Employee Training Videos: 4 Reasons Why It’s Your Best Medium

Whether you have employees who have been a part of your organization for years, or “newbies” who are still learning best practices, standardized training is essential. It’s a way to motivate your employees, and prep your business for long term success.

There are many different way to learn, and one size doesn’t fit all, but video makes the greatest impact when it comes to training your employees.

3 Ways A Short Film Helps You Stand Out

There is acopious amount of competition in business and even though video marketing has become quite an effective tool, it is possible for your video to go unnoticed and not have the impact that you were aiming for.

If you’ve produced videos in the past, and want to try something new to generate excitement and buzz, consider creating a short film. Just like the full length feature films you’re familiar with, these films are narratives that feature actors in a story complete with conflict and resolution. Jonnie Walker produced a great example of this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ7kWpTrtJw. It stars Jude Law, and has over 11 million views! While the film doesn’t feel corporate in any way, there’s lots of Jonnie Walker product placement and brand awareness.

Here’s some reasons you might want to consider producing a short film:

Generate Buzz

The simple notion of a business producing a short film is interesting and different. People are curious about what a company has to say with a film: “Why would Company X make a movie?” That alone will generate buzz. You can go further though, and release a trailer months or weeks before the release of the film.


Since it’s a short film, you have the chance to use as much creative freedom as possible. You can use much more creativity than you would otherwise be allowed in traditional types of business videos. You can experiment with new ideas or overlook the technicalities, because the goal with a short film is to entertain.You can go with any genre, and the tone can be humorous or dramatic. Just find a way to build your companies mission, values, goals, or products into the script without being too heavy-handed or obvious.

Easier to Market

Perhaps the most positive aspect associated with short films is the fact that their marketing is much less expensive and it is much easier to achieve a high number of views.Because short films can be marketing as “fun” you can take your marketing efforts to places you might not have gone before. For example, YouTube pre-roll ads or movie theatrepre-roll ads.Furthermore, using a large budget for a short film – if you can afford it – allows you to make a film that can be exceptionally successful.

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