SAP – Corporate Video Series


We were approached by SAP and asked to create a campaign for the BCM software that would create excitement for the product, and educate viewers about its function and purpose. SAP wanted to distribute the videos on the web and use them internally as well, at conferences and in presentations. 336 worked with SAP to create three concepts that had similar a theme. Once the scripts were approved, 336 casted the project, assembled a crew, and secured locations. 336 worked closely with a team at SAP to make sure the videos stayed true to SAP’s strong brand identity and philosophy. 336 jumped into post-production when production wrapped, and started to mold the footage into videos that would exceed SAP’s expectations. The music, cuts, effects, graphics, color, and audio all came together, bringing the scripts potential to the screen.




03 November 2010

The Compass - Official Film Trailer
336 Productions - Client Testimonial: JSE Enterprises

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