What is a Buyer Persona and How To Create One

A business idea only looks promising if it offers something that’s not already there in the market. For instance, if you create yet another hair product which isn’t much different from other products, why should anyone buy it?

General customer expectations

In order to excel like a businessman, you need to think like a customer.

Imagine going into the department store one day. You have limited cash in your purse and you’re short on time. You go to the departments where the product you’re looking for is usually stacked. But you see a new product on the shelf in its place.

How will you react to it? Will you stroll past it or pause to pick it off the shelf?

Will you pay attention to the bottle design or go straight to the ingredient list printed at the back?

Would you look for any numbers to catch your attention e.g. kills 99.99% germs in 60 seconds? In order to pitch your products to your intended buyers, you need to put yourself in their shoes first.

What’s a buyer persona

Also known as marketing persona, this is a fictional portrayal of an ideal customer that represents the generalized expectations from your product.

It’s important to remember that this is an idealist approach to marketing and it crafts a flawless image of a perfect potential buyer. It may not exactly map on real human buyers, who may differ from this reference description you have in mind.

Buyer personas can help your business with marketing, products, sales, and services. By internalizing the ideal idea of prospective customers, businesses can better align their motivations with their target market.

It’s critical to have a buyer persona for driving content creation, following up on sales, developing product range and retaining customers, ultimately.

How to create buyer personas

Here are some easy ways of creating buyer personas.

  1. Identify trends in your customer database and see if a majority of your most loyal customers fall under the same category. Study how these customers use your content.
  2. Create online forms for your website. Make sure your form fields target crucial aspects of their persona traits.
  3. Your sales team interacts with customers much more than the top management. Ask for their feedback on what they feel are the things most liked/disliked by the buyers. The sales team can bring in some lasting leads.
  4. Get customer feedback on your newest products. Introduce an anonymous comments section where consumers can drop in honest reviews without any reservations.

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It’s expected that by 2022, videos will make up more than 82% of consumer internet traffic.

The best things about videos is that you can view them online.

Once they’ve been uploaded to a video streaming website, anyone can access them.

According to World Advertising Research Center (WARC), almost three quarters (72.6 percent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smart phones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.

Video marketing can help you reach out to a wider audience.

The best way to target millennials is through video.

Statistics show that adding a video to your homepage can increase conversion rates by 8o%.

83% of businesses claim that video marketing has helped them improve their ROI.

If your target audience likes your content, they’ll share it in their social circle, leading the traffic straight to your website.

Surveys show that 57% of consumers admitted that watching videos helped them gain confidence to invest in brands.

We can successfully conclude that video campaigns and marketing is a match made in heaven.



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Drive Engagement with These Video Interaction Tools

Online video consumption has changed the way businesses run in the 21st century. Statistics show that the number of digital video viewers in the US alone is expected to exceed 236 million by 2020. This is why it’s essential that you focus on interaction tools that help make your newest videos the biggest hits online.

Here are some of the most effective interaction tools.

Updated End Screens

Just as important the closing scene of any movie is, end screens that appear after a video are equally impactful. Several platforms allow you to customize the end screens to help make a lasting impact with your video. This enables businesses to drive even more traffic towards the video marketing content that they’re producing. Marketers at 336 Productions know exactly how crucial calls to actions are and end screens are the perfect opportunity to utilize that. You can effectively use this time and space to include buttons that direct users towards your service pages.

Mobile-Friendly Cards

With this interaction tool, you can allow your viewers to exercise their own agency and make their experience worthwhile. They can maximize the utility of dedicating a few minutes of their day to watching your video by clicking on destination links they wish to access. Some platforms allow you to elevate the quality of your video by introducing mobile-friendly cards that can be embedded within the video. This will ensure that viewers can view websites, merch pages, crowdfunding campaigns and more without distracting themselves.

Email Capture Forms

You might be wondering what good a video is without any leads to email forms. You might want to include these email forms at the beginning, in the middle or the end of the video. Depending on your marketing ideology and business goals, we can customize the times at which these email forms are embedded. You can also include a message in these forms to invite online crowds towards your content. These interaction tools can also be customized to sync emails collected with Mailchimp, Constant Contact or other platforms.

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Top Tips for Nailing Your Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

With more than 2.41 billion members, it’s become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Brands are now jumping on the Facebook video marketing bandwagon because of the positive results it has yielded.

