Script Writing: Why It Matters for Video Production

That’s what happens when you don’t have a script!

Being one of the leading video production companies in Los Angeles, we know that shooting a video without a script is much like building a house without blueprints—a sloppy shack with a shaky foundation, creaky floors, and a roof that’ll probably leak.

Without a script, any video production process is bound to fail. If the subject of the video is clueless about what to say and there’s no apparent coherence to the video, all the effort and resources you invested in this project go down the drain.

Let’s take a look at why scriptwriting is important and how it can transform any production process for the better.

It serves as a planning device for the video

Do you ever paint directly on the canvas before sketching the objects? Before you begin a masterpiece, you need a plan. Similarly, a script serves as a planning tool that describes what the video will be about and the direction it’ll take. From highlighting the locations of each scene to determining whether a voice over is a better idea or an onscreen narration, a script lays the fundamental foundations for any video production.

Other than that, it outlines how long the video will be and how descriptive it needs to be for a coherent delivery of your message.

It outlines the structure of the story

No matter what industry your business belongs to or what type of video production it is, you need a story structure; and this structure is made clear with the help of a script. From what happens in each shot to the order of all the scenes, a script gives the video production process a purpose—without which the video will be futile.

By solidifying the storyline, a script ensures that it incites a positive and emotional response from the audience, which will then propel them to engage with the brand.

It aids visual action

One of the most overlooked aspects of a script in video production is the way it helps with the visual action by providing a sense of direction. By mapping out every scene beforehand, the production team knows just what’s needed on the set as display or props.

For instance, if you’re shooting a promotional video, a script will talk about the placement of the product and how it complements the rest of the narration or the dialogue for an engaging experience.

Unfortunately, businesses that are looking to promote their products and services to strengthen their brand image are rarely able to find someone who’s equipped to handle the complex feat of scriptwriting.

If you’re in a similar situation and are looking for an expert screenwriter and a professional video production company all in one, 336 Productions can help you out.

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3 Key Digital Marketing Activities That Can Be Enhanced With Video

Here’s a model customer: her name is Susan, she works a very stressful full-time job, and is also completing college alongside. On top of that, she lives alone and has to take care of her house.

On an average day, Susan has work projects to see through, a senior year thesis to work on, and a personal life to manage. In the midst of this chaos, if someone (let’s say a business such as yours) wants Susan’s attention, how do you proceed?

Does an audience with days like those painted above care to go through lengthy articles, written ads, or sales-y emails?

Maybe—but they’re more likely to skim through them and hop on over to more interesting stuff (like Money Heist!)

So what do you do?

You give them something that won’t overwhelm them!

In 2020 digital marketing, video is the new digital overlord. So let’s talk about three digital marketing activities that can be enhanced with video.

Content Marketing Activities

We like to say that content marketing is the backbone of all marketing.

Think about it, how else do you convince clients that you know what you’re talking about, establish trust, build sales funnels, etc.?

But content marketing isn’t limited to blog posts, articles and web copy.

Invest in video, and you’re thrust into a whole new world of ideas that are painted artfully and structured content that is easier to consume.

If you’re looking to move your content marketing toward video, a good starting point is to try and turn your blog posts into bite-sized, consumable videos that are easy to understand and fun to watch.

Social Media Marketing

Scroll through Facebook and try to count the number of videos you see in one minute.

Ready? Go!

We’re guessing the answer is a lot.

Social media is getting more and more saturated with video content day by day. You know why? Because people appreciate consuming content that is fun, interesting, and easy to understand.

Incorporating video in your social media strategy can get you the attention your business needs to unlock its next big achievement.

Paid Advertisements And Promotions

Text adverts are great—but it’s best if we leave them in the era they worked in—the 90s.

Videos work to bring in those conversions in, because they are short, concise, interesting and compel the reader into taking an action.

The average consumer today doesn’t have the time or energy to process written copy, given their work routines—they’d rather be entertained by a video.

So here’s a brand new goal for your 2020 paid promotions plan: aim to entertain the user!

The bottom line is that whether you’ve been operating in the field for a long time, or are just starting out after chasing your passion, there will always be ways to improve and things to learn.

Be it social media growth, content marketing or email campaigns, we highly recommend video. And if you’re on the lookout for a reputed video marketing company in San Diego to lend a helping hand with executing your plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!  

