5 Reasons Why Video Content is More Effective than Any Other Medium

As we become less attentive than even small aquatic species, marketers have their work cut out for them. In addition to devising unique and novel marketing strategies, they’re confronted with the arduous task of condensing their ideas into a short, snappy, and multisensory experience for audiences.

This is where video production services step in.

Research indicates that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video content. In addition, potential consumers retain over 95% of a message conveyed via video as opposed to an image or text.

By offering rich and engaging experiences that utilize two senses—sight and hearing—as opposed to one, video takes precedence over image and text.

If you’re still on the fence about whether your next marketing strategy should focus on video or continue to prioritize other forms of content, we’ve rounded up some inspiration to get you going!

Read on for five reasons why video content is more effective, popular, and profitable than any other medium.

1. Videos Content Attracts and Retains Audience Attention

According to a recent survey, over 83% of marketers admitted that video content was one of the most effective ways to attract and retain audience attention.

While images and text may succeed in attracting audience attention, it’s very likely that potential customers will tune out within a matter of minutes—if not seconds.

In contrast, people are 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad as opposed to a text or image-based poster.

In addition, there are also higher chances of audiences remaining engrossed in an audiovisual motion ad as opposed to a static image.

Imagine coming across a lifeless marketing ad that initially attracts your attention with a witty tagline but doesn’t offer anything more. Contrarily, a rich and expertly-produced marketing video that offers an engaging multisensory experience is more likely to keep you engaged.

Kenzo’s dynamic perfume ad starring Margaret Qualley is a brilliant example of video marketing done right.    

2. Video Content Drives More Traffic to Your Website

Brands that use video content enjoy 41% more web traffic than their competitors who choose to rely on text and image-based marketing campaigns.

With the average attention span depleting by the minute, audiences are actively on the lookout for content that informs, inspires, and moves them without taking up too much time.

Whether your target audience includes single mothers who are constantly on the run or college students struggling to balance their job and maintain a high GPA, ensuring conciseness is key.

Video content helps companies create compelling content that gives audiences exactly what they’re looking for without losing their attention. It’s one of the most effective tools for preventing customer attrition drain in the long run.

3. Video Content Strikes a Chord with Audiences

Struggling to create an authentic and heartfelt connection with your audience? Video content is a great way to strike a chord with potential customers without resorting to a plethora of strategies.

An effective explainer video, company culture video, or testimonial video can go a long way in establishing a genuine bond with the audience while providing them with the relevant information.

4. Video Content Increases Purchase Intent and Conversion Rate

According to research, over 85% of millennials have proceeded with an online purchase after watching a promotional video.

In addition, brands that leverage video content for promotional purposes witness a 120% increase in conversion rates.

While potential consumers may visit your website or social media page with the intent to purchase, it’s very likely that they’ll turn to a competitor if your page offers a bleak and unengaging experience.

To keep audiences gripped, it’s essential that you create compelling and enlivening videos that result in a purchase.

5. Video Content Prompts Shares

In a world that’s dominated by the power of social media, creating content that promotes shares is imperative.

Research indicates that video content produces 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

As potential customers engage with (and appreciate) your brand video, they’re more likely to share it with their friends/family on leading social media platforms and messaging applications like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp, among others.

Ready to take your marketing campaign to new heights with the power of video content? Check out our video production services to get started!

Our services extend across Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles. By covering all stages of pre-production, production, and post-production, we’ll ensure your video content is brilliantly conceptualized and created.

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5 Green Screen Tips to Make Your Brand Video Stand Out

According to research, video content represents over 80% of internet traffic. In addition, video content results in greater audience reach, engagement, and retention, thereby maximizing conversion rate and profit.

As leading businesses partner with professional video production and marketing companies for help, the industry has become more competitive than ever. Brands that fail to produce brilliant video marketing content not only notice a decline in Key Performance Indicators (KPI), but also witness deteriorating brand identity and growth.

Amid this cut-throat landscape, green screen videos have emerged as one of the most effective and popular tools to create powerful and engaging brand videos. Leading U.S. businesses—including Tesla and Apple—have produced immaculate green screen brand videos that have impacted their overall metrics and brand identity.

We’ve rounded up some green screen tips to help you leverage the technology for a cost-efficient, effective, and seamless brand video that grips audiences from the get-go.

1. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Lighting!

While you may think embarking on a green screen project requires minimal preparation, the reality is quite different.

While green screen technology allows brands to create a powerful video without shelling out thousands of dollars, it still requires sufficient aforethought and preparation.

