How to Use Video Content Marketing for Business: The Ultimate Guide

Videos help your business become more trustworthy, since they’re great audiovisual tools for storytelling; they also make your business’s marketing efforts engaging to even the most distracted buyers.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while creating video content to market your business:

Focus on the story, not the sale

While all content marketing is ultimately a strategy to improve sales, your videos should revolve around your story and how you can help the customer.

Your videos need to define the problems that customers have, and center your solutions when it comes to overcoming them.

Make it attention-grabbing

To be effective, video marketing needs to be engaging from the very start. The first five or ten seconds of the video are critical in determining whether your audience will remember your brand.

There’s a scientific reason for people’s short attention spans when it comes to marketing: the brain has a Reticular Activating System (RAS) that sorts out what we perceive as important to store in our memories. The RAS helps us respond when someone calls our name, and ensures that our brains react to emotion, novelty, and the choices we make.

It’s important that your video content gets through your customers’ RAS so they can retain your marketing and your brand image. To do this, your video should contain emotion and contrast, and impress your customers with your creativity and the uniqueness of your message.

While creating video content, remember to keep the information relevant to viewers’ needs and interests. Relevant content is attention-grabbing inherently, and will allow your viewer to understand that your products or services are worth their money and time.

Incorporate humor into your videos

Humor is a powerful tool that’s capable of building social bonds and deep personal connections. If your video contains humor that clicks with your target audience, they’re likelier to remember it and share it.

However, it’s imperative that you use the appropriate humor for your business. If your humor isn’t refined or appropriate, you could end up offending a group of people and thereby cause harm to your brand’s image.

Moreover, make sure that the humor you use is value-additive. If your video is funny and informative at the same time, your target customers will respond to your message.

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How to Ensure That Your Audience Remembers Your Video

Here’s how you can make sure that your customers remember your brand through a well-constructed video.

Emotionally engaging your audience

Putting a lot of info into a video might be tempting—and many business owners believe more content increases sales—but this isn’t necessarily true, especially since the brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) ensures that people only retain information that they believe to be important. The RAS responds to emotional engagement, novelty, and humor, so it’s imperative that you build a connection with your audience through your videos.

People have short attention spans when it comes to marketing, and only remember a few of the talking points you’ll present. To make sure your clients remember your video, you should focus on a few important factors instead of overloading your video with information.

A good rule of thumb to follow is having around twenty or thirty seconds of pauses that include music and imagery in a two-minute video to ensure your watchers process and emotionally engage with the information.

Remember that video marketing and written marketing are different

Most communications professionals are far more adept at written marketing than video marketing. Video-making is constricted by time; 60 seconds of reading time don’t equal 60 seconds of video messaging.

This is due in large part to the difference between average speaking and reading speeds: while people generally read 200 words a minute, they can only speak 150 words a minute.

You’re likely to need at least two minutes to convey through a video what looked like just one and a half minute’s worth of messaging on paper.

Since you also need to add pauses for imagery and music in videos to engage your audience, a minute’s worth of messaging on paper could turn into two minutes when it comes to video.

Use humor

The brain’s RAS responds well to and retains memorable humor. If you choose to incorporate humor in your marketing videos, you should ensure that it’s appropriate and fits in with your brand image.

You should have a keen understanding of what sort of humor your target audience will understand and enjoy, so as to not offend any people or harm your own brand image.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Video Marketing

From ensuring that you’re using the best tools to creating a high-quality video and putting your content out to the right people, there’s a lot involved.

Here’s how you can use video marketing to your business’s advantage.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing involves incorporating videos into your existing marketing strategy. In the past, video marketing used to be carried out through commercials and infomercials on TV, but these days, most people—especially teenagers and young adults—watch videos online.

We rely largely on bite-sized messages and pieces of information, and videos are the ideal medium for getting your company’s vision and brand across.

Posting your videos on social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram is an effective marketing strategy that you can utilize easily. Your target customers can even find these videos through relevant search engine results, since most search engines include video results.

Keeping up with video trends

It’s a fast-paced world, especially when it comes to marketing. Focus on video trends that won’t make your marketing seem outdated or out of place. Viewers today expect videos that contain information that’s exciting and new. Your videos should have interactive graphics that help the viewer stay focused and engaged with the information.

There has been an increase in live video marketing, and social media websites and applications now allow users to post live videos. Live videos are more compelling to the audience since they can see everything happening in real-time, thereby adding a layer of authenticity to your videos.

