Things to Remember When Developing Your Next Training Video

Video training is a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to live training for a lot of companies. Live training for your employees can get a bit expensive, especially if your staff is spread out in multiple geographical regions. Video training allows companies to train the whole workforce in a uniform and practical manner.

What Brands Should Consider When Developing Their Next Training Video

It goes without saying that you don’t have to be a marketing guru to know about the importance of video marketing. With 9 in 10 Americans relying on the internet to keep in touch with the world, the evidence of the importance of video content isn’t surprising.

But most businesses focus on creating the perfect promo video for their clients. They often forget that their employees are their biggest asset. Your workforce is one of the biggest factors in your company’s success.

Can You Change The Scope Of Your Video?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Planned to go to lunch with a friend? The restaurant is closed.

Have to give a speech at the corporate event? You get a flu.

Want a television commercial? The budget is triple what you can spend.

These are just some examples of something unexpected happening and having to be flexible.

Are You Using These Stellar Video Concepts For Your Brand?

Unfortunately, it seems ideas never come to us when we need them to. They always come at the most random time. You’re sitting alone, minding or own business or sipping your favorite brand of coffee; you’re just trying to relax and before you know it, boom! An idea sneaks into your mind!

You’re trying to sleep. It’s 3AM and you have an important meeting at 8. Suddenly, your mind is brimming with ideas. Vibrant concepts that you imagine discussing with your boss during the meeting.

But once you’re sitting in the room with the entire team, your mind goes blank.

Here’s Why Video Metrics Are More Important Than Views

Whoa, our YouTube campaign crossed 2 million views!

You’re definitely celebrating that success, especially after working on the video campaign for months!  It was the result of blood, sweat, and tears. You put your all into it and finally, it’s paid off!

Or has it?

Do YouTube views really mean that your brand has successfully penetrated through the market and grabbed the attention of viewers? It might. But views aren’t the only measure of success.

3 Things to Be Aware of Before Shoot Day

So you’re script is locked, the location is ready to go, and the cast and crew are set. You and your video vendor are ready to shoot the commercial you’ve been working on for months.

Your commercial is going to be brilliant!

And it probably will be, but pre-production is just one part of a three part phase.  Let’s consider some things to consider the day(s) before production:

Does Your Brand Need Animation?

According to research, the average visitor will only stay for 10–20 seconds if your website has nothing compelling to offer.

And the first few seconds are critical to convincing your potential clients why they should invest in your services.

So when you have such a short amount of time, a visually attractive website isn’t going to cut. A fancy font and beautiful images aren’t enough to retain attention.

Thousands of Brands Are Using Video Marketing—Are You?

We no longer live in an era where colorful posters dominate the streets. They were placed carefully on the windows of shops and pubs, with clever one-liners and powerful call-to-actions, “CALL US TODAY!”

Next came the era of billboards and commercials, and now we have video billboards and walls.

The world of marketing is changing rapidly. Consumers want more information but don’t want to spend time reading chunks of text or watching long, boring videos.