For starters, you need to invest in strong lighting that makes your screen appear creaseless and vibrant. In addition, adequate lighting will also complement your actors, thereby making the project appear eye-catching and clear on camera.

While your lighting should be strong, we recommend taking extra care to prevent harshness. Aggressive lights could result in hot spots and unevenness that affects the quality and precision of the project.

Opt for soft and consistent LED lights that produce minimal heat yet provide sufficient glow.

Pro tip: If you have a bigger screen, you’ll require more lights. Get in touch with video production professionals to determine the ideal number of lights for your personalized project.

2. Use Props to Bring Your Green Screen Video to Life

Add depth, dimension, and dynamism to your project by using props!

As long as the color doesn’t clash with the green screen, you’re good to go. Give your actors realistic and engaging props to interact with to create harmonious activity that makes your video stand out. In contrast, letting your actor monotonously read a script while standing motionless is very likely to put audiences off.

Urge them to walk around and use the space efficiently. Create interesting scenarios to illustrate your story and pique audience interest and curiosity!

3. Review Your Footage as the Project Proceeds

Track your progress by repeatedly assessing the footage as you shoot the project. This will prevent unexpected shadows and odd placements from rendering your footage unusable.

We also recommend ensuring your subject is at a safe distance from the green screen to avoid shadows and awkward movement that interrupts the flow and vision of the video.

4. Choose the Right Software

Editing is one of the most crucial stages of green screen video production. Choose a multi-functional video editing software with ample features. Here’s some inspiration to help you get started.

5. Reach Out to an Expert Video Production Company with Experience in Green Screen Filming

Don’t want to risk creating a run-of-the-mill green screen video? Get in touch with professionals to put your project in good hands.

We offer expert brand video production services in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Los Angeles. With an experienced team that specializes in green screen filming, we’ll help you create a compelling and engaging video that attracts and retains audience attention.

5 Tips for Product Photography to Showcase the Best Your Brand Can Offer

At 336 Productions, we offer product photography as part of our production services, helping brands promote their products effectively and aesthetically.  

The purpose of product photography isn’t just to produce beautiful photos; it’s to show your products and increase their value. You get to show their utility, quality, finesse, and detailing. Clients get a close up of what they’re going to be paying for.

It’s crucial to do it right from the get-go. You want to put your best foot forward every time, given that consumers focus heavily on visuals and images. To make the most out of your product photography, be sure you’re doing the following:

1. Opt for a studio over a personal space

It might be tempting to shoot or photograph in your home or office, but sometimes those spaces or backgrounds don’t favor product photography. While people’s faces and backgrounds can be edited, it’s a lot more challenging to stay true to the product with heavy editing. With access to multiple backdrops, sets, and props, as well as greater control over the environment, and multiple tips and tricks that are common practices in product photography, a studio is far more favorable.

2. Focus on lighting for clarity

Studios help provide brighter, more professional lighting that looks more natural and helps lend authenticity to your product. Photographers and videographers can also help you play with shadows and colors, which would be limited without access to studios.

3. Add lifestyle shots

Lifestyle shots are one of the most effective ways to show how your product will look while in use. This not only shows the correct, practical use of it, it also entices viewers into wanting to own the product. It’s a great way to photograph whatever the product might be, whether it’s a sweatshirt or sunscreen. Seeing models and other people using/wearing it lends perspective.

4. Compare for scale

However, lifestyle shots aren’t always possible, in which case it helps to compare other objects for scale. Even if it’s your hand, a dinner plate, or a board, comparing the size of your product can help make it easier for customers to decide whether they want to purchase what you’re selling.

5. Pair and place multiple products

Additionally, you can also place multiple products as is commonly done when showing variation or a combination. For instance, the same design that’s available in four different colors can always be put beside each other to show the complete range, or you can pair a storage box with a matching bottle or bag to show more options.

Product photography and videography are creative endeavors that can be quite fun to work on. Hire our video production company in Riverside to get the best photo and video marketing content for your brand, helping the world see everything you have to offer!

Collaborations on Camera: Tips for Product Demonstration

These influencers and micro-influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and self-taught skilled professionals have made millions over the span of their careers, and brands across industries have had to keep up with their role in marketing content. 

If you’re looking to appeal to wider audiences and potential customers, especially those from a younger demographic, social media influencers and celebrity endorsements are always a sure shot. This is where PR meets video marketing.

