolio to get an idea of their style.
  • Check out their social media profiles and blog posts to see how engaged they are with their clients.
  • Contact them and get to know them so that you’re comfortable enough when working with them.
  • Ask for references, or check out their testimonials to see what others think of them.

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‘Tis The Season To Make A Christmas Video!

The holiday season is upon us; halls are decked with boughs of holly, Christmas trees are decorated with glittering ornaments, and stockings are ready to be stuffed come Christmas Eve.  Christmas is a wonderful time to spread some festive cheer, not only to your friends and family, but to your business clients as well.

It’s a great opportunity to show your customers that you truly value them, and what better way to express your gratitude than by sending them a holiday-themed seasons greeting video? While many inboxes will be full of Christmas e-cards and generic season’s greetings; it’s up to you to think outside the Christmas card box and do something different.

Here’s a little inspiration to help you get started!

The Good Ol’ Christmas Card

Instead of sending your clients a generic Christmas e-card, put in a little more effort by sending them a video version of the Christmas card. Make sure you’re thanking your clients for their loyalty. The goal is to make them feel appreciated, even at the busiest time of the year. They should know that they are critical to your success and that your team wishes the best for them.


The year’s about to end and Christmas time is upon us. So you can kill two birds with one stone by combining your Christmas greeting and your year-in-review video. Don’t let this video be a bragging laundry list of all your achievements. Instead, make sure you’re weaving a story that resonates with your customers.

Christmas Sales Promo Video 

One thing customers love more than the holidays is a really good holiday sale. If you have a Christmas sale going on, make sure to promote it with a video. A video can better highlight all the best deals you have to offer and how customers can benefit from it. Set the festive holiday mood by making your promo video Christmas themed.

A Funny Holiday Video

Your Christmas video doesn’t necessarily have to be promoting a sale or addressing clients; it can be a ‘just for fun’ kind of Christmas video. You could incorporate some funny moments from a Christmas office part from the year before, a mockumentary with the entire team participating, or something else. The goal is to increase brand awareness in a funny, non-salesy way.

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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Video Marketers

By now, it’s pretty clear that video content is absolutely essential for a successful marketing strategy. But merely creating a video isn’t enough. No matter how moving the music or how immaculate the imagery, if the video isn’t producing engagement, then you’re not doing it right.

Here are 7 habits that great video marketers adopt in order to increase their video’s RoI.

1. They Never Forget To Forge Emotional Connections

Successful video marketers know that emotions and subtlety make for powerful content. You need to connect with your target audience on an emotional level, not a sales-ey one. Creating an emotional hook is vital for your video. Whether you’ve got them laughing their hearts out, teary-eyed because of the poignancy, or nodding their heads in sardonic agreement; some emotional element needs to be there.

2. They Send Out A Clear Message

Your marketing videos shouldn’t be a Rubik’s cube that leaves customers scratching their heads in confusion. A good video marketer knows the importance of a clear message and works on keeping their business objectives transparent. With the human attention span diminishing to less than that of a goldfish (!), it is all the more important that your video conveys your brand’s message and conveys it fast.

3. They Consider The Perspective That Truly Matters: The Customer’s

An effective video marketer knows that it’s not about the product, but the customers. Consumers aren’t interested in lengthy videos listing down all the benefits your product has to offer. They’re more interested in how it can help them better their lives. Don’t tell them what your product does; show them how it can be transformative for them.  

4. They Keep Their Target Audience In Mind

Many people are under the misconception that marketing videos should target as general a demographic as possible. But that’s not going to get you anywhere. Effective video marketers create specific content that appeals to a certain target audience. This will help them do more than just mildly interest people, but instead, excite the intended audience.  

5. They Create Engaging Content

Every video should be compelling enough to keep customers hooked. Good video marketers know how to tell a story. Good stories strike a chord within the audience and appeal to their emotional center. But they should also be credible and not overly fanciful.

6. They Incorporate A Clear CTA

Successful video marketers make sure to end their videos with a clear and concise call-to-action. Once you have your audience engaged and interested, you want to turn the leads into sales. Make sure you’re giving them a clear direction on what the next step is. Whether it’s visiting your website, filling out a form, or contacting you, the CTA should be apparent.  

7. They Make Sure To Share The Video On The Right Platforms

Once you’ve created a marketing video, you want to make sure it’s reaching as wide (and as right) an audience as possible. You should circulate your video on the right platforms so that it reaches the intended audience and drives leads. If you’re creating a video about a street-wear clothing line, you might not find the right audience on LinkedIn as much as on Instagram. So, make sure you’re sharing your video on the right platforms.

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Why Maintaining A Video Library Is Good For Your Business

Imagine going to the library as a kid and seeing shelves upon shelves of your favorite childhood classics. Organized bookshelves make it easier for us to navigate through our reading material; similarly, a well-organized video library can help boost your business’s online presence.

But unlike a book library that rarely gets a makeover; your video library needs to be regularly updated and tweaked for the best results.

Here’s the lowdown on what video libraries are and how they can be beneficial for your business.

What Is A Video Library?

Think of a video library as your virtual closet; you’ve got all your important stuff in there. A video library will be an online collection of all the marketing and corporate videos you’ve ever created. In a way, it’s representative of your brand’s image. Developing and curating a video library is like managing your business’s own YouTube. It gives you the power to control, share, and create the right video for the right platforms.

How Can A Video Library Help Your Business?   

The next question you must be asking yourself is with the effort that goes into maintaining a business video library, does it have any tangible benefits? As it turns out, it has quite a few!

It Creates A Central Hub For All Your Videos

A video library can be a central point for all the videos you’ve created and will continue to create. It will make them easily accessible to both you and your customers. No matter where you post, share, or embed your videos; the library will be like a beacon, leading the client back to your website.

It Streamlines Operations

A video library makes it easier for you to collaborate with the team. Putting everything in one place will make it easier for your team to find the right video when they need it. The video library can be an up-to-date database of all your video files.

It Helps Reduce Server And Storage Costs

Not only will a video library eliminate the hassle of emailing different videos back and forth amongst the team, but it will also help save you additional storage and server costs.

It Gives You Control Over Video Access

A video library will give you greater control over who can see and share your content and when. With advanced privacy and permission settings, you can better manage your videos.

Reap SEO Benefits

When you post your video to an external site, it will get all the search value that you should be getting. Embedding your video on your own video library can increase site traffic and enhance search engine optimization.

Get Better Insights Into Your Videos’ Performance

With all your videos in one place, you will be able to have access to improved, in-depth analytics. This will help you better understand who’s watching your video, when, and where. It will also give you a chance to improve your content.

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Let Videos Do The Work: Messages That Are Better Delivered With Video

Perhaps you’ve come across the popular phrase TL; DR—short for, Too Long; Didn’t Read. This apt phrase perfectly encapsulates much of the business communication taking place these days. Each new day brings with it an essay-length email that no one really bothers reading through. But this is just a speedy way of killing productivity.