In the last 5 years, more and more brands are utilizing Facebook to promote their services. If you’re looking for ways to improve your Facebook video campaigns, here’s what you can do:

Immersive Videos Campaigns With Facebook 360

Facebook has its own video editing features. After you’re done shooting and editing your campaigns, you can split the videos into small clips using Facebook 360. You can even edit them accordingly.

New Videos On Your Page Every Month

Facebook allows you to feature different videos on your brand’s page. Don’t use the same videos over and over again. This is one of the biggest mistakes that brands make. Your featured video may be phenomenal, but your audience also wants something new and exciting.

You should offer your followers something new and creative every month.

In addition to that, you can also ask them questions and have an employee answer them every month. This will help you connect with your target audience and it will humanize your brand.

It’ll show that you care about your customers’ opinions and feedback.

Tell a Story

Use your Facebook cover page to tell your brand’s story. Make sure to keep it short. But focus on what makes your brand stand out among the crowd.

What makes it different? What makes it unique? Why should potential customers choose your brand over your competitors?

Make sure to highlight these points in your cover story video. And if that’s not feasible, you can create a separate video and tag it as a highlight video. This way, it’ll become one of the featured videos of your page.

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So, what are you waiting for?

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Choosing the Best Visual Style for Your Video

There are various video styles that can be used to create powerful campaigns. With video content becoming one of the best ways to improve conversion rates and boost sales, brands are now coming up with different video strategies to grab their target audience’s attention.

If you’re looking for ways to add life to your video marketing strategies, here are some of the best visual styles you can use for your videos:


Yes, that’s right. Vlogs may seem like they’re very casual but they’re also very effective.

Vlogs don’t take a lot of time to produce. They’re also affordable and highly-engaging.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an American entrepreneur and wine critic, uses vlogs to engage and converse with his target audience. In his vlogs, he talks about what he does at work every day and also offers some tips and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

If vlogging isn’t your thing, you can ask an employee to create short vlogs for your company’s Facebook and YouTube page. When your followers see that there’s a personality behind your company, they’ll want to connect with your brand.

Remember that humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. It gives your brand a voice and personality. Consumers feel that their feedback and opinions are being taken into account and it helps build trust.

Explainer Videos

Videos that focus on your brand and its products will help educate your audience about why they should choose your services instead of your competitors’.

Explainer videos are short, fun, and engaging. You can use 3D motion graphics and animation to engage your audience.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture plays an important role in building your organization. Pixar and Disney are all about their company’s culture.

Company culture videos are essential because they educate candidates and customers about your company’s environment.

Remember that you’re not just creating video content for customers, you’re also creating videos to attract potential candidates.

Culture videos can include employee interviews, events, milestones, brief company history etc. This will show candidates what they should expect when they apply to your company.

You can watch BambooHR’s company culture video to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

These are the two visual styles that are revolutionizing the world of video marketing.

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Types Of Videos Your E-Commerce Store Needs

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re working in a retail store. Customers walk in and they look to you for guidance. You meticulously explain to them the pros and cons of the item they’re holding and why they should buy the specific product, or whether another product would be better suited to their needs. You try to guide them to the best of your capabilities and hopefully, by the end of it, the customer will be walking out the store with a shopping bag in hand.

While an e-commerce store won’t have a real life salesperson helping customers make purchase decisions, it can have something just as good: videos.

73% of people admit to buying a product after having watched a video and 44% consumers say they’re more likely to buy multiple products from an e-commerce store that has product videos. Here are some of the videos you should be making for your online store.

Product Review Videos

Product review videos are one of the most common e-commerce videos. According to Goodvidio, e-commerce sites that have product review videos experience an increase in “add to cart” purchase rate by 74%, with shoppers browsing the website 340% times longer! A product review video can be created by the brand, an expert, influencers, or by the consumers, showcasing their experience of using the product. It helps potential customers visualize what the product will look and feel like in real life.

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are another popular type of retail video that can prompt the customers to click on the ‘buy now’ option. An unboxing video shows a new purchase being unwrapped from scratch on camera. It shows what the product will look like right out of the box when it arrives at the customer’s doorstep in a package.

Comparison Videos

Product comparison videos are another great addition to the video content for your e-commerce store. Comparison videos compare and contrast two or more similar products side by side from the same or different brands. This helps shoppers see the subtle differences between the two products so that they can choose the one that’s best for them. Comparison videos are often made by experts or consumers.

