The Firm Directory – Explainer Video


Neudesic’s The Firm Directory is the experience discovery system that helps law firms quickly find the right people in their firm to effectively tackle each unique client matter. Neudesic knew they need an explainer video for their website and marketing efforts that explained The Firm Directory in a simple and powerful way. We’ve worked with Neudesic on nearly a dozen video projects, so we were excited to produce another video for them.

First, we established the concept – a motion-graphics explainer video that told the story of a law firm needing to update their antiquated method of finding the right lawyers (be it for a case or to prepare a proposal) in their firm quickly and easily. With the concept set, we had a script meeting with the Neudesic team. Together, we produced a rough outline, then a first draft. Once the script was locked, we started creating the custom graphics, animating, casting the voice-over artist, and working on the sound and music mix until the video was complete.

Neudesic has had great success with the video and uses it in sales presentations and online.




May 2015

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