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New Year, New Strategy: Video Marketing Plans In 2020

But here’s a curveball: did you put business growth in your New Year’s resolutions? Could 2020 be a turning point for your brainchild? Maybe it’s when you’ll realize the potential of video marketing and take your video game up a few notches.

Here’s a complete guide to creating a foolproof video marketing plan for 2020.

Overview: What Does Your Content Performance Look Like Right Now?

Before you even create a marketing plan, you need to assess where you’re standing right now. If you have analytics set up for your business, generate a detailed report so you can have an overview of your numbers. 

Go over your current content and performance metrics, and figure out what kind of content your audience is most interested in, and what’s not popular.

Making Decisions: What Needs To Change

After you’ve gone through your current data, based on your evaluation, decide what needs to change.

For example, you need to stop focusing on content pieces that show a high bounce rate and create more content that’s engaging, because this can lead to them sticking around long enough to visit other pages on your website.

Evaluate Your Video Marketing Budget

Once you know your focus areas, get a hold of your budget sheet and figure out how much you can afford to spend on video marketing.

Think activities such as video creation, copy-writing, editing, consulting, distribution and tools. According to your budget, come up with a suitable plan to proceed.

Use this data to come up with an effective video marketing plan that is guaranteed to turn things around for your business on the growth front.

All set to creating an absolutely smashing video marketing plan to kill it with your promotions and advertisements on social media? We hope the year comes with many awesome surprises!

However, before we sign off, we’d like to make a suggestion; if you’re serious about going big on video in 2020, it might be worth it to get a professional video production firm on board.

It helps cut down on resources, costs, and workload, making the entire process a lot easier. If you’re looking for a video marketing company in San Diego, feel free to reach out to us.  

We are a full-service Los-Angeles-based video marketing company that deals with all kinds of corporate and brand video projects. Here’s a list of our services.

3 New Year Video Ideas For Your Business

Here are three New Year video ideas you can try out for your business.

Year-End Recap

A fun and informative recap video is a great way to highlight not just your company’s achievements, milestones, and so much more. It offers you the chance to top off the holiday season with a bang. Showing your audience all the positives with as much honesty as possible goes a long way in making your clientele feel happy about doing business with you.

If you aren’t exactly sure what all you should show in your year-end recap video, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • If your company introduced new products or services this year, why not remind your audience about the latest you’re offering? Try your best to avoid making the whole thing seem like a sales pitch, though. Subtlety is key.
  • What milestones did your company reach in the year? What makes them important enough to show them to your audience?
  • Did any of your team members achieve awards? How can you depict their achievements interestingly?
  • How did your company take the initiative to help communities?  

Ultimately, you know your company best. Every company has a unique identity with individuals that shape it. Tap into that, and see what’s worth celebrating. Keep the mood fun, light, and festive, and make sure to tease what’s to come in the new year.


A behind-the-scenes video showcasing your company’s progress allows your audience to view the people behind the products and services they know and love. They get to see how your company designs, develops, and produces  

Consider a montage of short clips showing how your office space evolved over time. You could pick a theme for the year and focus on how it changed throughout the year.

New Year Greeting

You could, of course, go the traditional route and simply greet your audience a happy New Year.

The thing about greetings, though, is that people hate long ones. Our professional opinion is to keep your video short, sweet, and to the point. You only need to share a short message, not overstay your welcome. The purpose of this video is simply to show your audience that they matter and you’re thinking of them.

If you’re considering creating a fun, creative and professional-looking New Year video for your company, look no further. We are an award-winning full-service corporate video production company based in Orange County. We provide local video services for Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego.

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4 Ways To Create Company Culture Videos To Delight Audiences

A positive company culture allows businesses to both focus on long-term goals and foster the kind of environment or culture where they can be realized.

For companies that are looking to attract new team members, a company culture video is one of the best ways to do so.

Potential employees need to see that your company is worth the risks that come with switching jobs. Does your company have a relaxed environment for employees to work in? Is it innovative? Does it take risks? Are their opportunities for growth? You can answer a whole lot of these questions and more with a company culture video.

Openness Is The Key

Break out a pen and notebook and write down the following questions:

  • What does my company stand for?
  • What are my team’s values?
  • What are the traits I’m looking for in new team members?
  • What direction do I want my company to take in the foreseeable future?

