Ayres Hotels – Promo and Orientation Videos


We produced two videos for Ayres Hotels. The first video was a promo video for use on their website and video sharing sites like YouTube. The second video was an employee orientation video used to teach employees about the company’s history and excite them as they begin their careers with Ayres Hotels.

During pre-production, we visited several Ayres hotels to determine which ones we’d be filming at. We collaborated on the scripts with Ayres to make sure they were on message and engaging. We cast all the talent featured in the promo video, as well as the voice-over actor.

Production lasted a few days at two Ayres hotels in Orange County.

In post, we presented Ayres with cuts of the videos at different stages so they could approve the elements and provide feedback.

It was an awesome experience producing corporate videos for a client who’s not only famous throughout So Cal, but for a hotel who we often stay at, and love!


Ayres Hotels


19 March 2015

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