Let’s go over some tips that can help make the process look seamless and get you the result you want:

Target the right influencers

This is a key aspect you need to figure out when working with influencers and social media celebrities. Who are the people you’re targeting? Are they relevant to your industry or your product? Can they provide a favorable and credible review? You wouldn’t call a lifestyle influencer in their early 20s to demonstrate a product intended for arthritis patients in their 60s, would you? Some of the categories (among dozens of others) are mom-bloggers, lifestyle influencers, tech-influencers and reviewers, food bloggers.

Market research –that we can asset with—can help identify focal public personalities that would aid your cause.

Incentivize them and build a rapport

It’s all about the rendezvous when it comes to endorsements. Gone are the days when you could pay anyone to say anything. Audiences are smarter and more critical than they were even a few years ago, with attention to detail and checking the credibility of each review. Assure them your service or product is of the best quality and invite them to try through PR packages, samples, and demos before they commit to being on camera.

Ask them to demonstrate the use of the product

Once they’re on board, getting product demonstrations is a great idea. You can do this with one expert influencer reviewing and demonstrating the use of your product, or you can experiment with the format. Perhaps other influencers can join them, and they can discuss their experience, or play a game, or guess how to correctly use it. Maybe they can focus on the special features of your product, giving viewers a demonstration of that. It’s all about creatively applying what you have to the context.

If you’re looking to work with influencers and create sales videos and other marketing content, reach out to us. Our team will help you strategize and execute your concept seamlessly, helping you get the ROI and conversions you need!

Why Diversity Is Crucial for Brand Image

For many businesses, especially those with the power of scale and access to a large workforce and multiple locations, it might not need to be a conscious decision to be diverse and inclusive. They can also get away with it effortlessly. But it’s not a great idea to wing it. It’s important to actively work to make your company more diverse because that’s in your best interests, especially when marketing to consumers, clients, other businesses and general audiences. 

Curious to know why? Here are a few reasons:

Diversity appeals to bigger markets

Diversity of all sorts is crucial in today’s day and age. Consumers are not the only clearer on where they stand; they also have plenty of alternatives to choose from. If your brand doesn’t give them what they want, someone else’s will. Representation is what people seek—and beyond just tokenism. A diverse workforce, a service that caters to various people, a product that benefits different social groups and marketing content that is sensitive, engaging and emotive are all the recipes for effective content creation. You want to show people they matter that they are seen, and someone cares about their needs too. People of different religions, racial or ethnic backgrounds, body types, different abilities, and so much more!

Your brand stands out as socially conscientious

If there’s anything people love, it’s supporting brands that show social intelligence and consciousness. Home businesses and small brands that have room to grow and build an image are the best candidates for this because they can always do this credibly, without dealing with the backlash that larger corporations get for appropriation.

Makes you a frontrunner for change

This also makes you an example in the best way possible. You gain authority in the industry, and other companies look to you for knowledge, ideas, and this automatically gives you an upper hand when marketing. People love brands that break away from problematized corporate practices such as unequal pay, racial profiling, gender discrimination, etc. and if you’re leading by example, you’ve already won.

It’s an opportunity for more revenue

Publicity and public image can make or break a brand, which is why so many companies spend millions of dollars a year on marketing and advertising. Diversity helps you break into various markets, and appeal to consumers with incredible buying power. If nothing else, it would be a grave mistake to miss out on this opportunity.

Let us help you in building an inclusive and diverse brand persona. Our riverside production company boasts an impressive team of professionals with insights, depth and fresh eyes so we can create the most engaging video marketing content for you.

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4 Ways Green Screens Can Be Used in Corporate Videos

Green screen technology has been around for decades now and has been used in film and T.V. to create many of the breathtaking effects that we enjoy so much. But you can also use this to create content for your brand.

Some of the best uses of green screens in corporate videos are:

1. Setting the mood and tone

Green screens can be used in the studio or even on-site to create and set the mood you’re going for. The tone of the content and the video can be channeled through the backdrop quite easily, allowing editors to work with what they have. Couldn’t find a location that was both visually appealing and filming friendly? We’ll help create it.

2. In case studies

This is especially helpful when shooting case studies or testimonials. You can’t relocate or move to different locations repeatedly, but it does help to bring all the people you want to feature and record in a single place and change the backdrop to show variation. This helps with product use and application, too, allowing viewers to see the product in action in various settings and locations.