Once you’ve answered these questions, find ways to depict them visually. Show your company as it is. If your team works best comfortably sitting on beanbags, show that.

If your team members like to sip coffee and go about their days at their desks, be honest about that as well.   

One Story at a Time Works; Too Many Don’t Work

When making your company culture video, it’s crucial that you pick an angle. An unfocused video is a surefire way to lose your audience’s interest. Telling too many stories at a time can get incredibly distracting. After all, narratives are best absorbed when presented one at a time.

You could tell it through the eyes of the CEO or an intern. Maybe a customer. The point is to keep it simple and not have too much going on.

The takeaway? Transition between different stories if you’re showing more than one. Don’t splice them together like a collage.

Highlight a Product or Service

Visually depicting a product or service that your company offers is a fantastic way to bring focus to your company culture video. Centering a product also has the potential to bring about tangible benefits to your bottom line.

Make sure the video highlights the product’s/service’s unique features. Be informative and creative when demonstrating how it solves issues that people commonly experience. Keep your audience in mind and adjust your tone accordingly.

Use Music To Your Advantage

Go ahead, try imagining a good movie, ad, or trailer without music. The chances are, you can’t. If your goal is to get the most out of your production, you can’t not have music accompanying the video. Music keeps audiences engaged by stirring emotion. And emotion is the catalyst you need to sell your company.

If you’re considering creating a professional-looking company culture video that highlights the best your company has to offer, look no further. We are an award-winning full-service corporate video production company based in Orange County. We provide local video services for Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego.

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How To Use Video To Close More Deals

If you’re reading this, chances are you haven’t successfully tapped into the sales-generating potential of video content. No matter the industry, video content is essential to marketing your brand and its products and services.

If you’re skeptical of the power of video, know that 54 percent of prospects want marketers to use video content. Still not convinced? Videos in outreach efforts can increase click rate by 140 percent.

Here’s how you can use videos to boost your sales.

Personalize Videos

Personalizing your videos by using a smartphone, tablet, or webcam to record thank you notes to your prospects. If you don’t have an overwhelming number of prospects, make sure your sales team records a video for each prospect. Adding your prospect’s name has the potential to increase views by 3 times.

Make a YouTube Channel

YouTube has a staggering 2 billion logged-in monthly viewers. Ignoring such a powerful platform for your marketing strategies is criminal. Uploading your videos to YouTube makes it extremely easy to share them on other platforms and websites. Both embedding and linking make for intuitive use. Once your videos are up on YouTube, you won’t need to make them again.

Tap into Social Media

The past decade has seen social media become an Internet tour de force. Its marketing potential has skyrocketed because it keeps brands fresh and present in the minds of users. Make sure to tailor your content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube according to their audiences and restrictions. And post EVERY DAY!

Your Website Needs Videos Too

With content bombarded at people from every angle, they crave information that’s both entertaining and to the point. No one wants to be hit with long chunky paragraphs when they visit a website.

Make the traffic to your website count by including video messages that are colorful, appealing, and simple to digest. Keep the videos short and sweet. Use soft music that complements your message. Short and informative messages should lead to more clicks on your services pages and more calls.

If you’re considering creating great video content to boost your sales, you’ve come to the right place.  We are an award-winning full-service corporate video production company based in Orange County. We provide pre-production, production, and post-production services for Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, and San Diego.

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4 Ways to Use Video for the Consideration Stage

The number is expected to increase to 82% by next year alone!

Video content is engaging, exciting and shareable. These features are the reason why it’s thriving as the most popular means of marketing today. While you may understand the marketing value of video content, it’s easy to go about things the wrong way and end up with poor sales and brand reach.

Here are some ways you can use videos to your advantage for brilliant visual and thematic content that hooks your audience from the get-go.

Understand the Consideration Stage

Your audience experiences your brand in three stages—awareness, consideration and decision—also commonly known as the buyer’s journey.

While the first two stages are important in making a great first impression and ending with a memorable pitch, the middle stage carries all the bulk. Understanding its importance and acting accordingly is a crucial part of creating video content that attracts and retains your audience’s attention.

During the consideration stage, your audience has identified its problems and is actively seeking solutions. As a video content creator, you need to communicate why your products or services are the best options in the market in an easy, exciting and engaging manner.

Try out one of these three video ideas:

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way of conveying a decent amount of information without boring the intended audience. They typically run under two minutes or less and include an overview of the issue followed by a solution and a call to action.