User-Generated Videos

82% of consumers rate user-generated videos as being incredibly important for their purchase decision. User-generated videos are created by regular consumers demonstrating or sharing their experience of a product. The reason why many people love these types of videos is that it proves that other similar shoppers have enjoyed the product as well.

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Best Facebook Ad Examples That Work (And Why)

With 2.01 billion active monthly users and around 1.32 billion daily users, having a strong marketing presence on Facebook can be great for your business. In fact, Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg states that there are roughly 65 million active business pages on Facebook.

The social platform has become a great marketing tool for startups and established businesses alike. But with so much buzz, it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd and make your mark on the digital world. However, it’s not entirely impossible.

The following Facebook ads hit all the right notes with the audiences. Read on to find out what lessons we can take away from them.

Kay Jewelers

The Facebook video ad for Key Jewelers has two great things: 1) it tells a moving story, 2) it’s quick. Taking up just a few seconds of your time, the video advertises their product and attaches sentimental value to it. This ad works because:

  • It’s Visual – Even if you’re watching it with sound off, you’ll have an idea of what’s being shown. This is important because 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound off.
  • It Has Value – The ad clearly shows what value their product brings to people’s lives.
  • Great CTAs – The video makes sure to end off with a solid CTA.


The Facbeook ad for Allbirds, a shoemaking brand, uses clean and simple images to their advantage. The video lasts merely for nine seconds but they’re enough to showcase their products in a great light. The video instantly catches your attention and even manages to resonate with the individual watching. While many Facebook ad videos try to be flashy and catchy, the Allbirds ad is a breath of fresh air with its clean simplicity. It works because:

  • It Has Clean Visuals – The video clearly focuses on the subject in an engaging and moving manner.
  • It’s Relevant – We’re all on the lookout for good shoes and footwear ads that are relevant. This ad holds interest and grabs our attention.

AT&T Business

The Facebook video ad for AT&T is all about storytelling. The ad sets the mood and tone right from the start. It has tense music and dark imagery to keep the viewers engaged. The short ad shows the journey of how a homeless person became a business owner. The campaign ad is brilliant because:

  • It’s Quick – The ad is short and quickly delivers its message: “Be agile and nothing can stop you.”
  • It’s Visual – The ad uses sounds and images to keep the viewers engaged.

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The Newest Trends In Video Marketing

After securing its place in the industry as a major contender, video marketing has successfully made it to the mainstream. It’s no surprise that 80% of businesses claim to depend on this digital marketing tool and consider it their strongest asset.

But what make it relevant to modern audience are ever-evolving trends in that offer something new at every step. Evolution and advancement in video marketing is the linchpin of success because videos become redundant after the initial few views. Viewers get bored of seeing a visual multiple times and so they’re on the lookout for something new and refreshing. This is primarily why businesses can’t recycle old marketing videos at a later time because viewers can jog down their memory and identify it as old.

Since this is the backbone of most businesses, companies need to stay up to date with what’s new in marketing trends. This year will be booming with several new updates and trends that will keep the market in a flux.

Watch out for these trends in 2019.

Ephemeral Stories

Founded by Snapchat and adapted by Instagram and consequently Facebook as well, the idea of limited-time videos was a sweeping success last year. The feature of ‘stories’ in social media video content was a big hit and is expected to reach even greater heights this year. These stories could be used by businesses to their benefit because it kept their message short and snappy and avoided dreadfully long films. Already a success on private accounts of mobile users, these ephemeral stories allow businesses to offer something new.

Diversifying Video Formats

When it comes to formatting videos, there’s no standard way to do it. This is because the one size fits all rule doesn’t apply to the variety of businesses there are in the industry; each caters to a different market and must tailor marketing to specific needs. The popularity of this feature on social media platforms testifies the fact that video formatting is indispensible to marketers. New trends like dizzying array of video length, different types of picture quality and aspect ratios are on the rise. Since vertical viewing is becoming a standard manner of watching videos, online platforms are adding more features to make it trendy and refreshing.