3. When sharing data

When you want to share charts, statistics, information, and figures in the background of your video, or to show multiple images, green screens are the perfect solution. They take away the distraction of having to manage screens, change slides, and data representations by freeing you up and letting you address the audience comfortably. Companies wishing to pitch ideas, share the benefits of their service, or other research and analysis can benefit from this application immensely.

4. Adding effects and features

In general, if you wish to add more depth and variation to your content, playing with special effects, referring to other content or building content that’s humorous and in line with your brand image, ask us how green screens can be incorporated into your business video.

Especially if you’re creating video marketing content for social media platforms like YouTube, where high-quality production is the way forward, it will do you especially well to make use of these screens.

Save on production costs and time through the use of this incredible technology. Our editors will help create realistic and engaging content, backdrops, and data representations for your video content. Get in touch with us for video marketing services in Los Angeles. 

4 Reasons Why a You Should Invest in Product Demonstration

But things aren’t looking up, and people don’t seem too keen on buying it, and investors are hesitant about putting their money here. You might need the help of a professional production company like ours to get things going.

We specialize in producing high-quality corporate videos for different brands, including demonstration videos that can help your business. Product demos have long been around, giving potential buyers a taste or feel of whatever it is they’re being encouraged to buy, but now the medium has shifted from live demos and sampling to video because nearly 1.8 billion people across the world avidly shop online. Where else would they get information and clarification about the product they want?

Here’s how demo videos can help your brand:

1. They show the product does what it claims

This is the most basic function of these videos. They demonstrate what the product does and how it’s meant to be used. This is especially helpful for products that are more complex in function and make. Give your customers a look-see at the correct use of your product, so they can maximize its benefits.

2. They also highlight unique or key features

However, while you talk about the use and application of your product, a demo video is a perfect opportunity to show off your product too. Everything that makes it stand out or is unique in design, function, or aesthetic can be focused upon here, giving people a reference point to return to and a reminder of why they should choose your product over others.

3. They help you save on the cost of live sales demos

When asking people to attend a live demonstration, there has to be more than just the main demo. You’ll have to figure out logistics, refreshments, a sales pitch, and team, sampling, and much more. Additionally, instead of hiring separate sales reps and employees—which can cost you upwards of $4000 per year per person—you can record a demonstration video once and reuse it in multiple ways. For instance, on your social media, emails, and stores.

4. They are trackable, shareable and data-driven  

Videos are also easy to track thanks to analytics tools. You can see conversion rates, changes, and effectiveness of your demonstration videos, get feedback in real-time via forms, comment sections, and much more. This will help you bridge any gaps in the communication, work on product development, and other weak spots moving forward.

You can also get customers to share their demonstrations and create traction around the product through various marketing strategies such as hashtags, competitions, and generate shareable content. Think of Buzzfeed videos where people try products firsthand and discuss their opinions!

Got a great product that deserves to be noticed? Reach out to us! We’re a video production company serving clients in Los Angeles, CA, and other areas and can help you create the perfect product demonstration video.

5 Trends in Video Marketing for the Digital Age

These platforms create more videos every month than major U.S. networks have produced in 30 years and it’s about time brands who are late to the party show up.

If your company hasn’t produced a steady stream of video marketing content, now is the time to get on board. After all, 87% of all marketers use video as part of their strategy, and the CTR for video ads is 1.84%! We have the perfect suggestions and trends for you to do it:

1. Time spent watching videos this year will increase

Users spend just under 100 minutes each day consuming video content in 2019, and estimates claim the numbers are only bound to go up in 2020 and 2021. 

Although earlier estimates guessed 108 minutes a day dedicated to video watching, it will be interesting to see the impacts of the worldwide COVID-19-induced lockdown on video content consumption.

This means people will spend more time all through the day glued to a screen, including binging T.V. shows, films and—you guessed it—video marketing!

2. Personalization works

Personalization helps your product and marketing strategy feel less generic. Even if ten loyal subscribers are the ones receiving these personalized videos, they’re going to be easier to retain or convert to paying customers. Marketers have begun creating personalized content more than ever, targeting specific demographics and target markets with content that appeals to them and is relatable.

3. 360-degree video production

Technology is on your side this year, with the advent of AR, VR, and other forms of innovative video content that will allow you to experiment with form, produce 360 videos and much more. Platforms such as Facebook allow viewers to access this content without special devices, which means you can create fantastic content without worrying about the accessibility.

1. Influencer marketing 

Although we saw a dip and general critique of influencer marketing strategies in between, the trend is still running strong. It’s more complex than the earlier models of pure sponsorships, because consumers are more aware and thus, wary, but the audience has only grown.