To remove unwanted traces of complexity, opt for animated videos and easy-to-follow graphics that keep your audience gripped throughout.

2. Product/Service in Action

Give your audience a glimpse of what they would experience as a customer of the product or service.

Exhibit features and functionality in practice while keeping the video short, fun and easy-to-follow.

Pro tip: Avoid including technical detail at all costs! Convert complex and hard-to-digest ideas into engaging graphics and voiceovers. If simplifying the concept seems too challenging, it’s best to exclude it altogether.


Conveying information through testimonials is a great way to get your message across while simultaneously building trust and support. Conversational videos also tend to go down well with most audiences because of their likability and reliability. While you want to ensure your video testimonials include some basic information, focus on keeping them fun and short for the most part.

Ready to get started on a brilliant video campaign that grabs people’s attention for all the right reasons? It’s time to turn to a professional video production company in Los Angeles that knows what works and can make it happen.

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Video Testimonials—Have You Heard How Important They Are?

If you want your video content to grab people’s attention and increase visibility for your brand, you’ll have to think outside the box and employ new tactics.

One of the best ways to create video content that stands out is by using video testimonials. Here are some ways they’ll fit right into your brand strategy and storyline while increasing audience engagement and conversions.

1. Easy Way to Build Trust

All buyer-seller relationships are built on the foundation of trust. If a brand seems oddly suspicious or dishonest, it’s very likely that nobody will feel comfortable moving forward with a purchase.

The sooner you’re able to establish strong credibility, the better. Video testimonials do just that without boring audiences.

Pick confident and assertive leads for your testimonials, so your audience feels comfortable developing a strong sense of trust. Keep the testimonial short and to-the-point to prevent viewers from tuning out.

2. Appeal to Emotions

Video testimonials also give your audience a chance to build an emotional connection with your content. While a fast-paced video showcasing your product/service is a good way to create a brand video, it will fail to impact people in the same way a series of testimonials will.

Remember that your audience is human and ultimately craves interactive content. Testimonials are instantly ‘likable’ because they build a virtual human connection with the intended audience. This translates into a greater urge to act on the impulse to buy.

3. The Right Amount of Information

Video testimonials allow you to communicate just the right amount of information without making things complicated or dull.

While most video content can overwhelm viewers with information overload causing them to tune out, a short and lively testimonial will keep your audience actively engaged. You’ll be able to share important features and details without worrying about losing your audience.

4. Greater Exposure

Online visibility is one of the biggest boosts a brand could get. With visually-absorbable content taking over the world of social media, it’s essential that your brand recognizes this need and caters to it.

The more visual your branding strategy is, the better the results.

Video testimonials are the perfect way of creating visually dynamic content that strikes a chord with your audience. They’ll feel a greater impulse to share your content, resulting in greater exposure for your brand. While video content of your product or service could be effective, it lacks human interactivity, which reduces its ability to connect with the intended audience visually.

Kick start your marketing campaign by getting in touch with a professional video production company that understands the latest video and branding trends in LA. We specialize in creating engaging content that will transform your brand reach, growth and sales.

4 Ways to Use Videos for Brand Awareness

In a world governed by technology and visualization, the best way to get your message across is to capitalize on the trend of digitalization. It doesn’t only catch people’s attention—it sells.

While some people have caught on to the trend and began investing in professional video production, others are still struggling to put two and two together.

Read on for four ways you can make your brand reach new heights by using the power and popularity of videos.

1. Recognize and Understand Your Audience

You’ve understood the importance of producing video content. The next step is targeting your audience.

Without demographic recognition and understanding, your video content will not be tailored accordingly. This could lead to a dramatic decrease in sales and brand reputation as your audience will fail to connect with your message.

The best way to get started is to develop a deep understanding of who you’re working for, so you can grasp what they’re interested in and cater to it. Ask yourself basic yet necessary questions regarding their language, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Be inclusive and build subsets within your audience. Invest time researching trends and produce customized content that targets most people in your biggest subset.

Your ultimate goal should be producing video content that connects with as much of your audience as possible.

2. Stand Out!

Remember that the large majority of individuals who engage with video content have short attention spans—most of them millennials. If your content isn’t creative, original, attention-grabbing and shareable, it’s unlikely that anyone will engage with it.