Tell a story with your video

Video content is created to sell your products and services, but it needs to be consumer-oriented. Before planning a video out, think about what your target customer needs from you and how you can assure them that you can help them out.

Make sure that the information in your video is relevant and that there isn’t too much of it. Overloading your video with information makes it easily forgettable. Instead, focus on one or two talking points, add humor, and make use of pauses that have music or imagery in them to allow your viewers time to process the information in your video.

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How Experts Make Business Videos Look “Professional”

Video content marketing is no longer a part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s critical to your conversion rates, brand outreach, and customer engagement. And now that people are spending more time on different social media channels and online platforms due to COVID-19, promotional videos can do wonders for boosting brand presence.

Here are some tips for making your business videos look more professional, shareable, and engaging.

Good Lighting Is the Key

Lighting plays a significant role in how defined your videos look, so keep it on top of your priority list while shooting a video. Dull lighting can make your otherwise great videos appear amateurish. We recommend filming anytime in the morning or evening because of the soft natural light during these times will give you the best results. Avoid filming in the afternoon, because the direct sunlight over your head may project harsh shadows on the video’s subjects. If you must shoot in the midday light, do so when the weather is cloudy or under a shelter for flattering light.

If your storyline requires the video to be filmed indoors, be mindful of the kind and placement of the lights. Avoid shooting under an overhead light, which may cast sharp shadows. Using hard lights for a shadowy effect might look great in dramatic videos, but professional videos are better off with soft or flat lighting for a more straightforward look.

Remove Distractions From the Background.

Be intentional about the spot you pick for shooting your video. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a cluttered background. Don’t go for patterned backgrounds; instead, stick to solid-colors. It could be a wall, a large bedsheet, or a plain backdrop. Whether you’re filming your product or a person, make sure the subject is at some distance from the background to prevent shadow formation.

Invest in a Tripod Stand.

If you’ve ever watched a shaky video, you would know how home-like and unprofessional they look. They can even make your audience feel upset. No one can hold the camera sturdy for a long time, so that’s not an option too. It’s best to place your camera on a tripod stand for steady and smooth footage.

If you can’t buy the stand for any reason, place your camera on a table or any other still surface. Don’t move the camera from its position, even when you’re on a break. You’ll end up changing the frame every time, which makes your content look quite unprofessional.

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Is The Classic Commercial Format Dead?

Looking at this figure, you would think that TV viewing is doing fine—but it isn’t. In fact, between 2010 and 2017, TV ad spending increased by 16 percent, but the viewership decline by 20 percent during the same period.

For instance, another Leichtman’s research found that about 69 percent of all American homes had subscribed to a video-on-demand service from Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime—an increase from 52 percent just three years back.

In addition to this, the percentage of businesses using video as an online marketing tool has increased from 63% in 2019 to 81% this year. In fact, as per a Google survey, 60% of people prefer watching online videos than TV advertisements.

But why all the hype? Why YouTube is the 2nd most used website after Google? Why do Facebook executives expect to go all-video-no-text by the next year? Why are more businesses shifting from TV commercials to YouTube videos for marketing? Let’s take a look.

Online Video Ads Receive Higher Reach Than Classic TV Commercials

As per a Neilson report, YouTube videos tap more American adults, lying in the age bracket of 18 to 34 years, compared to any television cable network.

Today, YouTube has over 2 billion users, which is about 1/3rd of all internet users. Take a rough guess how many videos these users watch in one day?

A whopping five billion.

According to a Facebook research, people are 1.5X more likely to view a video advertisement on their mobile phones, rather than TV, and 92 percent of these viewers are likely to forward it to others or share on their timelines.

Online Video Advertisements Cost Less Than TV Commercials

Video content marketing is all about low costs and higher returns.

Airing a 30-second TV advertisement on a local cable network can cost you up to $342,000. This figure doesn’t include the setup cost that can easily cost you anywhere between $63,000 to eight million, depending on the time length, quality, and complexity of the ad. You spend all this amount, and then hope to get positive results.

On the other hand, online videos cost you after you receive the results. With YouTube, you need to pay anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 for every view your ad receives (pay per view).

The best part? Google revealed that online video marketing produced more consistent and better ROI than traditional TV advertisements. Just last year, a 7-year old boy made about $22millions through YouTube.

So Should You Step Down From TV Advertising?

While we don’t want you to rely on TV advertisements entirely, we also don’t want you to pull the plug. Video marketing on online platforms sure receive more views and a better reach; however, viewers might still pay more attention to TV commercials, as suggested by WARC.

