3 New Year Video Ideas For Your Business

Here are three New Year video ideas you can try out for your business.

Year-End Recap

A fun and informative recap video is a great way to highlight not just your company’s achievements, milestones, and so much more. It offers you the chance to top off the holiday season with a bang. Showing your audience all the positives with as much honesty as possible goes a long way in making your clientele feel happy about doing business with you.

If you aren’t exactly sure what all you should show in your year-end recap video, here are some ideas to get you started.

  • If your company introduced new products or services this year, why not remind your audience about the latest you’re offering? Try your best to avoid making the whole thing seem like a sales pitch, though. Subtlety is key.
  • What milestones did your company reach in the year? What makes them important enough to show them to your audience?
  • Did any of your team members achieve awards? How can you depict their achievements interestingly?
  • How did your company take the initiative to help communities?  

Ultimately, you know your company best. Every company has a unique identity with individuals that shape it. Tap into that, and see what’s worth celebrating. Keep the mood fun, light, and festive, and make sure to tease what’s to come in the new year.


A behind-the-scenes video showcasing your company’s progress allows your audience to view the people behind the products and services they know and love. They get to see how your company designs, develops, and produces  

Consider a montage of short clips showing how your office space evolved over time. You could pick a theme for the year and focus on how it changed throughout the year.

New Year Greeting

You could, of course, go the traditional route and simply greet your audience a happy New Year.

The thing about greetings, though, is that people hate long ones. Our professional opinion is to keep your video short, sweet, and to the point. You only need to share a short message, not overstay your welcome. The purpose of this video is simply to show your audience that they matter and you’re thinking of them.

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4 Ways to Use Video for the Consideration Stage

The number is expected to increase to 82% by next year alone!

Video content is engaging, exciting and shareable. These features are the reason why it’s thriving as the most popular means of marketing today. While you may understand the marketing value of video content, it’s easy to go about things the wrong way and end up with poor sales and brand reach.

Here are some ways you can use videos to your advantage for brilliant visual and thematic content that hooks your audience from the get-go.

Understand the Consideration Stage

Your audience experiences your brand in three stages—awareness, consideration and decision—also commonly known as the buyer’s journey.

While the first two stages are important in making a great first impression and ending with a memorable pitch, the middle stage carries all the bulk. Understanding its importance and acting accordingly is a crucial part of creating video content that attracts and retains your audience’s attention.

During the consideration stage, your audience has identified its problems and is actively seeking solutions. As a video content creator, you need to communicate why your products or services are the best options in the market in an easy, exciting and engaging manner.

Try out one of these three video ideas:

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way of conveying a decent amount of information without boring the intended audience. They typically run under two minutes or less and include an overview of the issue followed by a solution and a call to action.

To remove unwanted traces of complexity, opt for animated videos and easy-to-follow graphics that keep your audience gripped throughout.

2. Product/Service in Action

Give your audience a glimpse of what they would experience as a customer of the product or service.

Exhibit features and functionality in practice while keeping the video short, fun and easy-to-follow.

Pro tip: Avoid including technical detail at all costs! Convert complex and hard-to-digest ideas into engaging graphics and voiceovers. If simplifying the concept seems too challenging, it’s best to exclude it altogether.


Conveying information through testimonials is a great way to get your message across while simultaneously building trust and support. Conversational videos also tend to go down well with most audiences because of their likability and reliability. While you want to ensure your video testimonials include some basic information, focus on keeping them fun and short for the most part.

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The Future of Advertising: The Increasing Role of Video Content for Marketing Success

Here’s all you need to know:

Video Marketing is an Effective Tool

Video campaigns are an effective and powerful strategy to grab the attention of your audience.

A survey conducted by Google showed that 6 out of 10 people admitted that they preferred video content to television.

Another survey conducted and published by Eye view Digital showed that linking video to your social media accounts and website improves conversion rates by up to 80 percent!

By embedding videos on your social media pages or sharing it with potential customers through other mediums, you can establish your brand’s identity in the digital world.

Video Marketing Creates Your Brand’s Personality

Think about brands like Dollar Shave Club and McDonald’s. When you think of these brands, you’ll immediately remember the themes they use in their videos.

Dollar Shave Club targets young men who struggle with finding affordable shaving kits that have high-quality razors. McDonald’s focuses on families and spending time with your loved ones.

In a nutshell, we can say Dollar Shave Club is for Millennials and McDonald’s is for families.

Every brand has a unique trait, and while traditional forms of marketing establish a brand’s personality, it’s not as fast and effective as video campaigns are.

Connect with a Broader Audience

Traditional forms of marketing were location-based and limited to certain locations. For example, you could advertise your products in a city with a lot of billboards and shops, but the same couldn’t be said for another city.

But with video content, you can reach a wider audience. Your content isn’t limited to a specific location or demographic. You can reach the entire world by sharing your videos on streaming websites.

For example, you can upload your video content on YouTube and link it to your website and social media pages. When your followers view the video, they have the option to share it with their group of friends and family. It’s truly revolutionary.

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The Complete Guide to Doing Voice Overs For Your Video

Voice-over narration is a popular solution to corporate video-making concerns. However, it’s important to realize that voiceovers can’t be your entire support for presenting information. The video—without the narration—should be a standalone marketing campaign on its own.