Optimizing For No Sound

This is a much-awaited update because video is not all about watching, it’s as much about listening. Acoustics play a major role in how a video is perceived. Since mobile phone users are commonly found in public settings like offices, restaurants, subways and elevators, they prefer plugging in earphones to avoid having others hear what they’re watching. But the ‘no sound’ optimization has allowed social platforms to keep videos on mute mode by default so that it doesn’t start blaring in public while a user is scrolling down their newsfeed. With changes in listening and viewing behaviors of the target audience, this trend will become all the rage and require further advancements in future.

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Digital vs. TV Ads: Which Should You Invest In?

The advertising industry has constantly evolved throughout the years and television advertisement has remained at the forefront for a huge chunk of it. But as consumer behavior shifts and more and more people hand out on digital forums, digital advertising has quickly become the new order of the day.

While before, advertisers used to put in the bulk of their advertising budget into broadcast TV, more marketers are foraying out into digital advertising options like Facebook ads or digital marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering whether you should invest your advertising budget into television or digital, read on.

Digital vs. TV: Cost

Traditional TV advertising is costlier than digital marketing. To get your ad on a prime spot on TV, brands sometimes even have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a 1-minute runtime. This is excluding the money for production. Plus, it can get difficult for startups to run up against established bigwigs on TV.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different options. It can be pretty inexpensive, for example, email marketing or content marketing has little to no cost. But a website revamp or an SEM campaign can cost more. Digital marketing also has more value for your money. And you can also keep track of what’s working and not with the help of digital analytics.

Digital vs. TV: Brand Exposure

When it comes to brand exposure, TV ads usually run for 3–6 months depending on the budget or campaign objectives. After that, the brand exposure ends. With a digital marketing campaign however, a well-executed one is usually self-sustaining and can give you brand exposure long after the campaign has finished. For example, a landing page with a well-produced video will be up on your website forever, converting leads.

Digital vs. TV: ROI

A big drawback for TV ads is that they don’t offer complete transparency as you don’t have to opt for performance data measurement. A business that has used $5,000 for TV advertising won’t know for sure whether it brought them $5,000 worth of sales.

Digital marketing, however, can be easily tracked and measured. Using analytics, you can see whether your campaign worked on not, whether it generated traffic, drove conversions, and brought in revenue. If your campaign is underperforming in some aspect, you’ll know the problem and you can start working on it.

While TV advertising is still a big stalwart to be considered, digital marketing is fast making its way to the top. If you’re interested in corporate video production, get in touch with us at 336 Productions.

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Expert Tips For A Successful Product Launch

Your product launch is like a debut film of a rising star, where your first performance will decree the number hits they’ll be starring in, in future.  Similarly, the way you set the mood for your product launch and the way you perform the big reveal can manipulate consumer responses to a large extent.

A successful launch requires endless efforts, time, unlimited trial runs and a million technical checks before the new product shows face in the market. The grandeur of your launch will also reflect how much the company has invested in manufacturing it. This is why leading brands take due time creating hype for their new product before it makes its first appearance. That automatically makes audiences curious to learn more and paves the way for future sales.

It takes experience and expertise to organize a successful product launch. The more foolproof and professional the launch is, the better the fate will be for the product.

Here’s how to launch your latest release successfully.

Quality is Everything

A product launch is often confused with a brand launch and this misconception often lands marketers in deep trouble. When buyers await a new product release, they don’t expect to be shown a 5-minute video about the parent company or brand. That bit of information is already given to them, which is why it’s a waste of time, money and resources. A product launch should be less about the logo that is branded on it and more about what more it has to offer. Focus on highlighting the special features and the better quality of the product and make sure you have media coverage ready to broadcast the news from the get-go.

Leverage Data

After working on the new product for months or even a year, the company and product team is well-aware of the smallest details in it. What you might be taking for granted may not be available at face value to the market. Consumers need to be told why the product is being launched and what needs does it aim to fulfill. Sometimes consumers may not even be aware of a need until you tell them so. Leverage data to prepare ground for the final launch so that the audience is prepared to see what is being shown.

Remember Your Customers

Your regular customers are your biggest assets. A happy client is of more good to a business than it may realize because they offer voluntary marketing services without charging a penny. Their word also carries more credibility in the buyers’ community because they’re all on the same side of the court and trust another’s opinion of a product. You can transform the perception of your product through formalized endorsements and buy-ins via beta programs. No matter how much you invest in your launch, the contribution of your loyal customers can be a game changer.

Are you interested in getting a product video made professionally for your product launch?

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