4. Stories and live streams

Although often used by influencers and celebrities for endorsement purposes, businesses themselves can directly connect with audiences through live streams and shareable content. While a live stream is less structured, you can get professional video content generated to share with stories and to upload on social media platforms.  

336 Productions specializes in video content marketing that can help take your brand to the next level. We offer B2B video production services to businesses around Orange County and Riverside, helping create innovative video marketing content. Work with our production company to create shareable, engaging, and exciting content that will drive up conversions and audience engagement. Contact us to learn more. 

The Importance of Having a Solid Storyboard Before Production

It can be confusing to understand why these are necessary, to begin with, given that they require time and effort to make, but they’re actually quite an essential part of video marketing.

Storyboards are visual graphical depictions of what various shots will look like when telling the story your video aims to communicate. This can include close-ups (CU), long shots (LS), and other frames that will help the team—and you—see what the final result will look like.

But why exactly are storyboards so important for corporate and brand videos?

Let’s go over some of the benefits of having them:

Organize your thoughts and ideas better

Organization is the secret to success, no matter what you do. It’s a quintessential part of the pre-production process because storyboards set into motion the journey toward your final product.

They don’t just help the directors and producers, but you, the brand owner, or representative, also get to see what you’re getting. Understand the flow of the events, the story that’s being vocalized, and make changes according to that. They will also let you know how feasible and realistic your ideas are.

Envision what you’re paying for

Not only do you get to plan and organize, but you also get to envision things as they will be. The storyboard will give you a taste of the end result and allow you to envision the director’s vision as well as their plans and how your concepts are merging with theirs.

It’s a collaborative process that improves with communication and flexibility. Everyone comes on board before the project goes ahead, leading to greater satisfaction overall.

Preventable issues can be addressed pre-production

Is there anything that will hinder the production process? Your storyboard will help iron out many of these problems, including actors, location scouting, lighting requirements, and other logistical, budgetary, and conceptual problems that might arise later. Knowing exactly what to do, what the plan is, and how you’re going to go about it will make it easier to plan ahead of time and minimize or completely get rid of unnecessary issues and hang-ups.


Save time, money and effort

The clearer everything is, the easier and faster the actual production process will be, and seeing as how time is money, you avoid having to spend excess amounts because of delays and long-drawn out shoots. Filming will be quick and smooth, as will the editing process, ensuring that your video reaches you on time.

Are you still concerned about their importance to your corporate video? Give us a call, and we’d be happy to clear things up. You can also reach out to us for our business video production services in Los Angeles! 

In-Studio or On-Location: What’s Right For Your Brand?

Location scouting is one of the essential aspects of our video production services, but it is also one of the most challenging.

This is due to the fact that not all brands or companies are the same, which means a one-size-fits-all model won’t work for them either. We’re incredibly thorough with our work, making sure each brand gets exactly what’s right for them.

How do you choose what’s right for you?

When trying to choose a location, there are factors like the ambiance, aesthetics, accessibility, lighting, and sound that need to be considered. For different brands, this can mean different things. For instance, a brand that wants to depict lifestyle demonstrations, studios might be restrictive, but for those wanting to create testimonials, on-site shooting might be disruptive.

Some of the key determinants when picking a location include:

What your brand does

This is a basic but important question: what does your company do? It makes sense for some companies, such as investment banks, to shoot in studios, because setting up to reflect a corporate environment isn’t all that challenging, but if yours is a bakery, how will that be reflected in a studio with limited props and backdrops?

What do you want to highlight

Are you offering a product or a service? Are your product or service dependent on time and/or place, such as beauty services that are only available at your salon? Or do you have a product that needs to be demonstrated or photographed in a controlled setting?

Apart from the kind of service you offer, your brand image also matters. The ‘vibe’ of your company will dictate where you shoot, whether it’s your corporate office that needs to be featured or a company party that reflects on the company culture.

What type of video do you want to make

The nature of the video also varies and impacts what set is suitable for you. Can you film a live demonstration of your service in our studio? Possible, but might seem inauthentic. However, if you’d like to film a testimonial or case study, our studio would be easier to work with.

Each option offers pros and cons, including the cost—where on-site shooting can be cheaper than building sets—but time and effort are minimized through a studio setting. Studios also offer a lot more control over the environment, from the lighting to the access.

Keep your options open and work closely with our team to determine what works best for you. You can reach out to us here to know more about our extensive B2B video production services in Riverside