When we say your business should have a name and face in the industry, we’re giving that identity a voice with video narrations. Now, it wouldn’t sit well if that voice doesn’t suit the aura you’ve created, would it?

Here’s how to improve your audio standards for video voiceovers.

1. Script and Approve

Remember: the client holds the trump card when you’re presenting your video masterpiece to them. Making a video is not about showcasing your recording or editing skills; it should establish an effective two-way communication. Unless the video literally speaks to the viewers, it’s a meaningless waste of time and effort.

The key to nailing your voiceover narration is to make it the right balance between formal and casual. You don’t want to sound too scripted or completely clueless either. Make it natural. This is why you’ll need a script that has been thoroughly revised.  A near-perfect script will come in handy when you start recording.

2. Look for In-house Talent

One thing that all these years of working in the video marketing industry has taught us is that you should use your in-house team as your tool box. Before looking for help elsewhere, search for real talent in your own team. More often than not, you’ll find a voice that fits your requirement.

If you’re still confused about what you’re looking for, it’ll become clearer as you get done with your storyboards. This will help put a plot line in perspective and you can choose a voice accordingly. With in-house talent, you have the advantage of getting as many recordings without much hassle.

3. Consider Professionals

However, not everyone gets that lucky every time. There have been times when our clients hadn’t either and that’s why they approached us.

Once you have your dummy track laid out, you can start developing your video around it. If you want (or need) you can also contact professional voice-over actors who will definitely have a more polished skill set. But make sure you invite the artist in your studio to record, for best sound quality and clear audio.

These are some tips that’ll help you get started!

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Choosing the Best Visual Style for Your Video

There are various video styles that can be used to create powerful campaigns. With video content becoming one of the best ways to improve conversion rates and boost sales, brands are now coming up with different video strategies to grab their target audience’s attention.

If you’re looking for ways to add life to your video marketing strategies, here are some of the best visual styles you can use for your videos:


Yes, that’s right. Vlogs may seem like they’re very casual but they’re also very effective.

Vlogs don’t take a lot of time to produce. They’re also affordable and highly-engaging.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an American entrepreneur and wine critic, uses vlogs to engage and converse with his target audience. In his vlogs, he talks about what he does at work every day and also offers some tips and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

If vlogging isn’t your thing, you can ask an employee to create short vlogs for your company’s Facebook and YouTube page. When your followers see that there’s a personality behind your company, they’ll want to connect with your brand.

Remember that humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. It gives your brand a voice and personality. Consumers feel that their feedback and opinions are being taken into account and it helps build trust.

Explainer Videos

Videos that focus on your brand and its products will help educate your audience about why they should choose your services instead of your competitors’.

Explainer videos are short, fun, and engaging. You can use 3D motion graphics and animation to engage your audience.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture plays an important role in building your organization. Pixar and Disney are all about their company’s culture.

Company culture videos are essential because they educate candidates and customers about your company’s environment.

Remember that you’re not just creating video content for customers, you’re also creating videos to attract potential candidates.

Culture videos can include employee interviews, events, milestones, brief company history etc. This will show candidates what they should expect when they apply to your company.

You can watch BambooHR’s company culture video to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

These are the two visual styles that are revolutionizing the world of video marketing.

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Five Industries That Should Use Video Marketing.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has been revolutionized by the Internet.

Instead of walking through homes, buyers look for homes using their PCs.

Real estate agents have various video options including:

Virtual home tours Agent Profiles Aerial Videos

3 Mistakes Made by Documentary Filmmakers

One of the best and most popular advice given by veteran directors to aspiring filmmakers is to “just go out there and start filming”!

Yes, we produce corporate videos, but as people passionate about video making, we like to encourage anyone interested in telling stories (whether through a film or documentary) to try it.

Now, with the rise of affordable video cameras and movies shot entirely on iPhones, you really have no excuse not to pursue your love for filmmaking.

Lights, Camera, Action: A Guide to Directing Actors

Actors have one of the most important roles on a set. They are the ones in front of the camera giving a directing-actorsvoice to the script, and moving through the scene. In corporate video, it’s not just about the words they say, it’s about how they represent the brand the video is for and their actions in the scene. For example:

Are they speaking to camera about the quarterly financials? If so, are they believable and professional?

Are they demonstrating how a product works? If so, are there hands in the right place and are they operating the product correctly?

Video Talk: 3 Things Online Marketers Can Learn From The Olympics This Year

Raise your hands if you watched the Olympics this year. If you’re an avid fan, you may have followed the VideoGames from the first day till the last.

Some saw because hey, it’s the Olympics! Most saw the games to watch the world’s best athletes perform in their favorite sports. Others saw, not because of the athletes or the Olympics label, but the stories behind these games.

The Power Of Video – Increased Viewer Engagement And Much More

If you see from a video marketer’s point of view, no other event this year was able to hold quite so much attention and engagement as the 2016 Olympics.

How To Generate Leads Using Video

You want more leads, of course. Well, funny thing, because your leads want high quality and compelling Videovideo.

So you’re in the right place because we specialize in making brand and corporate videos that get you more leads!

Some Facts About Video Marketing To Get Your Gears Running

By 2018, video will be the reason for 80% of all web traffic. Some experts suggest this may even increase! Videos do influence purchase decisions of B2B buyers as nearly 72% watch videos before making a purchase.