Ultimately, TV is still an active channel to reach a mass audience. But despite what WARC research discloses, all the above statistics are unambiguous on one foreground: more people are viewing video content online.

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4 Things to Bear in Mind for a Business Video

Business videos are the first and foremost way for businesses to establish their brand presence and develop useful connections. However, strict rules apply when you’re trying to create the perfect video.

While generally a useful promotional tool, there are some dos and don’ts of compelling business videos, and substandard videos are always a bad promotional strategy. Here are some sure-shot ways that you can reap generous profits from yours.

Sell a Story

There are enough ads, marketing brochures, and sales tactics that speak of products or services without any reference to the ideas that led to their creation. Buyers are done paying attention to them. They need refreshing content, and a personalized story offers that. A business video establishes a connection between your organizational goals and the products you offers. It helps your customers understand your services and establish meaningful relationships with your buyers.

Videos have immense emotive power, and they can tap into the viewer’s psyche with a shift in the tone, a music track, or a specific body language. Use that to your benefit when making a business video.

Catchy Introduction

The average American’s attention span has fallen to 8 seconds from 12 seconds– so, you have 8 seconds of video to make or break it. If your video has a lousy intro that drags on, viewers will likely move on in the first few seconds. However, if your introduction keeps the audience captivated with attractive visuals and engaging acoustics, they are likely to stick around.

Focus On The Mission

If your business video aims to sell a product, you need to be careful with the pitch. There’s a fine line between meeting the mark and crossing lines. Salesy videos are counterproductive and ineffective because they make your viewer feel like you only care about making a sale. You need to focus more on your mission. Here are some of the most popular ads from 2019. Check them out and see what’s present in their content that’s lacking in yours.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Many viewers will watch your video on their phones. If your video isn’t compatible with a mobile device, you’ll lose out on a large portion of your audience. Research has confirmed that mobile video consumption doubles every year! You don’t want to miss out on that opportunity to put your business out there in the hands of mobile users.

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Would Pandemic-Related Video Content Boost Your Business?

That’s why businesses are pushed to seek newer ways of marketing during the pandemic. Creating COVID-related video content is one way to adapt to the situation and make the most of it.

Even now, situation-sensitive marketing strategies are helping businesses overcome the threat of extinction. Want to find out more? Read on.

Video Marketing Today

Video marketing is the only appropriate and effective means of communicating with clients during the lockdown. Social distancing measures and statewide lockdowns have alienated businesses from their customers. Customers, unsurprisingly, feel ignored and neglected by their favorite brands. Video marketing can help you overcome these communication gaps.

Given how people have little to do while stuck in their homes, online activity has surged, and now is the time for you to strike. You can increase brand awareness, launch new products, introduce new discounts and delivery offers through videos.

What To Create 

Videos featuring a company representative, talking about the special initiatives taken during COVID-19, have been a major success. Right now, customers to know more about how the business is tackling the situation. A lot of them are also concerned about whether their favorite brands are upholding human rights and assisting their employees during these crucial times.

A minute-long video can address all these concerns better than an email notification that might go straight to spam. If you’re a financially struggling business, it’s best to be honest and transparent with the public in that case too.

Behind The Scenes

The behind-the-scenes video is a crucial part of video marketing. Customers will give anything to get a peek behind the curtains. If you’re an essential service going full steam ahead, customers would like to be in on the business activities.

Seeing workers following SOPs and working hard is reassuring for a public that has lost all hope of normalcy. It also puts your business in a positive light as customers see you as frontline workers exerting themselves to keep the economy running.

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How Digital Technology Has Changed Photography

With digital technology, photography has been given a new form. Digital photography has replaced traditional photography, changing the way photography is used.  

It Has Given New Meaning to “Capturing the Moment”

20 years ago, we’d use our photography equipment sparsely, reserving it for special occasions or notable moments. Only a certain number of pictures to be captured per film, and most of us would carefully cherish these numbered photo opportunities, making sure not to waste any of the shots.   

With the advancement of digital technology, this is no longer the case. You can take a hundred photos of the same thing till you get the perfect shot, simply deleting the unwanted ones later on. The ease of capturing the moment has also allowed digital photography to infiltrate various aspects of our daily lives. 20 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have taken pictures of the food you ordered at a restaurant or the cat you saw on your way to work. Digital photography has made it common practice to capture pretty much every moment of your life, especially with the growing popularity of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Digital technology has given a new meaning to photography and has revolutionized how one may “capture the moment” and record their lived experiences. With enhanced storage and backup options, you can easily take a picture of even the most trivial things without a worry.