Think outside the box and develop novel ideas and strategies with strong shock value. Avoid generic and easily forgettable scripts and concepts. Your goal is to pique your audience’s attention, so they continue to watch your video.

3. Keep Things Short and Snappy

With busy schedules and increasingly hectic lives, people simply don’t have the time to engage with everything—even content they find interesting. Your job isn’t just to counter their boredom; you also have to counter their lack of time.

Keep things short, snappy and exciting. While your video may start off strong and engage your audience, they’re very likely to tune out if it’s long. Get to the point as quickly as possible and don’t overwhelm your audience with unnecessary and draining information.

Pro tip: Avoid repetition at all costs!

4. Accelerate Your Promotion Game

Marketers are big on the 80/20 rule, which establishes that 80% of a video creator’s time should be spent on marketing while the remaining 20% should be spent on actually creating the video content.

Follow this religiously.

Use social media to your advantage, especially popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. E-mail customers if necessary. Branch out as much as possible! Try to optimize your message across different devices as well for greater reach.

Have the information you needed but don’t have the resources to make it happen? Our experienced team will take care of all your professional video production needs in Los Angeles. Get in touch with us now to grow your brand and reach new heights.

What Types of Videos Can Influence B2B Buying Decisions?

Professional video production is at the centre of brilliant marketing. 76% of companies now use videos to attract and retain the attention of B2B customers.

While videos hold immense purchasing power, it’s important to compartmentalize different audiences and target them accordingly. Applying the same strategy to B2B and B2C customers is a recipe for disaster.

B2B vs. B2C: Why Does It Matter?

A lot of businesses tend to have a single video marketing strategy for all customers—consumers and businesses. This can be detrimental as consumers and businesses think differently.

B2B (business-to-business) marketing needs to be logic-driven, whereas B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing works best when appealing to emotions through simple, fun and easy messaging.

As opposed to individual consumers, businesses are already in the game and understand its workings. To win them over, your video content needs to be professional, industry-oriented and feature-based.

Focus on educating as opposed to entertaining.

Read on for five types of B2B marketing videos that will not only boost your brand but also accelerate sales.

1. Videos That Ditch The Sales Pitch

A brand video with a plethora of sales pitches and attention-grabbing gimmicks may go viral and sit very well with consumers but it’s best to avoid this strategy when targeting businesses.

The intention behind creating thrilling video content for individual consumers is attracting their attention. This isn’t the case when it comes to businesses. They’re already watching your video because there was a strong need to. Luring them in with exciting and compelling video content will achieve nothing and they’re likely to click off.

While you should keep the graphics clean and visually engaging, avoid going over-the-top like you would for individual consumers.

2. Videos With Information Galore

Unlike individual consumers, businesses are seeking expertise.

Provide as much relevant information as possible without making the video too long or dry. While you’re targeting businesses, they’re still humans at the end of the day. They may have longer attention spans than average consumers, but that doesn’t grant you the freedom to produce a 10-minute video.  

3. Industry-Specific Videos

While you may not get into industry jargon and trends when targeting individual consumers, this is something you definitely want to focus on when targeting businesses.

Your video should cover all significant industry bases. Offer insider knowledge, if possible, to showcase your expertise and experience.

4. Videos That Prioritize Features Over Benefits

Your B2B video marketing strategy should be feature-oriented as opposed to benefit-oriented. Inform businesses of what you offer, not how they’ll benefit from it—they already know that.

For instance, if you sell fruit yogurt, a feature would mention that the yogurt is ‘packed with protein,’ whereas a benefit would state it will make you ‘more satisfied’.

Avoid resorting to attention-grabbing benefits and state clean and crisp features. Businesses are likely to put two and two together themselves.

5. Videos That Focus on Long-Term Benefits Over Short-Term Satisfaction

Businesses are looking for a long-term investment. While you may get away with a video that focuses on short-term benefits when targeting individual consumers, this strategy is unlikely to work for businesses.

For instance, if you’re selling lotion, refrain from stating the obvious. As opposed to claiming the product will ‘make the skin softer,’ state that it will ‘prevent skin dryness’ in the long run.

Want more insight into how to bring your B2B video strategy to life? Get in touch with 336 Productions—one of the leading video production companies in Los Angeles. Not only will they create high-quality and effective content for your idea, but they’ll also use their experience and expertise to tweak it so you’re geared with the best.