Featured Video: The FFSI Project

Last year, FSSI, a document outsourcing company offering third-party print-mail services, reached out to us looking for a local video vendor to produce an “About Us” video.  They needed a video that not only talked about their services, but also showcased their culture.  We were thrilled when they selected us as their video partner.

Understanding Why Short-Form Videos Are The Future

Consumption At An All Time High

Today the social media generation consumes more videos than ever & to cater to their limited-attention spans, the market is rapidly moving toward short-form videos.

A Consumer Focused Advertisement Avenue

Brands are moving further away from direct advertising, whose metrics are hard to calculate, and into original video content that increases engagement and brand loyalty.

Is It Normal to Hire Professional Actors for a Corporate Video?

Many of us don’t realize the hard work that goes into acting until we’re facing a camera, trying to deliver memorized dialogue naturally or articulate our thoughts. So, of course, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise when companies hire professional actors to play a part in their corporate videos.

Your employees might be great at their job, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be great talking about it or performing an action comfortably on camera.

Sweaty palms, shaky voice, stuttering sentences, incoherent rambling—as a video vendor specializing in corporate and brand videos, we’ve seen it all.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about being filmed at work. In fact, a lot of these nerves come from self-conscious concerns about your appearance, body language, voice, and personality.

For many companies, hiring actors solve the problem of having to feature people confidently talking about the company on camera, and corporate videos production companies are pros at finding the right actors for industrial videos.

Give Your Website’s Sales Video A Boost And Make Easier To Find


Have you ever tried observing an audience in the middle of an intensely moving or entertaining film playing in a dark theater? Sitting in the front row, looking back at those faces filled with delight or fear or tension, truly basking in the safe haven of collective imagination we call the cinema. It’s a powerful and persuasive experience.

Filmmakers don’t make movies just for themselves, they make them for the masses. Why? Because the want to share a story with someone, hopefully millions of someones. Their project remains incomplete without a reciprocal relationship with the outside world, with strangers who can equally partake in their work by translating the moving images into speculative reality. One of guide to the great joys about putting your blood and sweat into creating something special is the ability to share it with a multitude of unsuspecting individuals who are floored by what they witness.

What’s Your Video Marketing Strategy? Moving Above & Beyond YouTube

Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to get thousands of views on your company’s professionally produced promotional video. You’re probably ready to celebrate, right? The celebration might be premature. Here’s one thing you should probably take a moment to consider: while your video may be a major hit – is it hit with the right people, i.e., yourtarget audience?

Why YouTube Matters – and Yet Isn’t Quite Enough!

There’s no denying the fact that in your video marketing strategy, YouTube plays a critical role. It is, after all, the second largest search engine next to Google; and so, a very critical role indeed. However, the tragedy of the situation is that many people rely on YouTube as their only video marketing strategy tool. At the end of the day, you’re not quite sure if your video was viewed by potential customers with a genuine interest in your offering, or simply folks on the internet who stumbled upon your video but have no real interest in your product or service.

Here are some ways to promote your videos using various other video marketing strategies:

1.  Get Your Video Noticed By Google

This is also referred to as the search engine optimization. And why have we chosen Google? Because, well, quite frankly, it is the King of all search engines, and the Internet.Google operates in a way to allow its advanced algorithms to “crawl” through the internet finding content that is most relevant to the keywords entered by the users. Focus on developing a title of the video, a little description where the video is displayed, and use keywords that are relevant to the content and audience. Furthermore, adding a link to your website is recommended to drive traffic onto your site. Finally, anotheraspect that is quite beneficial on SEO grounds isclosed captioning.

2.  Promote It On Your Website

Thismight seem quite obvious. However, many markers believe that corporate videos need to be on social media alone, and not on their company website. Your video is more likely to be viewed than the content of your website; hence publishing a video there might be a great strategy.

3.  Share On Other Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Pintrest, Instagram, DailyMotion, and much more – give your video a chance to go viral by publishing it on various other social media platforms for exposure.

4.  Write a Blog Post About It

Blogging is a great content marketing strategy. Combine the power of content marketing and video marketing. Talk about it in your company blog. Build interest, intrigue and the aura of mystery. Make your audience want to see the video!

Whether you’re looking for B2B video in Orange County or event video production, get the professionals to take charge! From conceptualization to completion, we are artists and business people who have a never-ending passion for video and innovative solutions, producing content for TV, web or DVD. Call us today, at (888) 440-5830.

Steps On Getting Started On Your Case Study Video

Steps On Getting Started On Your Case Study Video

It’s a jaded world, and your customers – whether they’re businesses or individual customers – are looking for some authenticity, originality and honesty when choosing products and services. Video case studies have a way of adding that dependability and integrity to your marketing plan and sales strategy in a world where customers have grown weary the old, same-sounding written testimonials. Put faces and personalities to those written testimonials and case studies with video.

Force of Fascination – Capturing Your Audience In Video Production

Force of Fascination – Capturing Your Audience In Video Production

Through the intricate web and perpetuity of online transaction, it is near impossible to overcome online obscurity. Getting noticed is more than simply “gaining attention.” It’s not about out of the box thinking anymore; it’s going beyond that. Where the bounds of content marketing limit, video marketing begins. With this platform comes forth a chance to break the box wide open!