It Has Enhanced Digital Marketing

Digital technology—and by effect, digital photography—has also influenced digital marketing. More and more businesses rely on photography and videography services to enhance their brand image and have a greater outreach. According to one report, 71% of companies plan on increasing their budget for these services, especially since social media marketing encourages photography and videography.

Most businesses realize the importance of having an active social media presence and use photo-sharing platforms for marketing their brand. By doing so, they’re able to connect and engage with their audiences and use audiovisuals to keep them interested in their services.

It Has Led to a Need for Specialized Services

As digital marketing continues to expand, there is a growing need to hire specialized photographers who know exactly how to present your brand. Product photography has become especially important, as this helps customers make the decision of whether or not they want to purchase a certain product. According to one survey, 70% of e-commerce shoppers rely on product images for their online purchases.

As digital technology continues to evolve, you can no longer rely on amateur photographers to give your brand the boost it needs. Specialized product photographers are needed to build your digital portfolio and help kick-off your e-commerce platform.

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How Technology Enables 336 Productions to Work Yet Maintain Social Distancing

This is where technology stepped in to help. Full-scale production companies working with state-of-art equipment, for example, 336Productions, found it easy to exchange human contact and labor for drone cameras and audio-visual devices. This not only allows these companies to stay open for work during these tough times but also helps them do their part in slowing down the spread by minimizing human contact.

Here is how technology is enabling 336 productions and other companies to maintain high-quality work, with minimized human contact, while practicing social distancing and keeping themselves and those around them safe from the effects of the pandemic.

Using Advanced Technology

The best way to replace human labor, as discussed above, is through technology. More drone shots and remote operating camera equipment is being tested and put to use.

On the other hand, to facilitate the use of this equipment, production set-ups are being moved to in-house studios, making it easier for experts to control and manipulate the environments to get the shots and footage needed.

This hasn’t only given production companies a way to operate during the pandemic but has forced experts to look at content production possibilities that they weren’t ready to consider before, greatly cutting down manual labor costs, reducing the production time-frame and maximizing resource capacities.

Heavy Reliance On Post-Production Editing

Since companies like ours are still new to the latest production approaches, there is a heavy reliance on post-production editing to smooth out any errors or bridge any gaps. Not only has this led to greater focus on the post-production phase but has also helped experts drive innovative solutions to newly occurring problems, possibly giving us new and more flexible production strategies to consider and follow.

Heavy reliance on post-production editing has also helped many experts re-strategize time and resources according to the new time frames to make sure that projects are executed in a timely and efficient manner.

Looking For A Reliable And Socially Responsible Company To Shoot Your Videos?

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Growing Your Business Using Motion Graphics

Here’s why you should use motion graphics for your business.

To Emotionally Captivate Your Audience

Humans have an average attention span of about 8 seconds. This means that if you want to capture their interest and keep them engaged throughout the video, you need to use attention-grabbing strategies. The best way to do this is by emotionally captivating your audience, helping them feel the contents of your video at a deeper level.

Motion graphics allow you to do this. They equip you with the necessary tools for effective communication and help your video be more impactful with the combination of audiovisuals used. This way, you can reach out to your target audience at an emotional level and connect with them in a much more effective way.

To Simplify the Information Being Presented

When certain ideas are presented visually, your audience is more likely to retain the information being provided. Visual communication of any sort appeals to the way our brains process information. In fact, according to one MIT study, visual information can be processed in as little as 13 milliseconds. When you see concepts playing out in the form of motion graphics as opposed to read them, you’re more likely to distill and understand the complex information being presented.

Because motion graphics enable easier comprehension, they’re especially useful for explainer videos and tutorials. If, for instance, you’ve launched a new product or an app, you can use graphic motions to help your audience understand the different features by showing them exactly how they work. Similarly, you can also use graphic motions for presenting abstract concepts and dense data, breaking it down into simpler chunks of information.

To Allow For a More Passive Experience

According to one report, consumers spend nearly 6 hours per week on average watching video content. Videos are easy to consume as they enable a passive response, and as a result, people are more likely to spend their time scrolling through their social media accounts watching videos rather than reading lengthy chunks of text. They don’t have to exert too much mental energy while watching videos, which makes it a preferred mode of acquiring information.

With motion graphics, you can make this passive experience more interesting by using stunning animation and visual graphics to enhance your videos. This will make it even easier for consumers to grasp the information being presented, and they’re more likely to watch your video till the end and retain the concepts discussed without having to exert their mental capacities.

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